The servers have now closed, thus the 100% is now impossible if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.

-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 11
-Online: 2 - Unobtainable
-Missable trophies: None
-Do cheats block trophies?: None available
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 30 minutes to an hour


Step 1: Learn to play
The first step to this game is learn to play. This game has really simple controls and you can easily be a pro at this after one game. Some things to know are when shooting hold to powerup your shot more. It will help a lot when going for the scoring trophies. Also check people and check them often. The more you check the better because that means more powerups for you. When you have powerups you'll find this game to be very easy.

Step 2: Play your first game going for trophies
You can get all the trophies in 1 game. Its not like in the real NHL where there is 3 periods, there is an unlimited amount of periods to the game. The game ends when you get the amount of points you set as the score limit. Lets do a simple goal adding. 4 points for the Double Up trophy + 2 points for the Super Shot trophy + 2 points for the Super Speed trophy + 2 Points for the Big Player trophy + 2 points for the Ice Man trophy +1 point for the Trickster trophy and you have yourself a total of 13 points needed for the 6 scoring trophies. Playing 1 game online against someone with 3 users on your team scoring in the right ways and knocking someone over the boards will get get you every trophy in one game! It's easier though if you do all the trophies offline except for the ones you need to do online.

Step 3: Play online - Unobtainable
Play an online game with 2 other guests on your side and you will get 2 trophies after the game is completed. You do not need to win the game just use 2 extra controllers or some friends online to get them. Rock Band and Guitar Hero instruments both work. I used my normal controller, plus my Rock Band guitar and Rock Band drums to get it.

Step 4: Clean up
Go back and do any trophies you may have missed. You most likely will not need this step but just in case. If you are missing any trophies they will most likely be one or two of the scoring ones. Just simply go into an offline game and just check people until you see the powerups you need and score with them.

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3 on 3 NHL Arcade Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • Play and complete an online game.


    Alright you don't need to win the game just join one and complete it. On the main menu go into ONLINE and then QUICK RANKED VERSUS PLAY. When your in the game with an opponent just push and your ready to play. You can let him win to get the trophy faster or you could just try and win. After the game is over and both players finished the game the trophy will unlock.

  • Play and complete a quick ranked game with 3 users on your side.


    There are a couple ways to do this. You can either have 2 friends play with you or you can use 2 spare controllers you have to play. Rockband and Guitar Hero controllers work. You do not need to win the game but you and the other team both must finish the game. After the game you will be awarded with this trophy.

  • Score with 5 different powerups in one game.

    You have to score with 5 different powerups in one game. You can score with the powerups Super Speed, Big Player, Super Shot, Double Score, Freeze Player and Small Goalie. You can get two different score attempts in one goal. For example if you scored with a Super Shot while you made their goalie small with the Small Goalie powerup it counts for both of them. Set the goal limit to 15 so you can easily get this before the game is over. You can boost this online or with a second controller.

  • Win a game without being scored on.

    This trophy is very easy. Just win a game without being scored on. The easiest way is to boost this with either a friend in an online game or a second controller. If you do one of those methods there is no way they can score a goal so basically when the game is over you'd get the trophy. If you don't have a second controller or are having a tough time finding a boosting partner then there's a couple things you can do. First set the games score limit to 5. There is either two strategies you can do, offense or defense. You can either go all out offense and score as fast as you possibly can giving them not time with the puck or you can play a more defensive style staying at the middle preventing breakaways and going for goals only when you have powerups like Super Speed, Super Shot or Small Goalie.

  • Win a game to at least 15 goals.

    Just do as it says win a game to 15 goals. This can be done either online or by yourself whichever you prefer. It's easiest done when boosting to make sure no goals are scored on you. If you are playing against the computer set the difficulty to its lowest point and even if you have no idea how to play the game you can still win with relative ease. To change the goal limit just go into a game like you would normally and you will see a screen that says if you want powerups enabled, how fast the time should run and things like that. One of the options will be PLAY TO, just set it to 15 and win the game.

  • Score at least 10 goals in one game.

    See Race to Victory.

  • Score two goals with a Big Player powerup in one game.

    You need to score two times in a single game with the powerup Big Player on. The person that has the Big Player powerup must be the person to score the goal. To get powerups check the opposing team using the button. They do not drop powerups every single time but drop them about 80% of the time. The powerup looks like blue weights. To pick them up skate over them. Powerups only last for a limited amount of time. To get some easy goals have the guy that does not have the Big Player powerup on skate to one side of the net. If the Big Player is a forward he will skate to the other side of the net. Pass the puck to the guy with the Big Player powerup on and immediately shoot the puck when it gets to him. It should score as the goalie didn't have enough time to get over to the other side of the net.

    Alternatively if you have two controllers you can use the other controller to play as the opposing team making it easier on yourself. Also if you have two controllers and you can get a friend to play then your friend can check the goalie and knock him over. After he's knocked over the net will be wide open and it will be very easy to score. You can get this trophy online as well.

  • Score two goals with a Super Speed powerup in one game.

    To get this trophy you need to score two goals in one game with the Super Speed powerup on. Once again only the person with the Super Speed powerup can score to get this trophy. Same as before you get powerups by pressing the button near an opposing player to check them. The powerup looks like a rocket. Just skate over the powerup to pick it up. This one is easier then the Big Player trophy to get because its much easier to score with this powerup. With the player that has the powerup on skate from side to side in front of the net and when goalie lags behind trying to catch up to you shoot and score. Aim for the side he is not on because if you try to shoot on the side he's on he will most likely save it. Same as before you can easily use two controllers or boost with someone online to help get this trophy.

  • Score two goals with the Super Shot powerup in one game.

    You get this trophy by scoring two goals with the Super Shot powerup on. Just like the other powerup trophies only the person with the Super Shot powerup on can score to get this trophy. This shouldn't be a problem though as it is very easy to score with this powerup. Just check the opposing team until they drop this powerup. The powerup looks like a puck with flames shooting out. An easy strategy to get this is just skate down the one side with the player who doesn't have the powerup and once you get close to the net pass it to the player who has the Super Shot powerup. Then shoot the puck and it will go in almost every time. The shot is so fast as soon as you shoot it it is practically in the net. You'll find this to be the easiest of the powerup trophies. Like the others you can get this easier by using two controllers or by boosting online.

  • Score two goals while an opponent is frozen in one game.

    Score twice when someone on the opposing team is frozen and this trophy is yours. To freeze someone on the opposing team simply pick up the Freeze powerup. The powerup looks like a snowflake and will be dropped after checking the opposing players. When a player is frozen he cant move for a certain amount of time making it much easier. You can compare it to a power play in real hockey as it creates an advantage for one team. Put your 3 to 2 player advantage to good use. When this powerup is on it seems that the opposing team plays more defensive as they crowd closer to the net and help the goalie out. This trophy still shouldn't be too much of a problem though as you can still pass back and forth in front of the net and when the goalie is caught on the wrong side shoot it for the easy goal. This can be done online with a boost partner or a second controller if you'd like.

  • Score two goals using the Double Score powerup in one game.

    You need to score twice with the Double Score powerup in one game to get this trophy. To do that just check the opposing players until you see the powerup. The powerup looks like x2. This powerup doesn't give you any bonuses to help you score goals it only gives you two points when you score one goal. This can be boosted online or you can use a second controller to help you get this trophy.

  • Hit a player over the boards.

    To get this trophy you need to check a player so that he flips over the boards and out of the rink. The easiest way to get this is if you have two controllers. Make the other team get the puck. Automatically the second controller will switch to the player with the puck. As the player is just standing there with the puck you can run into him to move him. Move him next to the low part of the wall on the sides of the rink. Step back a little bit and charge at the player. Check him and he will flip over the wall. You can also do this by yourself playing in a game against the computer it will just be harder as they don't always get near the boards.

  • Score a goal using a trick move.

    Just like it says, score a goal with a trick move. To do a trick move press and depending where you are on the ice will determine what trick move you do. The trick moves are putting the puck on your stick and scoring from behind the net, throwing the puck into the air and hitting it out of the air with your stick and spinning shots where you drag your toe and shoot the puck. The easiest by far is the one where you shoot from behind the net. When your behind or on the side of the net push the button and he will put it in the net most of the time. Alternatively if you have someone else on your team you can make them check the goalie and knock him down so you can take the wide open shot. If you do it by yourself though trick shots take some luck and you most likely won't get them on your first try.

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