The servers have now closed, therefore the Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.

Road Map

  • Estimated difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate 6/10) (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 32 (1, 1, 7, 23)
  • Online trophies: 16 (1, 4, 11) HUT, EASHL and GM Connected require connection to EA Servers. - Unobtainable
  • Approximate amount of time to : 100+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 150 EASHL games, 30 EASHL club games, at least 3 Be a Pro Seasons, 3 NHL Moments Live, 1 Ranked Shootout, 1 Winter Classic Game
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2, "You Are The Champion My Friend" and "Another Direction" (both easily fixed)
  • Do trophies stack: No
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: Yes, HONDA - Superstar for a Moment
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: None
  • Additional accessories required: No
  • Is an Online Pass required?: Yes

EA Sports welcomes you to their latest hockey simulator: NHL 13! This year's edition focuses on an enhanced skating system, which significantly improves the realism of in-game skating. Also new this year is GM Connected mode which allows many people to play as GMs or skaters in a persistent online club. Another small new feature is NHL Moments Live, which features different scenarios throughout the season (this was, of course, a design feature implemented before the lockout). EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) and Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) also return with some enhanced features. Earning a platinum in NHL 13 is not necessarily difficult, but many of the trophies can be a grind or are luck-based. Good luck - I hope you're able to Raise Your Banner in NHL 13!
If you ever feel intimidated by the terminology (which can be overwhelming to a new player) simply visit the NHL 13 Glossary of Terms.
Step 1: Winter Classic
Let's start off easy. Fire up the game, select "Play Now" from the main menu, then "Winter Classic". Pick either the New York Rangers or the Philadelphia Flyers, set the game to Rookie, and enjoy NHL 13's new features. You'll earn Winter Classic as soon as the game is completed.
Step 2: NHL Moments Live
You'll earn the following trophies in "NHL Moments Live":
HONDA – Your Moment is Now
HONDA – Time to Shine
HONDA – 82 Game Grind
HONDA – Superstar for a Moment
HONDA – Second Season
Step 3: Online Shootout - Unobtainable
In this mode you'll earn:
That's Embarrassing
Locked And Loaded
See Locked and Loaded for a method for obtaining these trophies.
Step 4: Play Now
These five trophies can be earned in Play Now games on rookie difficulty with sliders adjusted, though you may get any or all of these trophies simply by playing the game or through your Be a Pro seasons. A second controller can be helpful in earning these trophies.
Play Now trophies include:
Come at Me Bro
Coast to Coast
Put it on Net
Desperate Measures
Step 5: Be A GM
NOTE: This is not the same as GM Connected. This mode is accessed by going to Other Game Types from the main menu.
Your goal here is simple but time consuming. You're looking to get Legend GM (short for General Manager). See Legend GM for the walkthrough.
Step 6: GM Connected - Unobtainable
This mode is accessed off the main menu. It is not the same thing as "Be a GM" mode.
You'll earn the following trophies in this mode:
Call in the Ringers
Tactical Advantage
Real Competition
You Are The Champion My Friend
Most of these trophies can be boosted with a couple of friends. You'll need 5 people for Real Competition.
Glitch warning: You Are The Champion My Friend is reportedly glitched. Make sure you make a save before playing and completing the Stanley Cup-clinching final game so you can reload if the trophy doesn't pop the first time.
Step 7: Be a Pro
This is the step that will take a majority of your time. The bright side is that you'll be taking out 13 of the trophies with your center alone! You’ll need 3 separate Be a Pro careers in total: one forward (3-4 seasons), one defenseman (1 season), and one goalie (1 season). You will earn the following trophies (in roughly this order) with your pros:
Memorial Cup
Promising Start
Are You Kidding Me?
Play Through the Pain
Playoff Hero
Raise the Cup
Kid’s Got Talent
Legend Player
Red Light Specialist
Best of the Best
Another Direction
Two-Way Threat
Puck Puck Goose Egg
See Two-Way Threat for suggested Be A Pro settings for your forward, Firewall for your defenseman, and Puck Puck Goose Egg for your goalie.
Glitch Warning: Another Direction will glitch if you request a trade in your first season in the NHL. You must wait until at least season 2 to request a trade after you've built up some trade worth via scoring points.
Step 8: HUT - Unobtainable
Start up your Hockey Ultimate Team from the main menu. I recommend changing your favourite team to the Florida Panthers (located in My NHL 13) to help with Complete Set you will earn:
Mad Scientist
Pro Contender
Chosen One
Changing Skins
Complete Set
HUT Playoff Winner
You can find help boosting in the HUT Boosting Thread.
Step 9: EASHL - Unobtainable
You'll wrap up the last few trophies in EASHL, which is accessed in "Online" on the main menu. The last trophies left are:
Fear No Man
Lead By Example
EASHL Playoffs
EASHL Rookie
EASHL Legend
Raise Your Banner '13
Most of these trophies can be boosted. You need at least 2 people to play an EASHL club game against another team, but for boosting purposes you'll need a team of no less than 4 people with a maximum of 6 people. Playing with only 3 people will not count statistics towards your legend card.
You can find help boosting in the EASHL Boosting Thread.
CONGRATULATIONS! If you followed this Road Map, you've just earned a well-deserved Platinum. Now get back on the ice, score some goals, put on some hits or stand on your head to make the save.

NHL 13 Trophy Guide

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48 trophies ( 11  34  )

  • Acquire all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies


    After many hours of playing NHL 13 and earning all other trophies, this Platinum is yours!
  • Complete 30 EA SPORTS™ Hockey League regular matches without receiving a DNF or backout penalty


    This must be done through EASHL club matches ONLY, drop-in games do not count. Simply complete 30 EASHL club matches without losing your connection or quitting and this trophy will be yours. The 30 games do not have to be done consecutively.
  • While playing as a goalie in an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match, make a desperation save in OT


    This trophy must be completed in EASHL Club Matches only, drop-in games do not count. This trophy can be a pain without boosting. To boost, you'll need to play two EASHL club games at minimum to get this trophy. Get 4 players together. Two players need to belong to one EASHL club, the other two to another EASHL club. One player needs to be a forward (LW, C, RW) and the other needs to be the goalie. Have one club captain challenge another from the dressing room.

    Once you get in game both teams need to press until the Neutral Zone is set at 1-3-1. This will prevent forwards from trying to enter your zone and score. One skater should take the puck and skate behind their net each period to make the game go by quicker. You can also take practice shots at this point, just make sure that the score is tied come the end of the 3rd period. Once you reach OT both goalies should stack the pads, (+ or ), covering as much of the net as possible and the forwards should take turns shooting. Skate the puck in then from just past the blue line perform a wrist shot (), whilst aiming low (). Do not forget to aim low! Your default shot will be a bit high and might go in the net. The trophy should pop shortly after the puck hits the goalie. The other skater should now do the same to the other goalie. Once both goalies have the trophy, one team needs to score. Set up another game and switch positions to ensure that all 4 players get the trophy.

    If you are named Captain or Assistant Captain, this is a great time to also get Lead By Example. If you are the goalie, don't let in any goals except the game-winning goal or as a skater, score the game-winning goal.

    Credit to Webstar for this method.
  • Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff.


    Play a game with your EASHL club (doesn't matter if you win or lose). This will qualify you for the monthly playoffs. There will be a counter on the EASHL page telling you how many days until the playoffs begin. They usually take place the last few days of the month. You need 2 people to play a game and you must play the full game in the playoffs to earn this trophy.
  • Achieve Rookie 1 status for your Online Pro


    See EASHL™ Legend
  • Achieve Pro 1 status for your Online Pro


    See EASHL™ Legend
  • Achieve Legend 1 status for your Online Pro


    Play 150 EASHL games with 75 wins and an A- overall grade. You'll earn EASHL™ Rookie and EASHL™ Pro along the way at 10 games played/4 wins/C- overall and 50 games played/10 Wins/B+ overall. This trophy will take a long time to earn. This method of boosting only works for boosting EASHL skater cards and will do quite a bit of damage to your EASHL goalie card. Proceed with caution.

    The quickest and most effective method of boosting this trophy is to get four to six boosters together. Three players won't work as it won't register as a game played for some reason. You can find boosting partners in the EASHL Boosting Thread. Go to Online, then Community, then Lobby and create a room by pressing Triangle. Name it, choose a logo and put a password on it. Set game type to Ranked and Online Team Play (OTP). Once the room is created, press to invite people on your friends list into the room. Create a game by pressing . Have others in the room join the game by clicking on your name when it has a PS3 Controller logo next to it.

    Once everyone is in the room, one person (on a rotation) needs to be goalie, the others should be skaters on the other team. I prefer being a defenseman as their grades stay pretty high when the other team doesn’t score. Once in game, the goalie should move behind the net (press to free skate) as soon as possible. Take the faceoff and as soon as a human player gets the puck, skate into the opponent’s zone and fire a wrist shot at the net. Don't try to pass or do anything fancy, the name of the game here is speed. The goalie needs to wait until the other team has scored a goal and until the in-game clock is at least at 18:59, then should quit out of the game. The skaters will generally get good stats. Remember, you are aiming for an A- overall. You can get away with one stat at C and the other two stats at As. Avoid offsides, icings, turnovers and faceoff losses, as these will all significantly impact your teamwork stat.

    The trophy will pop once you’ve completed 150 games, have 75 wins, and an A- overall grade. EASHL Club and Drop-In games will count towards your games played, wins and overall grade.

    A huge thanks to gohawks496 and OlympiakosNYC for the boosting method.
  • As captain or assistant captain, be named one of the 3 stars during an EASHL match


    Being named one of the 3 stars is usually a matter of having very good stats for a game. You'll need to take some time to set this up correctly first. If you are the GM/creator of your EASHL club, you're automatically set as captain. If you've joined another person's club, you'll need to ask the owner to name you as an assistant captain through the roster menu. Once you're named captain or assistant captain, this trophy should come naturally as you go for Fear No Man. If you prefer to be a skater try to score a goal or two or get a few assists on goals. If you prefer to be a goalie simply try to not give up any goals.

    You'll likely get this as well if you boost Savior, especially if you score the game-winning goal to end the game or are a goalie and don’t let in any goals.
  • Change your team's bias to Neutral Zone

    This trophy’s a little touchy. Start a Play Now game. Once you're in-game, press to open the Forecheck menu. Toggle all the way to the left to set a Neutral Zone (NZ) bias (in deep blue). You may have to skate around a bit. Most people report getting this to pop up by the 2nd period.
  • Starting from behind your net, skate up the ice and score without passing

    This works best using 2 controllers. Start a Play Now game on rookie. You may also want to adjust sliders in your favor. Once you get in-game, pull both goalies by pressing (+). On one team gain possession of the puck and skate behind your goalie's net, start skating toward the opposite net and don’t let up speed. Press repeatedly to boost your speed. Once you get in the opponent's zone, perform a wrist shot and score a goal. This will knock out Coast To Coast, Put it On Net and Desperate Measures all in one go.

    You can use the same method with one controller but it will be considerably more difficult with a goalie in net.
  • Score while skating full speed

    See Coast To Coast
  • Score on a sprawling goalie

    This usually comes with time, especially in your BaP seasons. Get a breakaway or gain some space in the opponent’s zone and try to stick deke the goalie by alternating and . The goalie will usually pull to one side (especially on rookie with sliders in your favor). Deke the other direction, fire and score. The trophy should unlock shortly after you score the goal.
  • Score a goal with your goalie pulled

    See Coast To Coast for a simple method to get several trophies at once. You can do this any time. Press and to pull your goalie, just make sure you don't get scored upon!
  • Score a goal on a goalie who is performing a desperation save in Online Ranked Shootout

    See Locked and Loaded. If you only need this trophy, have a boosting partner play as a goalie and have them stack their pads (+ or ). Aim high and score and this trophy will unlock.
  • Score on a slapshot in Online Ranked Shootout


    This is easily done while boosting with 1 other person. Enter a ranked Shootout from "Online" in the main menu. Try to match up with your boosting partner (this may take a few tries). All you need is one round to wrap this up for both players. Whoever is goalie needs to stack their pads (+ or ) and the skater needs to shoot a slapshot ( then ) while aiming up (). When you switch sides do the same thing, earning both you and your partner That's Embarassing and Locked and Loaded.

    If you only need Locked and Loaded, simply have the goalie free skate out of the way ().
  • Get drafted 1st overall to an NHL® team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Start a Be A Pro career at the NHL Entry Draft. Score a lot of points (goals and assists), stay out of the penalty box and get a high +/- and win each game and you should be drafted first overall. I recommend going for this trophy while working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Play and win the Memorial Cup in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Start a Be a Pro career at the NHL Entry Draft. Play and win each game until the final game. Make sure you play the entire Memorial Cup final game. Do not sim at any point. Once the game is over and you've exited back to the BaP hub this trophy should pop. I recommend going for this trophy while working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Win the Art Ross Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    This trophy goes to the player with the highest point total in the league. This trophy works well as a companion to Red Light Specialist. Score a ton of goals and have a ton of assists and monitor the points standings in the BaP hub. This trophy will pop after the NHL and AHL playoffs are over. I recommend going for this trophy while working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Score a goal while injured in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Note: You must score a goal in the same game as the one in which you were injured.

    First adjust the injury sliders for humans to maximum then go into your BaP career and start picking fights and losing. Eventually you'll notice an addition to your helmet or you'll see your player holding their hand (if you fought back). Once you see this, score a goal and the trophy will pop. I recommend going for this whilst working on Two-Way Threat.

    Credit to Webstar for this tip.
  • During the NHL® Playoffs, score a goal in OT in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Make the NHL Playoffs with your Pro. Play a game and hang on to the puck in your own zone until overtime. Go score a goal right away. This trophy will pop once you quit out of the game and return to the BaP hub. I recommend going for this trophy whilst working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Hit the post 3 times in 1 game in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Adjust the sliders for all shot accuracies to be in the mid to low range. In a regular Be a Pro game, skate around the opponent's zone firing wrist shots () aiming all the way to the top or to the sides. You'll hear a distinctive PING sound when it hits the post. Eventually you'll hit the post three times in one game and this trophy will pop. Thanks to He-Man for discovering that if you score a goal off of the puck hitting the post, it will still count towards this trophy. I recommend going for this trophy whist working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Win the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    This goes to the top goal-scorer in the league at the end of the regular season. If you're struggling adjust sliders to better suit you. This trophy will pop after the NHL and AHL playoffs are over. I recommend going for this trophy while working on Two-Way Threat.
  • MVP


    Win the Hart Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    This award goes to the most valuable player in the league. Finish first in points and as many other categories as you can to guarantee this trophy. It will pop after the NHL and AHL playoffs are over. I recommend going for this trophy whilst working on Two-Way Threat.
  • Win the Vezina Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    First, edit the rosters. Replace all of the goalies on the team you want to play (I chose the Red Wings) as well as their AHL affiliate (Grand Rapids Griffins) with goalies from the national leagues rated in the 40s-50s. This will make it so that you are the best goalie in your system by default when you start up. Also, add the other star players from around the league to your team, switching out anyone under an 85 overall. I also took the extra precaution to remove any goalie above 80 in the NHL, replacing them with goalies in the 50s/60s.

    Start up the game, change settings to rookie, classic BaP settings (with a 4 minute period) and a one-game-per-round playoff. Once you get into the main BaP screen make sure to go to Start => My Pro => Settings and adjust sliders in your favor. You must play the first period of the first two Preseason games. This will more or less lock you into the starting position for your team. Sim the rest of the pre-season and check to see if you're still on the NHL schedule once it’s over. If you are in the NHL, save your game!

    Now for the actual season. You'll need to play the first 5 (in-game) minutes of the first game. Quit out after that, which will sim the rest of the game. If your team won and if the other team score 2 or fewer goals, save the game (I like to have 2 alternating save files in case I need to double back). You can now safely sim three games without worry of seeing fewer games, sim one game at a time. Again, follow the conditions that if your team wins and if your opponent scores 2 or fewer goals, save the game. Remember to play at least 5 in-game minutes for every 4th game.

    Two things to note: If you get a message from your coach saying that you're getting fewer games, you MUST reload your last save and play 5-10 minutes in game. Second, you only need to worry about games that have a goalie mask on them (this means that your goalie is starting). Hopefully if everything is going well you'll get a vast majority of the starts (At halfway through the season I had 38 starts/38 wins).

    You're looking to have the lowest GAA, the highest save %, and the most wins. Having a good number of shutouts (8-12) also helps your case too. Puck Puck Goose Egg should pop at the season recap screens after both the NHL and AHL playoffs are over.
  • Win the James Norris Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    The James Norris Memorial Trophy is given out to the best defenseman at the end of a season. To earn this trophy you'll need to start a new Be a Pro season. As always, set difficulty to rookie and Be a Pro mode to classic with 4 minute periods. You'll also want to go over one screen and select 1-game knockouts for playoffs. You can skip right to selecting a team if you want to save some time. Once at the BaP lobby make sure you adjust sliders by accessing the menu, going to "My Pro" and then "Settings". Hit to save the sliders once you're done.

    Play through the first 2 pre-season games, scoring points (goals or assists) and keeping your +/- high by not allowing goals when you’re on the ice. You can sim the other two pre-season games. The objective here is to make the pro roster. Once you do, save the game. From here, play the first game and earn a ton of points. This is pretty easy as your opponent's defensemen will rarely pursue you in their zone and, (with sliders adjusted), you should be flying around them. Once you've got about 8 or so points, exit out of the game, which will sim the rest of the game. Once you get out to the main hub, sim the next 4 games. You'll need to play every 5 games to make sure you stay on the NHL roster and potentially move up to the next highest defensive pairing.

    Before you play the game, scroll over in the main menu (using the to see who the leading point-scorer is. Your Pro should be well near the top. You want to make sure to stay in the top 8 of scoring. I’d always try to gain 5 points when I was playing. Keep simming the rest of the season in this manner, stopping to play every 5 games. As long as you’re in the top 8 in scoring when the season ends, you should be a lock for the Norris. The trophy won't pop until both the NHL and the AHL playoffs are complete and a loading screen appears in the bottom left corner. You'll get season/trophy recap screens informing you that you won the Norris trophy then the trophy will pop.
  • Win the Calder Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    This trophy goes to the best rookie skater in the NHL. You should unlock this easily if you go for Red Light Specialist and MVP in your first year.
  • Win the Frank J. Selke Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    This trophy is awarded to the best Two-Way Forward in the league. In-game it's supposedly awarded to the player with the best +/- and assists, but many believe NHL 13 factors in hits, takeaways (good), and giveaways (bad) as well. This trophy usually takes people 3-4 seasons of Be a Pro.

    I'd also recommend working towards all other Be a Pro trophies (save for Firewall and Puck Puck Goose Egg while working on this trophy. This includes Memorial Cup, Promising Start, Are You Kidding Me?, Play Through the Pain, Playoff Hero, Raise the Cup, Kid's Got Talent, Legend Player, Red Light Specialist, Best of the Best, Another Direction and Legendary. See the respective trophies for more information.

    First, edit the rosters to trade Datsyuk, Kesler and Bergeron to the National teams. Make a 2-Way Center starting at the NHL Entry Draft (to allow for Memorial Cup and Promising Start on whichever team you prefer. Set skill level at rookie and turn off injuries (this seems to make simming go by faster) until you want to work on Play Through the Pain. Set Be A Pro settings to Classic then turn period length to 5 mins. I also highly recommend setting playoffs to 1-game series. Advance. Once you can access the main menu, hit up "Be A Pro" then "Settings" to adjust the sliders to your favor (just don't mess with CPU Aggression).

    As you gain XP, invest in Hand-Eye, Off. Awareness, Passing, Puck Control
    Def. Awareness, Stick Checking, Shot Blocking, Body Checking
    Strength (most important in ATH category), speed, agility etc.

    I played 4 seasons. In the first season I went for all player trophies. Make sure you're playing each game at least until puck drop to increase your "games played" stat for your legend card. If you already have your legend card, you can safely sim 4 games in a row but you must play and score a goal every 5th game to keep your line position. You'll need to score a bunch of goals and points for the player awards anyways, so I wouldn't recommend simming until the second season. Make sure you don't request a trade in the first season or you'll glitch Another Direction. Make sure to spend your XP on the traits listed above as you go through each season. In the second season I kept scoring points until November or so, then requested to be traded (giving you Another Direction when you finally get traded. Keep playing each game until puck drop (if you need legendary) or sim each game.

    At some point in either the second or third season, when you access your season expectations (Main Menu => My Pro => Season Expectations), you should get "Place in Xth place for the Selke Trophy" as a goal. This will help you see where you stand. Once you get your pro to around 90 overall you should be #1 for the Selke overall. This took me until season 4 but I also had not traded Datsyuk or other players to other teams prior to starting my Selke run. Once you're in first place, save often. You must be in first place at the end of the regular season to get this trophy. You will also get Legendary sometime at the end of the third season if you've been working on it.

    A special note: The trophy won't unlock at the end of the regular season, when you get the season goals report. It'll come at the end of the Playoffs when your GM reports on what trophies you won/were in contention for.
  • Get traded to another team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro


    Do not at any point in your first year request a trade, this will glitch the trophy causing you to need to start another Be a Pro career.

    If you won a ton of awards in your first year, you can request a trade in your second season about 2 months in. You need to have some points, (I'd say a good number to shoot for is 40-50), to increase your trade value. Once the GM tells you that you're on the trading block, sim a few games and you'll get traded and the trophy will unlock.
  • Retire as a Legend in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Before you retire, you must first get your Offline Legend card, which requires:
    • 250 Games Played
    • Overall Grade of A-
    • 170 Goals
    • 58 +/-
    • 40 Points
    Play through games as your Pro until you have 170 goals, a +/- of 58 and 40 points and an overall grade of A-. Once you have these stats, you can start playing games until the puck drops and you have control of your pro then quit out. This will still count as a game played. Only regular season and playoff NHL games will count towards your games played statistic. Games played in the Memorial Cup and the pre-season will not count. Keep going until you have 250 games played, then go into the menu and retire. This trophy will unlock at the retirement screen.
  • Play and win the Stanley Cup® in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    Start a new Be A Pro career on rookie settings with single-game knockout playoffs. Put Be a Pro settings on classic with 4 minute periods. Play through the pre-season games to get on the pro roster. Once in the regular season play every few games to make sure you stay on the pro roster. Sim what you want until you reach the playoffs, then save the game. Sim each game and save after you win. Once you reach the fourth game (the Stanley Cup final), play through the entire game (don't sim at any point). After you win the cup and return to the "Be a Pro hub", this trophy will unlock.
  • Play and win any NHL® player trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

    You will unlock this trophy when your Be a Pro wins any of the following awards:
    • Calder Memorial Trophy
    • Maurice "Rocket" Richards Trophy
    • Hart Memorial Trophy
    • Art Ross Trophy
    • Frank J. Selke Trophy
    • James Norris Trophy
    • Vezina Trophy
  • Achieve Legendary GM Status in Be A GM

    This is NOT the same mode as GM Connected. You access this from "Other Game Modes" on the main menu.

    The following strategy comes mostly from Shredder:

    Start a new Be a GM mode on rookie difficulty with the salary cap and trading off. Change playoff series length to single game knockout to really speed the simming up. Switch out all of the NHL teams for 2-3 star teams from the Del, Elite Leagues, National teams, etc. Change one team to either the NHL Red or Blue All-Stars. This will be the team of which you’ll be the GM. Start simming through every game. You do not have to play a single game. You should make the playoffs easily and should get near 70 wins every season. Stop simming when you reach the playoffs and save before each game. Once you have saved, sim through one game at a time. Save each time you win. You’ll only need 4 wins to get the Stanley Cup. Once the season is over, make sure you review who will be a free agent (RFA or UFA) and make them an outrageous cash offer to keep them around. You don't have to worry about money since we turned the cap off earlier. I earned this trophy around my 4th Stanley Cup win.
  • Play in a GM Connected league of 5 Human GMs


    See Call in the Ringers
  • Participate in and Win the Stanley Cup® game in GM Connected


    *Potential Glitch*

    Sometimes the trophy will not pop even if you played through the Stanley Cup Final game. Exit out of GM Connected to the main menu, open it up and try playing the Stanley Cup Final game again. This usually fixes this glitch.

    You will want to create your own league so you can control the most options and not have to worry about other players. Start a new GM Connected league. Choose 4 minute periods, rookie difficulty, game period length of 2 weeks, no injuries and Single Game Knockout playoff length. Select a team with 5 star ratings all around, like Boston or Vancouver. Start simming the two week periods (accessed in the GM Connected start menu). This will take a very, very long time. Keep an eye on your conference’s standings. You don't want to fall below 8th place. If you are getting too low for comfort, start playing some games.

    Once you reach the playoffs you must play each game manually. You’re on rookie difficulty and can also adjust sliders if you need to. In order to get the trophy you must play the entire Stanley Cup final game and win it. The trophy should pop once you exit the game and return to the GM Connected league hub.
  • Win a GM Connected league game using your Build Your AI file


    See Call in the Ringers
  • Win a GM Connected league game with an OTP partner


    Before you go into GM Connected, first go to "My NHL 13" from the main menu and then Build Your A.I. Mess around with this how you see fit, then save the file. You’ll use this later on.

    We'll get the easy part of this step done first. Go into GM Connected and search for a league that has 4 or more GMs (not skaters) in it. Attempt to join. You may get greater (and faster) results from arranging a boosting league on the forums. Once you’re accepted open up the GM Connected hub and Real Competition should immediately pop. From here press Start, then GM Options, then Upload the "Build Your A.I" File that we created earlier.

    Next, find a friend or boosting partner to join a league you've created. They should select to be a skater on the team of which you are GM. You'll need to approve their request to join your league once they've done so, (this is located in the main menu). Now that you and your friend are both online and on the same team (with you as GM and your partner as a skater), select the next game in your league. You should have an option to play the CPU using Online Team Play. Your friend will get an invite and then send you to a screen like the EASHL drop-in screen. Simply play and win the game and Call In The Ringers and Tactical Advantage will pop when you win.
  • Change the team of a player by using the Change Team item in Hockey Ultimate Team

    See Chosen One
  • Use the line assistant feature to setup your lines in Hockey Ultimate Team


    Once you start up your HUT go into any game. When given the choice to advance or edit lines, select edit lines and hit . The CPU will sort your lines into the best combination and this trophy will unlock.
  • Win a Hockey Ultimate Team tournament


    This can be done in offline tournaments. Choose an easy offline tournament and win 4 consecutive games (doesn't have to be done in one sitting). Once you win the last game this trophy will pop and you will earn some extra pucks to boot.
  • Win any Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament


    The easiest way to qualify for the playoffs is to win one game online (can be boosted with players in the same region as yours) and wait for the playoffs (which occur at the beginning of each month). Make sure you have some boosting partners who live in your region once the playoffs begin. You have two losses to spare (after your third loss you are kicked out) and you need to win four times in a row to earn this trophy. You can also make separate accounts on your own PS3 with one regular season online win to help boost other players in the playoffs (which can provide 3 wins since you don't care if they get knocked out of the playoffs). You'll need a few friends or one friend with many other accounts to get this trophy.

    You can use the HUT Boosting thread on the forums to find help with this.
  • Assign a captain to your Hockey Ultimate Team using the Assign Captain item


    Once you have roughly 2000 pucks, go to the trading search screen. Look for under the training category for both a Change Team card and a Captain/Assistant Captain card. Buy one of each. Go into your lineup and use the change team card on any of your players (this doesn't impact anything other than what their card looks like) which will unlock Changing Skins and then use the captain/assistant captain card on any of your high-ranked cards (this will add either +1 or +2 to all of their stats).
  • Collect all player, jersey and logo items for any team in the Collection in Hockey Ultimate Team


    It is recommended that you pursue the Florida Panthers team of the NHL for this trophy. Most of the players cost less than 5,000 pucks and the top tier players only cost around 9,000 (compared to Datsyuk, who costs around 100,000 pucks). You can use the forums and the HUT Boosting page to seek out trades with players who may already have these cards.

    Before you start HUT, go to My NHL 13 => Favorite Team and change it to the Panthers. Now start your HUT and you'll have 2 Florida Panthers jerseys, the Florida Panthers logo, and 3 average players. Please note that none of these players can be traded. From here earn pucks and buy from or trade with other players to build your team.

    Here is a list of everything/everyone you'll need for Complete Set:

    Jerseys (7)
    • Home - Orange, Blue, '07-style Blue (band around bottom), '07-style Red (with Panther and broken stick).
    • Away - White with orange shoulders (no thin line on each side), White with red shoulders (thin line on each side), White '07 style (band around bottom).

    Players (26)
    • C (5) Goc, Weiss, Santorelli, Matthias, Madden
    • LW (5) Fleischmann, Wolski, Bergenheim, Upshall, Strum
    • RW (7) Versteeg, Kopecky, Samuelsson, Bradley, Smithson, Skille, Barch
    • LD (5) Campbell, Kulikov, Garrison, Jovanovski, Ellerby
    • RD (2) Weaver, Gudbranson
    • G (2) Theodore, Clemmensen
    Big thanks to Kahuna for this list!
  • Complete a Winter Classic Match playing with the New York Rangers® versus the Philadelphia Flyers®

    One of the easiest trophies in the game. Go to Play Now>Winter Classic. Make sure the two teams playing are the Flyers and the Rangers. Select either side on any difficulty and win the game. This trophy will unlock after you return to the main screen.
  • Win a Be A Pro NHL® Moments Live moment

    Select "Gilmore OT Magic" in NHL Moments Live and set the difficulty to rookie. This is straightforward but may take a few tries. You must score the winning goal in overtime as Gilmore to pass this moment.
  • Win a team based NHL® Moments Live moment

    See HONDA – Superstar for a Moment
  • Win a regular season NHL® Moments Live moment

    See HONDA – Superstar for a Moment
  • Win a playoff NHL® Moments Live moment

    Select "Battle of the Jersey Turnpike" from the NHL Moments Live and set the difficulty to rookie. Simply score an overtime goal and you'll earn HONDA – Second Season.
  • Win a NHL® Moments Live moment on Superstar difficulty

    From the main menu, select "NHL Moments Live". The most efficient route to completing these trophies is to first select "Red Hot Rangers" and change the difficulty to superstar. In this NHL moment you just need to score on a penalty shot. It may take a few tries but eventually you'll unlock HONDA – Superstar for a Moment, HONDA – Time to Shine and HONDA – 82 Game Grind all in one go.

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