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  • Stack the Deck


    Purchase all Ultimate Players

    How to unlock Stack the Deck

    This trophy will also be gotten from the Elite League, and also doesn't require any actual playing in the Elite League. Similar to the Pro Player cards, these Ultimate Player cards will need to be unlocked and purchased to unlock this trophy. Just like the Pro Players were unlocked by completing teams of standard players and trading them in, Ultimate Players are unlocked by completing divisions (AFC East, NFC West etc.) of Pro Players. What this means is the once you have all of the Pro Players in a single division, you will unlock an Ultimate Player for that division do you don't really need to worry about doing anything special for this trophy. Once you have purchased all Pro Players and earned the Winners Can Be Choosers (B) trophy, you will automatically have the ability to buy all of the Ultimate Players.
    There are 12 Ultimate Players, which need to be purchased for 10,000 Blitz Bucks each, totalling a whopping 120,000 Blitz Bucks in order to purchase them all, on top of the costs of Pro Players and Card Packs, so you will need tons of Blitz Bucks to finish up this trophy. You can earn Blitz Bucks by doing any of the following:
    • Play any sort of Online game. Whether it is Online Co-op, Elite League, Head to Head, Blitz Teams, it doesn't matter. As long as the game is online, you will earn Blitz Bucks.
    • Trading in a full set of players for any team. This will reward you with a bonus of 2000 Blitz Bucks.
    • Ranking up on the Battle Boards in Head to Head or Blitz Teams. Each time you graduate to a new battle board you will earn a 1000 Blitz Buck bonus.
    • Duplicate cards found in card packs (ie. A player you already have), will be cashed in for Blitz Bucks.
    Due to the high number of Blitz Bucks needed, this one will be a fair amount of a grind, and should be one of the last trophies you get. If you wish to find someone to boost Blitz Bucks in online games with, please see this thread: Trophy Boosting Thread

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