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  • Estimated difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty poll)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (1, 2, 7, 29)
  • Online trophies: 8 (2 , 6 )
  • Approximate amount of time to : 20+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 1, possibly (The Gatecrasher)
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: None
  • Online Pass required? Yes, the online pass is now free on the PS store


Welcome to Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012). This game is the latest release in the popular Need for Speed racing series and was developed by Criterion Games, the developers of Burnout Paradise and 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This game will see you battle it out with the top 10 racers on the 'Most Wanted' list in order to take their spot, and their cars.

Please note that this guide is based on my experiences with the Playstation 3 version of the game. While a lot of it could still be used for the Vita version as it has the same set of trophies, please remember that this guide refers to the Playstation 3 version and not the Vita version specifically.


Step 1: Play Through the Game and Have Fun!

Focus on earning speed points by completing races in a number of different cars and making your way up the Most Wanted list until you are number 1. It's also good to smash any billboards and discover as many jack spots as you can during freedrive, to save yourself time later. Don't worry about the security gates just yet, as it is best to go for these all at once.

In this step you're aiming for the following trophies:

- Moving On Up
- Alpha Dog
- Charming
- Blackout
- Lexus Ranger
- Track Weapon
- Arachnophobic
- Main Avent
- White Gold
- Mighty Wind
- Don’t Blink
- Most Wanted Rides
- Fix Me Up

Step 2: Multiplayer

After you have become the most wanted driver in Fairhaven, go online and play with some buddies to earn the multiplayer trophies.

Warning: Some people have mentioned their game crashing when playing online or even just being signed into PSN and this could possibly reset all SP progress to zero, be careful and back up your save files. (Thanks to HellCU3ED for letting me know).

In this step you're aiming for the following trophies:

- Social Climber
- How Do You Like Me Now?
- Nothing Personal
- After Market
- Licensed to ill
- Mix Master
- The Modfather
- In Your Face

Step 3: Collectibles

This step includes smashing all remaining billboards, finding all remaining jack spots, smashing every security gate, and speeding past every speed camera. (You'll likely have most of the speed cameras done by this point).

In this step you're aiming for the following trophies:

- Got to Smash Them All
- The Gatecrasher
- Networking
- Cameraman
- Love Them and Leave Them

Step 4: Win Every Event

After successfully shutting down and winning every most wanted car and finding all jack spots, you will have access to every event available in the game. There are 61 events in total. Focus on winning all events that you haven't previously played, along with any that you did not place in 1st. (See "Second is Nothing" for more details).

Completing this stage will unlock the following trophy:

- Second is Nothing

Step 5: Clean Up

Any trophies left over after completing the first four steps should be earned now. It's very likely that the majority of these will have been unlocked before reaching this stage:

- Go Pro or Go Home
- Feeling the Need
- Switcheroo
- Kitchen Sink
- The Heat is Off
- Rim Shot
- Pit Stop
- Gotcha
- First Strike
- Troublemaker
- Slip the Cuffs
- Battering Ram
- Sidewinder
- Mauled
- Beast from the East
- Iron Boots
- Gladiator
- Escape Velocity
- Fast Forward

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Vita) Trophy Guide

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47 trophies ( 35  )

  • Awarded for successfully collecting all Most Wanted trophies

    Congratulations! You have become the most wanted driver in Fairhaven and have earned yourself the platinum trophy.

  • Own all the Most Wanted cars (Single Player)

    The Most Wanted cars are the 10 cars that are on the Most Wanted List, beating everyone on the Most Wanted list and shutting down their cars will earn you this trophy.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Smash every Billboard

    Billboards are scattered throughout the city with one of the EA game developers name on them (such as DICE or Visceral), they are usually in the air so they require a jump to reach them, look around the area of the billboard for a ramp of some sort. To check which billboards you've already smashed, press to bring up the map and then or to toggle through until you reach the billboards.

    There are 156 billboards in total:

  • Break through every Security Gate

    Security gates are placed all over the city, usually blocking an alleyway or similar types of back streets within the city. To break them, simply drive through them. There are a total of 135 security gates and their locations can be seen in the map below.

    You cannot check which security gates you've already smashed. Ensure you follow the map carefully in order to avoid wasting time and having to go back through and check every spot again.

    (Credit to ShineDalGarno for creating this map)

  • There is a total of 41 cars in the game, most of them are found at the Jack Spots that are placed around the city (see “Networking” for more details), the others are earned by shutting down the cars on the Most Wanted list. Once you've unlocked every car, select one from the Easydrive menu. Take it for a little spin and perform an action such as smashing a billboard, or driving through a body shop, you're required to do this for the game to register the car as used. Progress through the full list of cars to earn this trophy.

    Every car in the game can be seen below:

    Alfa Romeo 4C Concept
    Ariel Atom 500 V8
    Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro
    Audi R8 GT Spyder
    BAC Mono
    Bentley Supersports ISR
    BMW M3 Coupe
    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    Caterham Superlight R500
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
    Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
    Ford Focus RS500
    Ford GT
    Ford Mustang Boss 302
    Jaguar XKR
    Koenigsegg Agera R
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Countache
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale
    Range Rover Evoque
    Lexus LFA
    Marussia B2
    Maserati GT MC Stradale
    McLaren MP4-12C
    Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG
    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
    Mitsubishi Evolution X
    Nissan GT-R Egoist
    Pagani Huayra
    Porsche 911 Carrera S
    Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0
    Porsche 918 Spyder Concept
    Porsche Panamera Turbo S
    Shelby Cobra 427
    SRT8 Dodge Challenger
    SRT Viper GTS
    Subaru Cosworth Impreza
    Tesla Roadster Sport

  • Find every Jack Spot

    There are 123 Jack Spots placed throughout the city. Although there are only 41 cars, each has 3 separate Jack Spots from which you can change your car. This includes the 10 Most Wanted cars although you can’t find these ones without first owning the cars. Also, the Jack Spots that relate to the current car you are driving will not show on the in game map.

    To check which Jack spots you have already found, press to bring up the map and then or to toggle through until you reach the Jack spots.

    All Jack Spot locations can be seen below:

  • Trigger every Speed Camera

    Speed Cameras are placed on the roads of the city, simply speed past them in order to set them off and they will be added to the list. You should trigger most of the speed cameras by the time you complete the most wanted list, any that you have missed can be found below. There are a total of 66 speed cameras.

    To check which Speed cameras you have already been caught on, press to bring up the map and then or to toggle through until you reach the Speed cameras.

  • Unlock all the Pro mods on a car (Single Player)

    To unlock Pro mods, you must complete challenges for the regular mods while you have them equipped. This means, you must first win every race with that car to unlock all regular mods, and then complete the specific challenge on each individual mod in order to unlock the Pro mod. Do this and you will earn the trophy. Below you'll find a list of the Pro mods:


    Off Road - Drive 5000 yards off road with off road tires equipped
    Track - Drift 5000 yards with track tires equipped
    Re-inflates - Hit 5 spike strips with re-inflates equipped


    Burn - Use burn nitrous for 300 seconds
    Powershot - Use Power Shot nitrous 25 times


    Lightweight - Get 60 seconds of air time with lightweight equipped
    Reinforced - Score 10 cop takedowns with reinforced equipped


    Aero - 120 seconds of slipstreaming with aero equipped
    Impact Protection - 2 crash escapes with impact protection equipped


    Long Gears - Drive 10,000 yards in oncoming traffic with long gears equipped
    Short Gears - 25 near misses with short gears equipped

  • Empty a full nitrous bar without hitting anything

    Nitrous is earned for each car by winning the first race on that cars race list, this is the race that is categorised as "Easy". The best way to get this trophy is to gain a full tank of nitrous (the quickest way is to drive through a bodyshop to automatically fill it), then get on the freeway and drive in the correct lane. Try to choose a straight part of the freeway for easier control and avoid any cars along the way. This is a very easy trophy which should unlock naturally early in the game.

  • Use a Bodyshop to paint or repair your car for the first time

    Bodyshops are indicated on the mini-map as green spanners, simply drive through a Bodyshop to paint or repair your car and you will get this trophy.

  • Use a Jack Spot in a Pursuit (Single Player)

    To trigger a pursuit, just drive past a cop car while speeding. While being chased by the cops, drive to a Jack Spot and press to change cars and you will earn this trophy.

  • Use a Billboard and a Jack Spot to successfully evade a pursuit (Single Player)

    Similar to the “Switcheroo” trophy, use a Jack Spot during a pursuit to change your car, then smash through any billboard you come across. You must then escape the cops and get rid of your heat level, after doing so you will earn the trophy.

  • Escape successfully from all Heat levels

    There are 6 heat levels in a pursuit, with this trophy requiring you to escape from each heat level individually. The heat levels can be done anytime you wish and in any order.

    There is an easy way to earn this trophy. First, go to the area where the train tracks are located (see map below) and start a pursuit. Use the ramp underneath the tracks to jump onto them, police can’t follow you up here so you can’t get busted, but ensure you stay in the pursuit radius so you don’t go into cooldown mode. There is a ledge at one end of the train tracks where you can stay without getting busted, whilst your heat level slowly rises. Once you have acquired the heat level you want, simply turn around and drive out of the pursuit radius, then stop and let your heat level decrease until you've evaded the pursuit completely. Repeat the process on the different heat levels until you've earned the trophy.

    (Credit to bs000 for the video)

  • Get 5 or more NFS friends

    Need For Speed friends are the people on your friend list that have played this game. If none of your friends have the game, try using the boosting thread.

  • Beat a friend’s Autolog Recommendation

    An autolog recommendation is a challenge to beat something that one of your friends has done, such as a race. Autolog recommendations can be found in the Easydrive menu by pressing and going onto the Autolog menu, simply choose one and beat it. If none of your friends have the game, try using the boosting thread.

  • Move up the Most Wanted List for the first time

    During the introduction to the game you will be told about Speed Points. Speed points are earned by winning races, beating autolog recommendations, smashing billboards, finding Jack Spots, breaking security gates, and just about everything else within the game. Speed Points are required in order to move up the Most Wanted list, as soon as you earn enough SP to move up for the first time, the trophy is yours.

  • Takedown a friend in Multiplayer

    When playing multiplayer, you will be able to drive around the city freely with other players. To earn this trophy simply takedown one of your NFS friends by smashing into them or making them crash. If none of your friends have the game, try using the boosting thread.

  • Unlock a mod for a car in Multiplayer

    Mods in multiplayer are unlocked in a similar way to single player but have slightly different requirements.

    See "The Modfather" for more details.

  • Customize your license plate and number in Multiplayer

    To change your license plate you must be in an online game, but you can do this by yourself and no one is required to be in the game with you. Go into the Easydrive menu and select ‘Multiplayer’, then 'Create Friends Game', which will put you in an online free drive. After this, go back into the Easydrive menu and select ‘Edit License Plate’, you then have to change the text on the license plate and select a different type of plate to use. When you've changed both, you will have the trophy.

  • Play a Custom Speedlist you have created (Multiplayer)

    When you are in multiplayer, you can create a custom speedlist that consists of 5 events. To do this you have to go on the Easydrive menu and select ‘Speedlists’, then ‘Custom Speedlists’, then add 5 events and complete them. You will earn the trophy when the 5 events have been completed.

    You must be playing with other people in order to create custom speedlists.

  • Unlock 3 Pro Mods in Multiplayer

    Unlocking Pro Mods in multiplayer takes a lot longer than in single player. The requirements to unlock them are different and require you to do a lot more than win a race. You must first unlock the regular mod and equip it. I recommend choosing a car you like, and stick to using it at all times during multiplayer, this will make it quicker to unlock Pro Mods and earn this trophy.

    You are required to be in Speedlist to unlock Pro Mods. I recommend joining a game with a friend and activating a Speedlist, you can then work on them in freedrive as long as it is active. (A Speedlist is a set of events that can be custom made by yourself or a friend when you are together in an online freedrive, you can also choose pre-created Speedlists from Criterion in the Speedlist menu).

    Here is a list of all regular mods and how to acquire them:

    • Tires:
      Off-Road - Jump 1500 yards with Reinforced Chassis equipped
      Track - Drive 25 miles
      Reinflates - Drive 50 miles
    • Nitrous:
      Burn - Free
      Powershot - Drive 100 miles
    • Chassis:
      Lightweight - Get 60 Near Misses with Short Gears equipped
      Reinforced - Drive 200 miles
    • Body:
      Aero - Drive 5 miles
      Impact Protection - Get 10 takedowns with Powershot equipped
    • Transmission:
      Long Gears - Drift 5000 yards with Track Tires equipped
      Short Gears - Drive 10 miles

    After unlocking the regular mods, equip them to start making progress towards the Pro Mods. Here is a list of the Pro Mods and how to acquire them:

    • Tires:
      Off-Road Pro - Drive 60 miles Off-Road with Off-Road tires during Speedlists
      Track Pro - Drive 80 miles above 100MPH with Track Tires during Speedlists
      Reinflates Pro - Reinflate 32 tires during Speedlists
    • Nitrous:
      Burn Pro - Get Perfect Nitrous 40 times with Burn Nitrous during Speedlists
      Powershot Pro - Get 50 Nitrous-powered Takedowns with Powershot equipped during Speedlists
    • Chassis:
      Lightweight Pro - Jump 15,000 yards with Lightweight Chassis during Speedlists
      Reinforced Pro - Get 50 Takedowns with the Reinforced Chassis during Speedlists
    • Body:
      Aero Pro - Slipstream 20 miles with Aero Body during Speedlists
      Impact Protection Pro - Get 20 Slam Takedowns with Impact Protection during Speedlists
    • Transmission:
      Long Gears - Go through 40 Speed Cameras above 100MPH with Long Gears equipped during Speedlists
      Short Gears - Record a 100 yard Drift 160 times with Short Gears equipped during Speedlists

    The 3 Pro Mods that could be deemed quickest to achieve are:

    • Burn Pro, by finding a Bodyshop on the freeway and continuing to refill your nitrous
    • Reinflates Pro, keep hold of and until your tires burst and repeat
    • Long Gears Pro, by using this area of the map (credit to ShineDalgarno):

  • Finish first in every race, in every car (Single Player)

    Despite what the trophy description suggests, you only have to win each unique event once to obtain this trophy, not every event in every car. There are a total of 61 different events in the game and 10 of these are the events on the most wanted list. You can tell if you've already done an event by going to the 'races' list in the Easydrive menu. Select an event, and if you don't have the option to start the event from the menu with the only option being 'set destination', this means you haven't done the event. (Thanks to bs000 for the clarification regarding this trophy).

    There is a very useful chart containing events and vehicles created by rachet, you can find it here.

  • Escape the cops with at least one blown tire

    The quickest way to earn this would be to burst your own tire and then start a pursuit. To do this you must stay on the spot and hold down + for a few seconds. After you've a burst tire, start a pursuit then escape.

  • Smash a friend’s face on a billboard and beat their jump distance

    When you have a friend on NFS, you will be able to see their PSN avatar on a billboard, this means they have the furthest jump distance after smashing the billboard. To earn this trophy you must smash through one of the billboards that has your friend’s avatar on it and beat their jump distance. If none of your friends have the game, try using the boosting thread.

  • Repair a burst tire at a Bodyshop

    This trophy can be earned straight after getting the “Rim Shot” trophy. After escaping the cops with a burst tire, drive through a Bodyshop to automatically repair your car and get a fresh set of tires, along with a shiny new trophy.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 10: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 60,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 9: Shelby COBRA 427® (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 135,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 8: Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 220,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 7: Lexus LFA (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 315,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 6: McLaren MP4-12C (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 415,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 5: Porsche 918 Spyder Concept (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 520,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 4: Lamborghini Aventador (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 630,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 3: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 750,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 2: Pagani Huayra (Single Player)

    You will require a total of 875,000 SP to unlock this event.

    See “Don’t Blink” for more details.

  • Shut down Most Wanted car number 1: Koenigsegg Agera R (Single Player)

    To earn this trophy (and all the similar trophies that come before it), you must earn enough Speed Points to race the Most Wanted car. You must go head to head with it and win. After winning races against cars on the Most Wanted list, you don't win the car straight away, you must shut them down afterwards by chasing them and performing a take down, making them crash and earning yourself the new car.

    It's possible for the Most Wanted cars to escape from you when you're trying to shut them down but don’t worry, they randomly speed past you again when you're driving around the city, showing up as a black arrow on the mini-map. This happens quite frequently so there are plenty of chances to shut them down.

    You will require a total of 1,000,000 SP to unlock this event.

  • Get Busted for the first time

    To earn this trophy simply trigger a pursuit by speeding past a cop car or crashing into them, then stop driving and stay still. As the cops surround you, a meter will fill up in the bottom of the screen and when it's full, you'll have failed your escape and be busted by the cops.

  • Takedown your first Cop

    See “Troublemaker” for more details.

  • Takedown 50 Cops

    When you are in a pursuit, you can take down cops by smashing into their cars and causing a little “accident”, which will result in a destroyed cop car. Do this 50 times and you will earn this trophy.

  • Drive through a roadblock without hitting it

    Some roadblocks will have a gap in them between 2 cop cars, all that will be there is a plastic road fence. Simply drive through this gap without touching a cop car and you will earn this trophy.

  • Smash through a roadblock without crashing

    Similar to “Slip the Cuffs”, this trophy requires you to smash through a roadblock without crashing. What’s different with this trophy is that you have smash through 2 cop cars instead of avoiding them altogether. This is done by smashing through the part where 2 cars link together as opposed to smashing straight into the side of one car and coming to a complete stop. Smash through the car link and keep on driving to earn this trophy.

  • Do a 250 yard (228.6 meter) drift

    It's likely that you will earn this trophy naturally as you play, however if you're struggling here is a good method:

    Near the top of the map there is spiral type part of the road on the freeway, this a good spot that I recommend using to earn this trophy, although you could be interrupted by oncoming traffic so it might take a few attempts. You could also find an open space and start to drift in a circle.


    (Credits to bs000)

  • Wreck 10 cops in a single pursuit in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

    The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a beast. It can take down cops really easily and makes this trophy very easy to obtain. Simply get in the car, start a pursuit, then start destroying every cop car you can see. This is where you can find the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor:

  • Escape from the cops in the Marussia B2

    Trigger a pursuit while driving the Marussia B2 and then evade the pursuit by losing your heat level. This is where you can find the Marussia B2:

  • Drive over 5 spike strips with re-inflates equipped

    Re-inflates are a type of tire that you can unlock by finishing at least 3rd in all 5 races for a particular car. They are a special kind of tire that allows your car to drive over spike strips and not have burst tires afterwards. Simply equip these tires on your car, engage a pursuit and get to heat level 3, then drive over spike strips until you earn this trophy. Spike strips flash yellow on the road.

  • Takedown every racer at least once in a single race

    You don’t want to aim for this in an event that has lots of opponents, as it makes the trophy harder to achieve. The best way to earn this, is by playing the event called ‘Stopping Power’, as this race only has 3 opponents therefore making it much easier.

    This event is accessible by these cars:

    - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    - Lamborghini Aventador
    - Pagani Huayra
    - McLaren MP4-12C


    (Credits to bs000)

  • Jump over 200 yards (182.88 meters) through a Billboard

    The best way to get this trophy is to use a fast, light car with nitrous. Next, head to the location that is shown on the map below. This location has 2 strange rings that you're able to drive on, there are also 2 billboards here and if you get enough speed and drive up the side of the ring, you can smash the billboard, soar through the air, and earn the trophy.

  • Trigger a speed camera at over 200mph (321.97km/h)

    The best way to earn this trophy is to find an area of the freeway that has a speed camera. You should use a car that can reach the speed required for this trophy, a car that is earned from the most wanted list would be a good choice (The 'Bugatti Veyron Super Sport' for example). Unlock the mods for it by completing the races and equip the ones that improve it's speed. Use your nitrous and do the best that you can to speed by the camera at 200mph. A good location can be seen below:

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