+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.1/10
+ Offline: 41
+ Online: 6
+ Approximate time: 30-40 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Missable trophies: None
+ Glitched trophies: There may be a few trophies that have trouble unlocking, but nothing has been confirmed at this point.
+ Cheats: No cheats available.

Trophy Breakdown: 1 3 6 38

The first thing you'll want to do after loading up the game is to go into Season Showdown mode and select which team you want to represent. Choose wisely because you can't change your mind once your team is set. The sooner you take care of this, the better because every game you will play will earn you credits. The earlier you start working on your Overall level, Skills level, Sportsmanship level, and Strategy level, the better.

Once your team is set, start working on the Dynasty Mode and Exhibition trophies. There are plenty here to get and most of them aren't challenging at all. In fact, you should get most of them without even trying to get them. You're going to have play through a couple of different dynasties in order to get all of the trophies. The first one, and the easiest, is going to be your powerhouse dynasty. You should choose one of the big nine schools in the game (USC, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, or Notre Dame). Playing as either one of those will make your recruiting much easier. Of course, college football being what it is, you will probably not want to play as some of those schools and choose your favorite. You can do that, but the recruiting trophies are much easier with those nine schools.

Your second dynasty is going to be your non-BCS school. Boise State or Utah are the best choices here, but you can also go with one of the teams from the Sun Belt conference if you want to eventually be invited into the SEC for the "What Competition?" trophy. Whichever way you choose to go, if you have an undefeated season as a non-BCS school, you should be invited to a BCS bowl game and get the "Crash the Party" trophy.

Once you have most of your dynasty trophies out of the way, it's time to go back and clean up a few of the trophies that you have to go out of your way for. Get "We Are Family" out of the way as soon as you can. Family Mode is incredibly frustrating and not very fun to play because of how simple it is. Also join or host an online dynasty at some point here. If you don't want to actually compete online, then I outlined how to go about getting the trophy and not playing online in "Reach Out and Crush Someone." The Dynasty/Exhibition trophies that you really have to go out of your way for are "On Lockdown" and "4th Quarter Comeback." You'll have to do those in separate games, but once you know how to adjust the settings, they're no trouble at all.

After the Dynasty mode trophies, are out of the way, it's time to start on your Road to Glory. Here, you'll start out as a high school senior in your state's playoff tournament. Most of these trophies aren't too tough once you understand what's going on. The three leaderboard trophies cause the most confusion. There are two sets of leaderboards that you can look at, the Online Leaderboard and the Offline Leaderboard. The one that you have to earn points to get on is the Offline Leaderboard. The points will vary depending upon the school, the conference, and the position. For example, to get on the NCAA leaderboard, you need to have gained around 2100 Legend Points throughout your Road to Glory career.

The "Freshman Phenom" trophy is troublesome and maybe the hardest in the game. It's not that it's difficult to put up huge numbers, it's that the computer always seems to default to one of the same three players to win that first Heisman, Tim Tebow (QB #15 on Florida), Sam Bradford (QB #14 on Oklahoma), or Colt McCoy (QB #12 on Texas). I put about 57 TD and 4400 passing yards on a 13-0 Georgia team (that included a blowout of Florida), but I still lost to Tebow. The best workaround to this problem is by creating a freshman QB on Florida, maxing out all of his stats, and choosing to play as him instead of as a new player. The maxed out QB will start over Tebow, and because you're on a good team, you get put up enough numbers to win the Heisman.

Note from Cauchy:
For many of these strategies, you'll need to max out some players stats. Just doing this can be very tedious and time consuming. So here's some specific advice to minimize the grind: Hold right on the left analogue stick and then use the d-pad to also push right. This will increase the speed at which the stat bar fills up dramatically.

[PS3T would like to thank olsen77 for this Road Map]

NCAA Football 10 Trophy Guide

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48 trophies ( 38  )

  • Unlock every trophy

    Unlock every trophy.

  • As the away team, get into the endzone in the first 30 seconds of the game.

    To make this easier, play on either Freshman or Varsity. You'll pretty much have to win the coin toss to get this one. If you win it, elect to Receive. You'll have about 22-25 seconds to work with to score a touchdown. You'll either want to return the opening kickoff, have a very long run, or throw a bomb for a TD. If you do either of those three, you'll get another trophy at the same time.

    If you don't win the coin toss, then you'll have to force a fumble, recover it, and return it for a TD or get an interception and return it for a TD. You can also burn all three of your timeouts after each of the other team's plays to stop the clock from running and saving you some time. That will leave you in a spot where you have to return the punt for a TD.

  • Score a receiving, rushing, and passing touchdown with one player.

    The best player to do this with is the half back. Get your HB a rushing and receiving TD on your first two drives of the game. Then, on your next drive, move the ball to around the opponent's 10 yard line. You can then either call for a HB option pass or mess with the depth chart to insert the HB at quarterback. Whichever way you choose, throw a TD with your running back for this trophy.

    Note: If you do the second method, then the pass routes and buttons for each receiver will be blurred out. You'll have to memorize which button is for which receiver.

  • Do not throw any interceptions in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    Just be careful with the football. Don't make any crazy throws. Don't throw into coverage. Always make the safe play.

    Alternatively, you can set the game to 1 minute quarters and call all running plays.

  • Win an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game by 21 points or more.

    You're pretty likely to get this if you play as a powerhouse school (USC, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama to name a few) against one of the weaker schools (San Jose State, Utah State, Army, the Sun Belt conference). Keep scoring, and be relentless.

    If you've already started Season Showdown, then take the warnings about running up the score very seriously. If you get up by about 30 points, call all running plays from then on.

  • Complete a pass for 50 or more yards in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    Call a pass play that has one or two deep routes. When you see that receiver, or one of them, that is open enough tap the button assigned to that receiver to throw it to them. As long as you're on your side of midfield, you'll get this. You don't have to score a TD to get this trophy.

  • Break a run for 49 or more yards in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    Unless you're good at breaking tackles, call a running play to the outside. If you get around the corner and make one or two defenders miss, you should be in the clear and be able to outrun the safety. You don't have to score a TD to get this trophy.

  • Be the hero and win a game by taking the lead as time expires.

    One way to do this is to play a back and forth game that comes down to a field goal at the end. If you're pretty lucky, you can also get a long touchdown pass to win a game at the very end. Most likely though, it'll be a field goal that gets you the trophy.

    If you really want this trophy, you can set the game to 1 minute quarters, and sit on the ball for most of the game. Spend the 4th quarter driving to get into field goal position (inside the 30 yard line). Use your timeouts to leave yourself three seconds on the clock. That will be enough time to kick a field goal as the clock runs out.

  • Jar the ball loose with a User-Controlled Hit Stick tackle.

    Use the right stick to tackle the ball carrier on the other team. If you hit them just right, you'll knock the ball out and force a fumble. You don't have to recover the fumble, just force it.

    Note: You can also adjust your game plan by pushing at the play calling screen. Pushing on the Strip Ball option will cause more fumbles.

  • Intercept 2 passes in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    This doesn't have to be done with the same player. You can get an interception with two different players. If you're ahead late in the game, the CPU will start to throw on almost every down. Sit back in a zone coverage (Cover 2 or Cover 3). Usually, your defenders will automatically intercept the ball. However, once the ball is in the air, you can select the closest defender to the ball with and then attempt to intercept it with .

    Note: You can also adjust your game plan by pushing R2 at the play calling screen. Pushing on the Pass Defense option will create more INT opportunities.

  • Take an interception back to the house in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    If you can manage to avoid one of the offensive players tackling you right after you intercept the ball, then you should have a pretty good shot at returning the INT for a TD. Use the same principles as "Will You Ever Learn?" and you'll be able to do this. Obviously, the shorter the field and the faster the player that intercepts the ball, the better. CB's are the fastest defensive players followed by safety's, linbacker's, and then linemen (if you do manage to get an INT with a lineman, good luck trying to return it for a TD).

  • Scoop a fumble on defense and take it to the house in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    The method in Ball...Ball...Ball... is good for causing fumbles. If you manage to cause one, then have your nearest defender pick up the ball by running at the ball, then run as fast as possible to the endzone.

  • Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards in an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game.

    This one can be tricky. It's not just the offensive yards that count, it's also the kick return yards. I held a team to about 70 yards of offense, but since I blew them out, they had about 50 return yards. If you're shutting them down defensively, then either kick the ball out of bounds every time or chew up the clock with extremely long drives. Obvious mismatches in teams are what will make this easier (USC vs. San Jose State, for example).

    If you want, you can also try and get this in a game with 1 minute quarters where it will be much easier to hold the opponent under 100 total yards.

  • Force a safety in Exhibition or Dynasty Mode.

    You have to pin your opponent back against their own endzone with a punt or a turnover. You'll have to either tackle the ball carrier or sack the QB in the endzone for a safety. You can do this with more than one player if you find it easier that way.

  • Pitch a shutout by holding your opponent to zero points. Valid only in Exhibition or Dynasty Mode.

    You'll have to play really good defense to hold your opponent to nothing. Don't take big risks. Always go for the tackle over the turnover. Don't give up any big plays. Stay penalty free. You can do this on 1 minute quarters to make it easier for yourself.

  • Return a missed field goal for a touchdown. Only valid in Exhibition or Dynasty Mode.

    This one you'll have to do with a second player or a second controller. The reason is that the computer very rarely goes for a field goal that is well out of the kicker's range. You'll want to set the kicking team up around mid-field. They'll choose Field Goal from the Special Teams plays. As the team on defense, you'll go to Special Teams and choose Field Goal Block Return. You'll notice there will be a CB standing in the endzone. The kicking team will try for the field goal like normal, except that it'll be well short. As the ball is coming down, the CB will run up, catch it, and start his return. All you have to do is avoid the players on the kicking team. Your player will be pretty fast, so it's not too hard. Although, you may want to play on Freshman or Varsity to make it easier.

    Note: If the field goal attempt touches the ground, the play is dead and you can't return the ball.

  • Take a punt or kickoff back to the house for a touchdown. Valid only in Exhibition or Dynasty Mode.

    Whether you try this on a punt or a kickoff, don't try to go up the middle of the field. Stay along either of the sidelines. Try to find yourself a gap. You can do this on Freshman or Varsity to make it easier.

  • Upload a Video or Photo Highlight.

    From the Main Menu, go to My NCAA 10, My Legacy, EA Sports Highlights, then select which mode your highlights are in. You'll see a list of all the games you have highlights save from. Select a game, then a highlight and push to upload it.

  • Play and win a conference championship game in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

    Four conferences have a conference championship game, the ACC, SEC, Big 12, and MAC. You'll have to come in first place in one of the two divisions in the conference to qualify for the conference championship game. Once you get there, win the game.

  • Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy® in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

    You'll have to have a great season in either Road to Glory or Dynasty. If you're playing as one of the best teams that season, then your chances are even better. In either mode, your best bet at the Heisman is to be a WB, followed by a HB, then a WR. If you're defensive player, then you have very little chance of even being nominated.

    Tip from Cauchy and OldSnoova:
    Do the same stat padding to Florida Atlantic that you did in method given with "Mr. February." However, this time you'll want to pad the stats of a good at least 10 total players: at least 5 offensive and 5 defensive positions. This way you'll have a better overall team and when you go to sim, you'll win. Also, be sure to stat pad a QB and WR. Also be sure to make them both Freshman. Start a regular season with Florida Atlantic. Go to the simulation options and set your offensive to be as aggressive as possible. Finally, sim to the end of the regular season and you should get "Freshman Phenom" and "Crash the Party". Just like above, you never actually play the game!

  • Play and win a bowl game in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

    There are 34 bowls in all. Most bowl games don't have very high requirements for the teams they invite. Win any one of the 34 bowl games. See Fill the Trophy Case for more details.

  • Play and win the BCS National Championship game in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

    You'll basically have to finish the regular season undefeated to be the BCS #1 or #2. Those are the two teams that get to play for the National Championship (I know, I hate the BCS system too). Your best bets for teams to play as are Florida, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, or Ohio State. Once you get into the BCS Championship game, win it.

  • Develop a new pipeline state in single team Dyansty Mode.

    When you're in the Recruiting menu, select Recruiting Map and you'll see towards the bottom of the screen the list of states that are your pipeline states. To develop a new one, pick a neighboring state (for example, if you're playing as Texas, choose Louisiana, Oklahoma, or New Mexico) and recruit every player in that state. The more players you get from that state, the better chance you have of turning it into a pipeline state. This may take more than one season of recruiting.

    Info from 3rdamention:
    To develop a new Pipeline State I think you need to lure a total of 5 recruits from a non Pipeline state. This doesn't have to be in the same season, just over time IIRC from the past few years.

    Note: Because it's EA, you have the option of purchasing an unlock code to select a new pipeline state. I'm not sure if buying this unlock will unlock this trophy.

  • Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.

    When you're recruiting, you'll want to go after as many five-star and four-star recruits as you can. The more you get, the higher your recruiting class rank will be. The bigger schools have a better chance of recruiting four and five-star players than the smaller schools. Make sure you pay attention to your in season recruiting to try and land more five-star recruits. I made the 5-star recruits who had my school as their top school were my top priority. I focused on signing as many of them as I could. Once they started committing, I started to turn my attention to the 4-star recruits. I ignored the games and focused solely on recruiting.

    If you have the #1 class during in season recruiting, then save before you start the off season and play through it. If you don't get the #1 class, then quit, reload, and try again.

    Note: This trophy won't unlock until about halfway through the offseason.

    Tip from Cauchy and OldSnoova (this applies to Sip Some Texas Tea and Mr. February):
    From the main menu, go to Team Management, then View and Edit Rosters. Once there, modify the top five Texas player's stats to the max. Now, start and sim through to the second season with Texas. The first trophy should pop just before the start of the second season. Now, in season two, go to the recruiting menu and go to the recruiting board. Remove all the players and then exit and go to add every available player a neighboring state (I think I picked Louisiana). Finally, sim all the way to the third season. The second trophy should pop just before the start of the third season. Two trophies, and we've yet to play the game.

  • Play and win the Russell High School Championship Game in any state.

    When you start Road to Glory mode, you'll be put onto a high school team that is about to start the state playoffs. You have win three games to get to the state championship games. To get the trophy, you'll have to win four games in all.

  • Become the Starter in Road to Glory Mode.

    When you're choosing which school to attend, you'll see to the right of the school name where you'll be on the depth chart. To make it easy on yourself, select any school that says Starter. If you want to go to your favorite school, but you can only be 2nd string or lower, then you'll have to work for it. When you're in the daily practices, you'll see how many points you need to get to pass the next guy on the depth chart. You get points for first downs, breaking tackles, and TD's. Once you get that number to 0, you'll be the new starter.

  • Become a 5-star Road to Glory prospect.

    If you make it all the way to the state championship game, then you'll be a 5-star prospect. But you have to win the first three games and play well to become that level of prospect.

    Note: Because it's EA, you have the option of purchasing an unlock code to become a 5-star prospect.

  • Win an Exhib. or Dynasty Mode game when down by 14 to start the 4th quarter (min difficulty: Varsity)

    Make sure that you have the correct settings that are in the description before starting the game. You're going to have to lay down a bit and let the other team get up by 14 points. If it happens early enough in the game, just kneel down three times and punt for your possession and stop them on defense. Playing in a mismatch is helpful too (USC vs. San Jose St.). If the other team scores before the 4th quarter, then match them point for point. Try to arrange it so that you have to ball as the 4th quarter starts. Score quickly and then get a defensive stop. Repeat that one more time and you'll have the chance to take the lead. You may want to set quarters to 6 or 7 minutes just to give yourself some extra time.

    Note: You can do this with two controllers if you're really struggling.

  • Complete an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game with a Red Zone Efficiency rating of 100%

    Every time you get into the redzone (inside the 20 yard line), you have either get a TD or kick a field goal. If you turn the ball over, miss field goal, or the clock runs out on you, that counts as a redzone attempt without points. This is made easier if you play as a powerhouse school against a creampuff school.

  • Complete an Exhibition or Dynasty Mode game without allowing a Touchdown from the Red Zone.

    This trophy is almost the opposite of Red Zone Perfection. Whenever the other team gets inside the 20 yard line, you have to keep them out of the endzone. You can allow field goals, but they can't score a TD. This is made easier if you play as a powerhouse school against a creampuff school.

  • Join or Host an Online Dynasty.

    If you want to join and participate in an online dynasty, then go that route. There are threads here about people wanting to set them up. If you don't really want to play online much, then from the main menu, go to Career Modes, then Online Dynasty. Select Create Dynasty, then either of the options. Keep advancing through the menus. Once the dynasty is set up, go to the main Dynasty menu and select Online Dynasty Setup then Retire From Online Dynasty. You'll get the trophy even though you never played a game.

  • Play a game that gets designated as an ESPN Instant Classic.

    You have to be involved in a great game. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the game, it just has to come up with a message saying that the game is an Instant Classic. Any game that has OT, a late comeback, or a winning play at the end will likely be given Instant Classic status.

  • With Player Lock on, return an interception for a TD.

    After you select your play, select the player you want to be with and push . I'd recommend using either a LB, CB, or one of the safeties and selecting a zone coverage (Cover 2 or Cover 3). That way, you can sit back and wait the for other team's QB to throw the ball towards you. Once it's near you, push to pick it off, and then return it for a TD. If you want to make it easier for yourself, then you can do this on Freshman or Varsity, or even with two players.

  • Win a game using only Family Play Controls in an Exhibition Mode game.

    This may be the dumbest mode in any football game ever. Family Play Controls take away all the extra things you can do to a play before the snap (audibles, hot routes, slide protection) in favor of being able to do everything with the X button. Everything in the game is almost done automatically for you. You can select Family Controls from the pregame menu where you also have to choose which playbooks to use and which uniforms to wear. You can also select Family Play from the Play Now menu.

  • Score a TD when running a play that is 100% setup.

    Start out by calling nothing but running plays. Call them over and over and over again. Then, switch to the play action passes (labeled PA in the playbook) once you get into the redzone. The running plays that set up the play action passes are shown in the formation playbook as having chain links between them. The more yards you gain on the setup play, the more percentage points you'll gain. The play action pass that the running play is linked will have a green arrow pointing at the play name. Any play that has this is 100% set up. Score a TD with the play.

    Alternatively, you can use Play Action passes to set up the running plays that they're linked to.

  • Chew up the last 5 minutes of a game on a single drive to preserve the win.

    You'll need to have the game set to at least 3 minute quarters to have a chance here. Chew up the clock by calling only running plays and taking the play clock all the down to 1 or 2 before you snap the ball. Stay inbounds to avoid stopping the clock. Don't break any long runs either. As soon as you cross the first down line, dive with the SQUARE button automatically ending the play. To make this easier, on the menu where you select to call a play by either Formation or Play Type, turn on Chew Clock (it's at the very bottom). This will help to wind down the clock faster.

  • Win all 34 bowl trophies (including National Championship) in Dynasty or Road to Glory modes.

    You have two ways of getting this. The first is to play through individual dynasties in each conference and try to get invited to each bowl game and win them all. The other way is, once bowl weeks start coming up, you play all 34 of the games. You can do this, even if your team isn't involved in the game. Instead of selecting Team Schedule, select NCAA Schedule. This will show you all of the bowls. Play through them one by one in order to get each trophy added to your trophy case.

    Note: You don't have to play any of the games, you can SuperSim all of them. As long as you choose to "play" as the team that wins the game, you'll get the trophy for that bowl game.

    The bowl games you have to win:

    New Mexico Bowl
    St. Petersburg Bowl
    EagleBank Bowl
    New Orleans Bowl
    Las Vegas Bowl
    Poinsettia Bowl
    Hawaii Bowl
    Motor City Bowl
    Emerald Bowl
    Meineke Car Care Bowl
    Champs Sports Bowl
    Independence Bowl
    Papajohns.com Bowl
    Humanitarian Bowl
    GMAC Bowl
    Texas Bowl
    Holiday Bowl
    Armed Forces Bowl
    Sun Bowl
    Music City Bowl
    Chick-fil-A Bowl
    Insight Bowl
    Outback Bowl
    Gator Bowl
    Captial One Bowl
    Rose Bowl
    Sugar Bowl
    Cotton Bowl
    Liberty Bowl
    Alamo Bowl
    International Bowl
    Orange Bowl
    Fiesta Bowl
    BCS National Championship Game

  • Achieve an Overall Level of 10 in the Season Showdown competition.

    After you've selected your school (see the road map for details on Season Showdown), then start playing games. Every game you play adds points to your profile. Winning gets you more points. Playing as the team you selected for Season Showdown also gets your points. You can check where you are by going to Season Showdown, Credit History, My Credits. In the top left corner is your Overall level. This is the one that is going to rank up the quickest.

  • Achieve a Sportsmanship Level of 10 in the Season Showdown competition.

    You get sportsmanship for doing certain things in a game. Punting or kicking a field goal on 4th down or taking a knee to wind down the clock late in the 4th quarter, for example. Running up the score on your opponent will effect you more negatively than anything you can do in a game. Each of the examples I gave will give 5 or 10 points. Running up the score will take 75 points away. You can check where you are by going to Season Showdown, Credit History, My Credits. Sportsmanship is in the Extra Credits section on the right side in the top row.

    Credits (thanks to xMaJoRdAnGeRx, RLKDragon, SengIV, txhorns10, and StalkingGrunt911):

    Offense Positive:
    Chew Clock +10
    Kicking on 4th down +10
    Take a Knee +10


    Offense Negative:
    Onside Kick/with lead: -25
    Going for it on 4th down/with lead -5
    2 pt Conversion/with lead -10

    Running up the score -50
    Running up the score (2nd time): -75
    Calling a timeout/with time running out -100
    Running up the score (3rd time): -150
    Defense Negative:
    Repeated Encroachment -5

    Tip from Cauchy:
    First, set the game to Freshman, 2 minute quarters, no injuries, no fatigue, max out all of the User's AI and deplete all of the CPU's AI. Play a really good team agains a pretty bad one. Start the game out with a TD. Once you've scored try to get as many sacks and interceptions as possible to rack up your Skill and Strategy credits and to regain possession of the ball. For the first three quarters, whenever you have the possession (after you've taken the lead), spike the ball until you get to 4th down. Then Punt. As you know, you'll get 10 Sportsman credits each time, plus what ever Skill and Strategy you've accumulated to regain the possess. Keep repeating this until the fourth quarter. The only thing that changes to this strategy in the fourth is that you should kneel instead of spike, thereby getting a lot more Sportsmanship credits.

  • Achieve a Skill Level of 10 in the Season Showdown competition.

    You get skill points for making big plays in a game. TD's, INT's, fumble recoveries all add to your Skills level. Making User Plays (as in you making an interception, not a CPU controlled player on your team) gives you more points. You can check where you are by going to Season Showdown, Credit History, My Credits. Skills is in the Extra Credits section on the lleft side in the top row.

    Credits (thanks to xMaJoRdAnGeRx):

    User Catch (Lockdown) +4
    Pass TD +3

    User Pick +15
    Block Kick (Lockdown) +12
    Block Kick +10
    Sack (Lockdown) +10
    User Sack +8
    Tackle for loss (Lockdown) +6
    User Swats +5
    Tackle for loss +4
    Tackle (Lockdown) +4
    Big Hit (Lockdown) +4
    User Tackle +2
    User Big Hit +2

  • Achieve a Strategy Level of 10 in the Season Showdown competition.

    You get these points for adjusting your game plan during the game and making plays from those adjustments. If you up the amount of INT's your try for and you get an INT, then you'll gain strategy points. Setting up plays like in the "Set 'em Up, Knock 'em Down" trophy earn you strategy points. Using L2 on defense to correctly guess the play type and shutting it down or using L2 on offense to slide your protection to prevent the blitz get you strategy points as well. You can check where you are by going to Season Showdown, Credit History, My Credits. Skills is in the Extra Credits section in the center of the top row.

    Credits (thanks to xMaJoRdAnGeRx, RLKDragon, StalkingGrunt911):

    Big Play +8
    100% Setup +8

    Interception +15
    Fumble +10
    Big Hit Fumble +8
    *Glitchy* Play the Pass +5
    *Glitchy* Play the Run +5
    Jump Snapped +5
    Stuffed Option +2

  • Earn an invite to a BCS game in Dynasty Mode with a team from a non-BCS conference.

    You'll have to play through a season undefeated to have a chance at getting invited to a BCS bowl game with a non-BCS team. The best of these teams are Boise State and Utah, but you can play as any team from a non-BCS conference (WAC, MAC, Sun Belt, Mountain West, Conference USA). Play through a season as either and win all of your games. At the end of the season, you should get an invite to one of the four BCS bowl games, the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, or the Orange Bowl. You may even get a chance to play in the BCS National Championship game (but probably not, because it is the BCS we're talking about here).

  • Win the 1st year SEC championship with a team moved from the Sun Belt in single team Dynasty Mode.

    This is going to take a few seasons of playing before you even get a chance. You'll want to start out as one of the teams in the Sun Belt Conference. Florida Atlantic and Troy are two of the best in that conference. You'll have to dominate the conference for a few years straight before you get an invite into the SEC. By dominate, I mean winning the conference each season and having an excellent record (12-0, 11-1, 10-2, something like that). Once you're in the SEC all you have to do is beat all the teams on your schedule from one of the best conferences in the country.

    Tip from skibum529:
    You could add a team to the SEC by pressing 'triangle' and switching out the teams. for ex. switching LSU for North Texas or any other sun belt school.

  • In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your team's All-Time leaderboard.

    The leaderboard that you have to get on is the offline one, not the online leaderboard. To check where are on that leaderboard, go to the main menu in Road to Glory. Then go to Stats & Records, then Leaderboards, then Offline Leaderboards, and select School. The number of points you need depends on the position and the school you're attending. A QB at Georgia would need a score of 1200 to crack the school's leaderboard.

  • In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your conference's All-Time leaderboard.

    The leaderboard that you have to get on is the offline one, not the online leaderboard. To check where are on that leaderboard, go to the main menu in Road to Glory. Then go to Stats & Records, then Leaderboards, then Offline Leaderboards, and select Conference. The number of points you need depends on the position and the school you're attending. A QB in the SEC would need a score of 1555 to crack the leaderboard.

  • In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on the NCAA All-Time leaderboard.

    The leaderboard that you have to get on is the offline one, not the online leaderboard. To check where are on that leaderboard, go to the main menu in Road to Glory. Then go to Stats & Records, then Leaderboards, then Offline Leaderboards, and select NCAA. The number of points you need depends on the position and the school you're attending. A QB would need a score of 2100 to crack the NCAA's leaderboard.

  • Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy® with a Freshman in Road to Glory or Dynasty Mode.

    For this, you'll need to put together a spectacular season. You can set the difficulty to Freshman and adjust the AI sliders to make it easier for yourself. QB is the best position to attempt this. In Road to Glory mode, your best chance is playing as a QB since they're more likely to win the Heisman trophy. In Dynasty mode, keep recruiting Freshman QB's and playing them right away. If you have a good team and you play every game, you'll be able to get this.

    Note: This trophy is problematic because of your competition, namely Tim Tebow (QB #15 on Florida). However, there is a workaround. Create a freshman QB on Florida, and max out all of his stats. Tebow will be benched in favor of the freshman. When you start Road to Glory mode, choose to play as an existing player instead, and select this QB. You're on a good enough team that you should be able to sim everything and still get the Heisman. You'll also get off to a very good start in getting the three leaderboard trophies too.

    Tip from OldSnoova:
    In Road To Glory, I elected to be a running back. I only played plays that were designated for me. You can adjust the AI defensive levels down a notch and the trophy won't be affected, at least it wasn't for me. I ended the high school campaign as a 5-star recruit, elected to play for Iowa since they are a Top 25 school and I could start right away and ended the season with 73 or 74 touchdowns - an NCAA record. I got the Heisman, National Championship, and ALL of the RTG trophies in one season playing this way.

  • Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game.

    Getting 200 passing yards isn't too difficult. Throw the ball around a lot in the first half. Get your QB over 200 yards, then start running the ball. You can easily get 200+ passing yards in the first half. Once you have that, then start running the ball again and again. These are team totals. It doesn't have to be one player with 200+ yards passing and 200+ yards rushing. The longer the quarters, the better the chance you'll get this.

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