It'll Last Longer Trophy in NBA 2K18: The Prelude

  • It'll Last Longer


    Take a picture of the Air Jordan XXXII shoe.

    How to unlock It'll Last Longer



    Once you have control of your player, before entering the Proving Ground court (the area up the stairs with all people in it), go to the left of the area to find a bunch of display cases with shoes in them. The Air Jordan XXXII shoes are on the left-most end display case. Approach it and press when prompted to take a selfie with the shoes.

    Check out the 100% Trophy Walkthrough video in the Pinch Me trophy description if you like video.

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  • After talking with ATM, from were you came there is a row of Jordan's. The last pair on the left ("they are red") are the Air Jordan XXXII, you just need to get close to it and press X then the throphies will pop up right away
  • This is the only trophy I didn't get, and now I'm stuck with an ugly 90% trophies. Is this trophy kissable?
  • I missed that one, too. Didn't know there were missable trophies :(

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