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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 62 (60, 0, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 4 (Online Racer trophy_bronze.pngOnline Victory trophy_bronze.pngOnline Veteran trophy_bronze.pngOnline Domination trophy_bronze.png)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: I did it in 12:07, but on your first playthrough 30 hours is pretty reasonable (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 10 Seasons of career mode,  20 challenges, 10 online races, 1 split screen and 200 race wins overall.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: All of them potentially, see BUG WARNING in next section.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can set AI to the easiest settings and use any driving aids you want.


If you love top speeds, bump drafts and only turning left, I've got just the game for you:  it's NASCAR Heat 5!  I'm new to this series, so I can't say what's new or how it compares to the previous titles (though I saw challenge mode was new for this installment).  What I can say is that the trophies are pretty straightforward, the gameplay is good enough and aside from the luck based challenges and the trophies not popping sometimes, I rather enjoyed my experience.  I noticed there was no guide for this, so I figured I'd make one!

I also included companion videos for every trophy if you'd rather see it than read it.  The full playlist is here.

MAJOR BUG WARNINGBefore you start this or any NASCAR Heat title, be advised that sometimes trophies just don't pop when they're supposed to.  I've had this occur in every run I've made in the game (about 5 full playthroughs now), and it's happened in every mode except challenge mode.  I'm not sure what causes it or how to fix it, but the good news is that every time I HAVE been able to get the trophies to pop eventually through a combination of restarting the console, reloading saves, and redoing requirements.  Some tips :

1) Pay attention to when trophies should pop -  I know it's annoying to keep a trophy guide up the whole time you're playing, but you should at least read the list and know when the next trophy should be awarded.  In career mode, for example, you get one for starting the season, one for making the playoffs, and 3 for winning the championship.  If you hit one of these milestones and the trophy doesn't pop, stop immediately and fix it before moving on.
2) Back all the way out to the main menu - Sometimes the trophies are awarded in summary screens and not during the race itself.  If you go all the way back to the main screen (the one that says "Continue Career, Race Now, etc.") and you haven't gotten a trophy that you should have, THEN you know you have a problem.
3) Make backup saves before big trophies - Basically if it's going to take a while to redo the requirements (Grizzled Veteran and King of the Hill come to mind), close the game and make a USB or cloud save right before you're about to earn a trophy.  If it doesn't pop, you can reload the save after starting the console again and get better results.

Ok, you have been warned, let's Start Our Engines!


STEP ONE:  Get all the trophies for each mode.  These can be done in any order, so I'll call them 1a, 1b, and 1c.

1A, Split Screen and Multiplayer.  Win one race in split screen mode (requires a second controller), and 10 races in multiplayer mode.  This can be done either through legitimate online racing, boosting in private matches (only requires one other person or console), or through an exploit that allows you to win by disconnecting.  See Online Dominationtrophy_bronze.png for a description of the exploit.  After winning 1 Split Screen and 10 Multilplayer races, you'll earn:

Head to Head Winnertrophy_bronze.png
Online Racertrophy_bronze.png
Online Veterantrophy_bronze.png

Online Victorytrophy_bronze.png
Online Dominationtrophy_bronze.png

1B, Career Mode.  This is the most extensive of the modes, with 38 trophies to earn.  You'll have to win a championship in each of the four series (Dirt, Truck, Xfinity and Cup, see The Peaktrophy_bronze.png) and complete 10 seasons total (see Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png).  You'll also have to start your own team and basically max it out (see Full Team), make 3 friends and 3 rivals, and earn 50 million dollars.  Race dirty till you get the rivals, then be nice until you get the friends, and you'll earn:

Dirt Series:                                                                           Truck Series:
So it Beginstrophy_bronze.png                                                                    Moving on Uptrophy_bronze.png
Getting Noticedtrophy_bronze.png                                                              Getting Somewheretrophy_bronze.png
Ridin' Dirtytrophy_bronze.png                                                                      Truck'ntrophy_bronze.png
First of Manytrophy_bronze.png                                                                   Big Step Uptrophy_bronze.png
Dirty Winnertrophy_bronze.png                                                                    V is for Victorytrophy_bronze.png

Xfinity Series:                                                                      Cup Series:
Almost Theretrophy_bronze.png                                                                  A Seat at the Tabletrophy_bronze.png
Time to Shinetrophy_bronze.png                                                                 Playing With the Big Boystrophy_bronze.png
Journeymantrophy_bronze.png                                                                   No More Yellow Stripestrophy_bronze.png
Who's Next?trophy_bronze.png                                                                  Best of the Besttrophy_bronze.png
Unstoppabletrophy_bronze.png                                                                  The Peaktrophy_bronze.png

Team Mode:                                                                       Miscellaneous:
Car Collectortrophy_bronze.png                                                                Established Competitortrophy_bronze.png
Full Team                                                                      Millionairetrophy_bronze.png   
State of the Art Facilitiestrophy_bronze.png                                              Rolling in the Doughtrophy_bronze.png
Employee of the Yeartrophy_bronze.png                                                  Just Getting Started
Welcome to the Teamtrophy_bronze.png                                                 Seasoned Drivertrophy_bronze.png
Back to Schooltrophy_bronze.png                                                            Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png         
Head of the Classtrophy_bronze.png                                                       Rubbing is Racingtrophy_bronze.png
Wonderful Toystrophy_bronze.png                                                           Don't Get In My Waytrophy_bronze.png
                                                                                         Why Can't We Be Friends?trophy_bronze.png
                                                                                         We Can Be Friendstrophy_bronze.png

1C, Challenge Mode.  There are 20 challenges to complete and the seasonal packs don't count, so you have to do all 20 from the base pack.  These are probably the hardest things to do in the game, so maybe save them until after you've driven a little bit and get a feel for the mechanics.  Once all 20 are complete, you'll earn:

Challenge Accomplishedtrophy_bronze.png
Force to be Reckoned Withtrophy_bronze.png
King of the Hilltrophy_bronze.png

STEP TWO - Cleanup in Quick Race.  Once everything else is done, you'll probably have a few things left to do.  Unless you like long races, you'll need to win a race of 25%, 50% and 100% length (they don't stack).  You'll have to win at all 39 tracks, so if you're missing any then you can clean them up here.  Finally, you should just be left with the "win in any mode" trophies, of which Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png is the pinnacle.  Notch your 200th win and take home that trophy_platinum.png baby!  If you haven't gotten these yet, you'll earn:

Checkered Flagtrophy_bronze.png                                                            Perfect 10trophy_bronze.png
New Fan Favoritetrophy_bronze.png
                                                         Get Smokedtrophy_bronze.png
Not Intimidatedtrophy_bronze.png
                                                             Over the Rainbowtrophy_bronze.png
Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png

Tour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png                                                             Dirt Kingtrophy_bronze.png
Road Warriortrophy_bronze.png
                                                                Short and Sweettrophy_bronze.png
Best at all the Resttrophy_bronze.png
                                                       Super Speedstertrophy_bronze.png

Stretching The Legstrophy_bronze.png
                                                     Ready To Gotrophy_bronze.png
Test of Endurancetrophy_bronze.png
                                                        Endurance Championtrophy_bronze.png

Who am I?trophy_bronze.png
                                                                    Pimp My Ridetrophy_bronze.png

And finally,
All Trophiestrophy_platinum.png!

NASCAR Heat 5 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

66 trophies ( 64  )

  • You have acquired all Trophies

    Just like any platinum, collect the rest and this trophy_platinum.png will be yours!
  • Win a race

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 10 races

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 26 races

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 49 races

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 77 races

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 94 races

    See Long Live the Kingtrophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Win 200 races

    200 races is a LOT of races. You can get all the other trophies with less than 50 wins, so this will probably be the last trophy you earn before platinum.  Fortunately, these wins can be earned in any mode, so pick a series or track you like and have fun! 

    If you have to grind it out, the quickest way is to set the race to 2% length in the options and do a "Race Now" race on the dirt track at Drebin.  Skip practice and qualifying.  When the race is over, you'll have the option to press triangle.png and race again and you can do it without going back to the menu.  One cycle takes just over a minute (less on PS5) so you could do 150 race wins in less than 3 hours.  If you want to see it on video, it's at 11:34 in the one below.

    One other note: The races don't count until you go back to the track select screen, so make sure you do that periodically in case the game crashes (every 10 races should be fine).  That's when the trophies are awarded as well, so make sure you do that if your trophy doesn't pop after your 200th win.

  • Win a race with 25% race length

    See Endurance Championtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a race with 50% race length

    See Endurance Championtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete a race with a 100% race length

    See Endurance Championtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a race with a 100% race length

    From the main menu, pressing r1.png will take you into the options screen, and Race Length is a little over halfway down.  For most of the game, I suggest making it as short as possible, but for these 4 trophies you'll need to set this to specific lengths.  For this one, you need it to be set at 100% race length but they don't stack so you'll have to win separate races at 50% and 25% as well.

    The easiest way to do this is to go to Race Now and do the dirt series race at Drebin.  Laps are just under 15 seconds, but more importantly there is no fuel and no tire wear so you won't have to manage pit stops.  If you set the AI difficulty to 85, you will have no problem lapping the field 10 or 12 times in 100 laps, and the whole thing can be done in about 25 minutes.

    For a video description, this mode starts at 1:58 in this video:

  • Race at every track

    There are 39 unique tracks in this game, divided into 5 categories: dirt track, road course, short track, speedway and super speedway.  Though you only need to complete a race at each track for this trophy, I suggest combining this with the trophies for winning at every track in each category, as you'll need all of those for the platinum.  Rather than duplicate the list, I just included each part in the appropriate section below.

    For the dirt tracks it's easy to see which ones you're missing by selecting the Xtreme Dirt Tour from the "Race Now" menu.  The in-game trackers are less helpful for the paved courses as the victories will be tracked across the other 3 series.  The easiest way to clean this up is to set your race length to 2%, go to the Truck series and win at every track that says 0 wins.  Eldora is the only duplicate and the races are the shortest of the 3.  Remember, the wins won't count until you go back to the track selection screen! 

    If you'd prefer a video guide, this section starts at 7:53 in the video below:

  • Win a race at every dirt track

    SeeTour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png for more details.

    Dirt Tracks:
    1) Bristol
    2) Charlotte
    3) Drebin
    4) Eldora
    5) Fanatec
    6) Jefferson
    7) Las Vegas
    8) Richmond
    9) Texas
  • Win a race at every road course

    SeeTour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png for more details.

    Road Courses:
    1) Canadian Tire
    2) Charlotte Roval
    3) Indy Roval
    4) Mid-Ohio
    5) Road America
    6) Sonoma
    7) Watkins Glen
  • Win a race at every short track

    SeeTour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png for more details.

    Short Tracks:
    1) Bristol
    2) Iowa
    3) Martinsville
    4) Phoenix
    5) Richmond

  • Win a race at every speedway

    SeeTour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png for more details.

    1) Atlanta
    2) Auto Club
    3) Charlotte
    4) Chicagoland
    5) Darlington
    6) Dover
    7) Homestead
    8) Indianapolis
    9) Kansas
    10) Kentucky
    11) Las Vegas
    12) Michigan
    13) New Hampshire
    14) Pocono
    15) Texas
    16) WWT Raceway
  • Win a race at every super speedway

    SeeTour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png for more details.

    Super Speedways:
    1) Daytona
    2) Talladega
  • Win a Split Screen race

    From the "Race Modes" menu on the main screen, you should be able to select Split Screen.  This will require a second controller.

    From there, it's pretty simple, just set up a race and win!  The AI WILL be on the track, so it pays to take the time to qualify rather than coming from last place.  The trophy will pop when you go back to the menu.
  • Create a character

    In the main menu, the last 2 options will be "My Driver" and "My Cars."  Select "My Driver" and change any attribute and you'll get this trophy as soon as your changes are saved.
  • Create a custom car paint job

    In the main menu, the last 2 options will be "My Driver" and "My Cars."  Select "My Cars" and change any paint attribute and you'll get this trophy as soon as your changes are saved.
  • Complete a full Xtreme Dirt Tour season

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete a full NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series season

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete a full NASCAR Xfinity Series season

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete a full NASCAR Cup Series season

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win an Xtreme Dirt Tour championship

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series championship

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a NASCAR Xfinity Series championship

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a NASCAR Cup Series championship

    A full video walkthrough of all career mode trophies is here:

    If you'd prefer text, here's a more in depth written guide to career mode:

    If you choose "Full Career" when you start career mode, you'll be given 3 "Hot Seat" races before your first dirt tour season officially starts.  I suggest you run these and try to meet at least the conditions for the second one (10th place or better), as this will determine the teams you can sign with in your season.  You do NOT want to try to win with a 3 star car, and you do NOT want to start your own team until you have some money to upgrade it.  In fact, I wouldn't suggest even using your own team until season 11, unless this is an aspect of the game you really enjoy.  Just use the 4 or 5 star cars they give you and you'll have no trouble cruising to victory.

    Career mode is divided into seasons, and you can choose what series' you want to run in each season.  There are 4 series (Dirt, Truck, Xfinity and Cup) and each series will give you 5 trophies.  One for starting the season, one for making the playoffs, one for finishing the season, one for winning the playoffs and one for winning the championship (though I'm not sure what the difference is between the last two).  This makes 20 trophies total.

    Each season is divided into parts, with a regular season followed by playoffs that gradually eliminate people each round until there are only 4 left, followed by a championship at the end between the remaining 4 people.  You don't have to win every race to advance:  In fact, I've found that only 2 regular season wins is necessary in every season I've ever done.  Once you make the playoffs, 1 win will automatically advance you to the next round.  Hence, I've termed my strategy for career mode the "211" strategy:

    Win 2 races in the regular season, and simulate the rest.  This is done by pressing triangle.png in the race selection screen.  Then win 1 race in the next round to automatically advance, followed by 1 win in each successive round until the championship.  You don't technically have to win the last race as long as you beat the other 3 finalists, but if you set the AI to easy and take the time to qualify, you should be able to do this with ease anyway.

    I've incuded a list of the ranges for each series below.

    Regular season, races 1-9 (Win 2)
    Round 1, races 10-13 (Win 1)
    Championship, race 14 (Win 1)

    Regular season, races 1-16 (Win 2)
    Round 1, races 17-19 (Win 1)
    Round 2, races 20-22 (Win 1)
    Championship, race 23 (Win 1)

    Regular season, races 1-26 (Win 2)
    Round 1, races 27-29 (Win 1)
    Round 2, races 30-32 (Win 1)
    Championship, race 33 (Win 1)

    Regular season, races 1-26 (Win 2)
    Round 1, races 27-29 (Win 1)
    Round 2, races 30-32 (Win 1)
    Round 3, races 33-35 (Win 1)
    Championship, race 36 (Win 1)

    If you count these up, you can win all 4 series with just 20 wins.  Nice!

    BUG WARNING I have seen the trophy bug rear its ugly head here quite a bit, so make sure you pay attention to if your trophies are popping when they're supposed to.  If you pass a milestone (like making the playoffs) and don't get a trophy, close the game, restart the console and continue.  Hopefully you can fix it quickly before more missing trophies pile up.  See the roadmap for a more detailed discussion about this bug and how to work around it.
  • Win the Xtreme Dirt Tour playoffs

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series playoffs

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win the NASCAR Xfinity Series playoffs

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Make a rival

    See Don't Get In My Waytrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Make 3 Rivals

    This can only be done in career mode, and only if Rivals is turned on in the game options, so make sure this setting is correct before starting career mode.

    The game will keep track of your driving actions and the other drivers' opinions of you will slide along a friendliness scale depending on those actions.  Race clean and you'll make allies.  Race dirty and you'll make rivals.

    Depending on how you play career mode, you may find rivals easer to make than friends.  If you are simulating races like I recommend, friends will be easy to come by because simulated racing is mostly clean racing.  So if you're following the guide, I strongly suggest you behave like a complete jerk until you get this trophy.

    If you come up on someone, spin them out.  If you're inside, run them into the wall.  If they complain after the race, hit triangle.png to insult them.  Just generally be the worst you can be.  Eventually, you'll start making enemies, and eventually those enemies will slide down the scale from "Mad" to "Angry" to finally "Rival."  Do this 3 times in the same series (multiple series don't count), and this trophy will be yours.

    If you get to the end of career mode and still need rivals, just start a new season in the truck series, skip qualifying, start from the back and wreck everyone you see.  They'll hate you by race 5, I guarantee it :)

    If you get to the end of career mode and still need friends, just start a new season in any series and simulate the races.  Eventually everyone will come to love the clean driving of your bot.
  • Make a friend

    See Don't Get In My Waytrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Make 3 Allies

    See Don't Get In My Waytrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete one career season

    See Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete 5 career seasons

    See Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete 10 career seasons

    I'd say this is my least favorite trophy in the game, maybe some of the challenges are worse but this gets to be so.  Freaking. Boring.  by the end.

    In career mode, you'll start at the lowly Xtreme Dirt Tour and work your way up to the full NASCAR Cup Series.  If you win the championship each season, that'll be 4 seasons, and you'll have most of the trophies you need by that point.  Unfortunately, seasons 5 through 10 will have to include a full 36 race Cup season IN ADDITION to any other tour you want to do.  These seasons also have to be in the same career, so definitely don't reset your career thinking 10 dirt seasons will count.  In short, if you win your first 4 championships, you'll have to complete or simulate 216 races with no purpose whatsoever.

    At least you don't have to win, so you can simulate all the races by pressing triangle.png at the race select screen.  If you're on a PS4 and don't accidentally start a race, you can skip a full season in 17 minutes.  So, I'll see you in an hour and a half.

    BUG WARNING Oh yeah, did I mention that Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png is also the most likely trophy to be affected by the bug?  If this happens to you, you'll probably have to simulate another whole season!  So, I suggest you do the following just to make sure.  At race 35 of season 10, quit the game and make a backup save either on the cloud our USB.  Restart the console and reload the game, then actually race (don't simulate) the championship at Phoenix.  If this doesn't pop, reload your save and try again.  That's the best advice I can give you, this has always worked for me at least.

    The trophy should pop about 5 screens after your last race, at the one with Warren telling you the season is over.
  • Earn a spot in the Xtreme Dirt Tour playoffs in Career

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Earn a spot in the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series playoffs in Career

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Earn a spot in the NASCAR Xfinity Series playoffs in Career

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Earn a spot in the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs in Career

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Be on a team in the Xtreme Dirt Tour

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Be on a team in the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Be on a team in the NASCAR Xfinity Series

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Be on a team in the NASCAR Cup Series

    See The Peaktrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a race in Career

    This should be one of the first trophies you get in career mode, the trophy should pop once you win your first career mode race, leave the track and are back at the calendar switching to the next race.
  • Earn 1 million dollars

    See Rolling in the Doughtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Earn 50 million dollars

    This will seem daunting at first, but I promise you it will come naturally on the way to Grizzled Veterantrophy_bronze.png.  I think I finished with about 230 million, with this trophy coming around season 6.

    Once you are in the cup series, money will start to come in staggeringly quickly.  I think there's a multiplier based on your number of fans, so each consecutive season will get you more money per race.  By the end I was earning over 1 million per race for simulated, middle of the pack finishes.

    You can spend this money if you want, you don't have to have it all in the bank to earn the trophy.
  • Own 6 cars in any single series

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Hire 12 employees in any single series

    When you start a season in Career Mode, you'll be given the option to join an already existing team or start your own.  There are 8 trophies associated with starting your own team, and here's how to get them all in one go:

    First off, I suggest waiting until you've finished the Cup series at least once (your 4th season).  You'll need money to upgrade your team and starting from zero is an exercise in frustration.   The costs rise exponentially as you move up in series as well, with dirt teams costing about $275 thousand to max out and cup teams about $100 million.  In fact, if I were doing this efficiently I'd run all 10 seasons with an existing team for grizzled veteran, then start my team in season 11, max it out and never even race with it.  But that's up to you.

    When you start your own team, you'll get a tutorial where you hire your first person and get Welcome to the Team trophy_bronze.png, then train them to get Back to Schooltrophy_bronze.png before you move on.  Once it lets you start your first race, you can then immediately get the rest of the trophies if you have enough money.  Buy all 6 available cars to get Car Collectortrophy_bronze.png, then hire all 12 available employees for Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png.  Train 1 employee to the max in all 3 categories (red, yellow and blue) to get Head of the Classtrophy_bronze.png and Employee of the Yeartrophy_bronze.png, and if you intend to race with this team go ahead and train the other 11 employees to their max in the category that has a max of 12 (there will be 4 people with 12 in each category).  Once that's done, go into your departments (I think it's the triangle.png option) and max out everything for Wonderful Toystrophy_bronze.png and State of the Art Facilitiestrophy_bronze.png.  Be careful, though, because:

    BUG WARNING This is the second most common area I've seen the trophy bug, and it's the most difficult to unravel and fix.  If you're trying to get all of these at once, make a backup save on the cloud or USB before starting a team.  Restart the console, then go slowly through each of the upgrades and make sure each trophy pops when it's supposed to.  If you miss one, load your save and repeat the action you need as directly as possible.  Again, there is very little information to go on, but I've done about 5 runs now of this game and always managed to muck my way through all the trophies using these methods. Good luck!

    If you want to see this all on video, this section is at 25:06 in the video below:

  • Max out all departments (any series)

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Max out all stats on 1 employee (any series)

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Hire your first employee

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Train your first employee

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Max out a single stat on an employee

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Max out a single department

    See Full Teamtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete a challenge

    See King of the Hilltrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete half of the challenges

    See King of the Hilltrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete all challenges

    This will be a lot of work for a bronze trophy.  There are 20 challenges in the base pack and you'll have to complete them all, which invariably entails winning a race with a given set of adverse conditions.  For a complete walkthrough of all 20 challenges, I made the following video:

    If you prefer text, I'll do my best to give some tips for each challenge, though a full walkthrough I think would take too much space.

    #1) Unlike other challenge modes you're probably used to, you can change the settings in this game and the changes will apply to the challenges when you go into challenge mode.  This includes all the AI settings in the main options of the game, as well as specific track setups in "Race Now" mode.  To do this, just set your difficulty to hard or expert, start a race on your desired track, then hit square.png to enter a custom setup for that track on the pre-race screen.  Sometimes you don't need a full setup, you can just use the slider that goes from "tight" to "loose" and move it 5 clicks from the left.  I used full custom setups on New Hampshire and the Las Vegas dirt track, and the 5 clicks preset for Kansas and Talladega.  The setups are at 1:06 in the above video, I won't repeat them here.  I also was using high draft effect to catch up to other cars, but I had better results when I dropped it back down to normal.  Seems they use the draft to stay ahead of me in some of these challenges, too.

    #2) You can't use the seasonal packs to substitute challenges, you have to do all 20 from the base pack.

    #3) I noticed quite a bit of difference on the PS5 versus the PS4 (about .3s per lap), the best I could figure is that the controller is more sensitive on the PS5, causing the side force to go to max easier and slow you down more quickly.  I don't know if there's a sensitivity setting, but if you can find it you might want to turn it down a bit.  At the very least, be careful when jamming the left stick to the left and right, it might kick the driving aids in quicker than you think and slow you down without you even knowing it.

    #4) Some of these are luck based, so stay patient and don't be afraid to change the settings if what you see isn't working for you.

    CHALLENGES 1, 2, 4-7, 9, 12 and 17-20.  Use the Normal difficulty setting and go High-Low-High on each corner.  If there are cars in the way, prioritize keeping your inside lane over getting a good entry, and don't give up the inside if you can help it. Draft when you can and use all of the track, don't be afraid to go inside the yellow lines on the corners.  On 18 when you run out of gas try to let up on the corners every time instead of holding the pedal down and relying on your driving aids, but otherwise there isn't much here other than smooth racing and a little practice to get you there.

    CHALLENGE 3.  This is the one at Talledega where the cars all wreck in front of you, and I had a heck of a time getting to the front on this one.  Make sure your setup is set to "Preset 5 (thanks RowdyMatt51)" from the quick race settings, the looser car will help you a little, and also that your difficulty settings are on expert.  When you come around the first corner gently head into the apron to avoid the first wreck, but keep smooth and don't oversteer coming back.  You should be in 17th, about 196mph and drafting the car ahead of you.  On the last main turn, drop down to the apron again to avoid the second wreck, you should be in 12th place or better and drafting 11 and 10.  If you can catch the draft of the pack by the last turn, you should be able to pass everyone coming out of it and win.  I couldn't catch them for a long time, but when I turned the draft strength down  in the options menu I was able to get them a little better, so I think they might have been using that extra wind against me.  Anyway, keep it smooth and do NOT touch any other cars and you should get there eventually.

    CHALLENGES 8 and 16.  These are the ones where you're forced into a spin, and the way around this is to be up against the wall when this happens.  For specifics, see the video above.  Once you do it right, though, you should have no problem getting to the end.

    CHALLENGE 10.  This is the one with the pit stop, and if you're following my guide it will be the only pit stop you make in the whole game.  Fun.  The first thing you have to do is get into the pit without wrecking or getting a penalty, which is really hard since you have bald tires (hence the need for the pit stop).  I found it's easier to brake on the banked part of the track, starting at about the 3rd hash mark on the curve and turning sharply when pit row comes up.  Make sure you're under 45mph when you hit the yellow line or you'll get a 15 second penalty, which means a retry for sure.  As you're rolling up the road, make sure you don't get any gas or repairs, unless you can get them without adding to your pit time.  When you pull in you should have a pit time between 15 and 16 seconds, if it's 30 then restart because you got a penalty.  That's part one of this challenge.

    Now you have to catch up to the pack, that's part two.  While they're working on your car, pay attention to the track in the background.  The other cars will go by during your pit, if it's around 10 seconds you're in good shape.  If it's less than 8 seconds, you probably won't be able to catch them, and you'll have to work on getting into your pit quicker.  If they pass at the 10 second mark of your pit, you'll need laps of 33.5 or so to catch them.  By using "Preset 5" from above and expert difficulty, you should be able to clock around 32.7 or 32.8 pretty easily, so winning should be doable in a few tries once you get part one right.  If you're still having trouble, you CAN change difficulty mid race, and this is probably the best spot to do it.  Start on Normal and use the driving aids to keep you from spinning out on your way to the pit, then change to Expert on the second half to catch up.

    CHALLENGE 11 and 13.  These both feature drivers that are faster than you.  It's very important to take out the 2 front runners in challenge 11, if you haven't spun them out by the first straightaway, I'd suggest restarting. Once you get the lead, make sure to stay on the dark part of the track, it's hard for anyone to pass you when you're in their lane.  Also, the driving aids on normal presets are not enough for the 2 chicanes, so you'll have to slow down a little yourself.  As for 13, if you use the custom setup you should at least be faster than everyone except Harvick, so if you can spin him out right away you should be OK.  Also, don't be afraid to use the wall as your brakes, I've found that for a scrub like me it's better than learning the difficult braking points on these 2 long corners :)

    CHALLENGE 14.  This is pretty easy with the custom setup in the video above, though it's probably the hardest challenge of them all without it.  It's at 4:53 in the video up there and will save you at least .5 seconds per lap.

    CHALLENGE 15.  This is the last one that gets a special mention, as the cars are too fast for normal presets and you have bald tires.  You probably will have to get good at this one, unfortunately.  At least both corners are the same, and you don't have to use your brakes.  Just ease off early from the high lane and come down to the inside, hit the gas again if you start dropping and ease off if you start going up the track.  You should be able to take both corners at around 155 to 160 and come out fast enough to pass bunches of people on the straightaways.  Execute this correctly 4 times in a row and you'll be on to the next challenge.

    If you have completed all 20 of these, congratulations, those require the most skill in the game so it should be smooth sailing from here!
  • Complete a Multiplayer race

    See Online Dominationtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Complete 10 Multiplayer races

    See Online Dominationtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win a Multiplayer race

    See Online Dominationtrophy_bronze.png for more details.
  • Win 10 Multiplayer races

    The trophy description is pretty self-explanatory, so I won't elaborate.  Private matches do count though, so you have 3 options to get this and the other 3 multiplayer trophies:

    METHOD 1 - Git gud and beat some people online.  Not highly recommended for the average gamer, this is a niche game and you'll probably have someone with a lot of experience and a custom setup in every race.  You're welcome to try it though.

    METHOD 2 - Use the idle exploit.  This has been around for a few games in this series now.  If you start a race in multiplayer and don't touch anything when the race starts, the game will think you're not there and "kick" you.  It'll say "Lost Server Connection." When it does, it removes everyone from the track but freezes their position on the first turn of the race.  Once this happens, finish the race by yourself and you'll get an error message, but it will also count as a victory!  Two tips if you're using this method: First, make sure you choose a race with AI disabled, it's a little icon in the middle of the lobby screen that says "AI."  The game will only remove actual drivers from your race, so if you start with AI cars you'll lose to them.  Second, to be as fair as you can to other drivers, I strongly urge you to do your best to start at the back, by leaving and returning to the lobby right up until the last second that the race starts.  The latest entrants get the lowest positions, and you don't want honest racers slamming into you when the race starts and you stop.  It's not fair to them and can at least save you some angry messages.

    METHOD 3 - Self boost. You'll either need a friend or another console for this (though playing on a PS5 and a PS4 does work).  Set up a private match with only 2 drivers and invite the other account, then win.  It's that simple.  As an added bonus, you can pick your own tracks and work on Tour the Trackstrophy_bronze.png, without having to pass anyone at all.

    If you want to see a video, method 1 is at 2:50 and method 2 is at 5:52 right here:

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