This is how a ninja fights! Trophy

  • This is how a ninja fights!


    Finished off an opponent from a wall.

    For this trophy, you need to finish off an opponent from a wall. In some stages, you have the ability to change the plane of the battlefield and can fight on walls. To get to happen, you need to send the opponent flying to the wall by using combos or knockback Jutsus. Additionally, the opponent can also send you flying on the walls. Being on the wall is tricky as you can fall off walls if hit with specific attacks or Jutsus that send you or your opponent off the wall. In order for the trophy to unlock, you need to reduce your opponent's Health Gauge meter down to zero while still fighting on the wall.

    This can easily be done naturally but if you're struggling to unlock the trophy, then you can easily achieve it in Free Battle Mode with a second controller. Pick a stage that has a wall such as the Training Field. you also want a character that uses a Ninjutsu that will not knock the opponent off the wall even if they are hit. This means once you get an opponent on the wall, you can just spam the Ninjutsu over and over until you finished off your opponent from a wall and unlock the trophy. I recommend Sasuke's Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu or Tenten's Ninja Tool: Blade of 1,000 Strikes.

    Commands that can send an opponent flying to a wall:

    • ( or )
    • [Hold down]

    All Ninjutsu that can be spammed without knocking the opponent off the wall:

    1. Sasuke ~ Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
    2. Tenten ~ Ninja Tool: Blade of 1,000 Strikes
    3. Gaara ~ Sand Shower
    4. Temari ~ Rumbling Fan Wind Wall
    5. The Third Hokage ~ Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu

    All Stage Selects that have a wall to attempt the trophy on:

    1. Training Field
    2. Chunin Exams Prelims Stage
    3. Chunin Exams Finals Stage
    4. Top of Lookout Tower
    5. Grassy Waves Prairie
    6. The Final Valley

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