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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (8, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-2 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Stage 16 of Dig Dug 2, Stage 19 of Galaga, Stage 1 of Dragon Buster II, Stage 1-8 of Mappy Land, Stage 8 of Pac-Land, the last level of Rolling Thunder, Stage 35 of Battle City and 8 Rounds in Mendel Palace.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A. Game has rewind and save state features to exploit.

A compliation of classic Namco titles could have proven to be a tough trophy list. On the surface, Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 could have fit the bill with some difficult retro titles. The collection is made much more accessible and an easier trophy hunt with the inclusion of rewind and save state features however. In somewhat of an odd choice not every game has a specific trophy to earn along with it. There's a trophy here or there that might give you a little bit of a challenge even with rewind but with a marginal amount of patience and abusing the rewind feature you should be able to 100% the game in just a few hours.


l1.png Rewind
l2.png Save Menu

Dig Dug
cross.png Shoot Pump
circle.png Drill

dpad.png Move
cross.png Shoot

Dragon Buster II
dpad.png Move
cross.png Shoot arrows
circle.png Pick up keys
tp.png Enter areas, use exit doors

Mappy Land
dpad.png Move
cross.png Jump
circle.png Use items

square.png Tap to move left
circle.png Tap to move right
dpad.png Jump

Rolling Thunder
dpad.png Move
dpad_down.png Duck
cross.png Shoot
circle.png+dpad_left.png,circle.png+dpad_right.png Jump
dpad_up.png+circle.png Jump to higher level

Battle City
dpad.png Move
cross.png Shoot

Mendel Palace
cross.png Attack/Flip panels

Step 1: Play through titles with specific trophy goals

Dig Dug

Clear Stage 16, obtain the Special Flag along the way.
Daddy Cool, Taizo Hori trophy_gold.png 
Flag of Glory trophy_bronze.png 


Clear Stage 19, obtain a Dual Fighter along the way.
Last Line of Defense in the Alien Invasion trophy_silver.png 
Combined System trophy_bronze.png 

Dragon Buster II

Slay the dragon and clear Stage 1.
Dungeon Investigator trophy_silver.png 

Mappy Land

Clear through Stage 1-8.
Lovely Mapico trophy_bronze.png 


Clear Stage 8 and earn the max Artistic Bonus along the way.
Special Number 765 trophy_silver.png 
The Extraordinary is Ordinary trophy_bronze.png 

Rolling Thunder

You can use a password to skip to the final level and defeat the final boss.
Leila Rescue Mission Complete trophy_bronze.png 

Battle City
Clear through Stage 35.
Let's Go for a Spin Turn trophy_bronze.png 

Mendel Palace

Clear through Stage 1-8
Good Morning, Princess Candy trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Play any remaining titles and clean up

The last trophy simply involves playing the remaining titles. Just start the game and quit out at the title screen if you want to. Pick up any other objective based trophies you may have missed.

Dreams are Fertilizer for the Brain trophy_bronze.png 

Namco Museum Archives Vol 2 Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 8  )

  • Cleared Stage 16 in Dig Dug 2.

    You won't need to abuse the rewind feature too much until you get to the last few stages. You may have earned a few additional free guys by then so don't be afraid to burn one or two off in these later stages rather than rewinding repeatedly for a perfect round. 

    Press cross.png to shoot your pump and press circle.png to drill and jackhammer into the ground to break off pieces of land. You can do lots of damage by getting close to an enemy and tapping cross.png quickly to blow them up rather than holding it from a distance. You can also blow up one enemy part way then focus fire on another if you get overwhelmed.
  • Earned 7650 points by Artistic Bonus in Pac-Land.

    At the end of a stage you'll be presented with a brief bonus objective. You'll hear a little jingle and when the jingle stops you need to time your jump to be as close to the ground as possible to get a bonus of 7650. Use the rewind feature to try this over and over again until you stick the landing before the screen freezes indicating the end of the bonus chance.  Tap circle.png to move and hit dpad.png to jump.
  • Cleared Stage 19 in Galaga.

    Without rewinding, this could have been very difficult but if an errant bullet or alien swarm gets you, just rewind and try it again. You'll want to obtain a dual fighter early and keep it through Stage 19 for best success. Try and clear as many fighters out as possible during the initial swarm patterns to make things easier once everyone is set. You can only shoot a certain amount of bullets on screen at once but if you hit an enemy you can shoot again, so if a swarm is close you should be mashing cross.png to clear them quickly.
  • Cleared Stage 1 in Dragon Buster II.

    Make your way to the mountain on the top right hand of the map and slay the dragon there. You'll need to make it through a few towers and dungeons along the way, each one only taking a few minutes at most.

    To enter one of the landmarks on the map hit tp.png and once you're in you are looking for a key. Defeat the enemy holding the key, pick it up with circle.png and find the exit and hit tp.png to leave. The dragon isn't too difficult you can just get close and spam your attack/arrows with cross.png.
  • Cleared Stage 1-8 in Mappy Land.

    The objective in Mappy is to collect every piece of cheese and head to the exit. You can hit cross.png to jump and use circle.png to use one of your items to distract the enemies.

    Stage 1-7 has an extra objective that isn't explained too well. You need to obtain all the keys and use it to open the doors to the church. In the church you will find a cross which you can use to pass the enemy guarding the exit.
  • Cleared Stage 8 in Pac-Land.

    This game features a bit of a wonky control system. You tap square.png and circle.png repeatedly to move left and right and jump with any dpad.png directional button. Despite the weird controls you won't find this game too difficult being able to rewind as much as you need to.
  • Entered Dual Fighter Mode in Galaga.

    You'll want to do this right away on Stage 1 and keep it through your whole playthrough. To obtain a dual fighter, first you'll want a boss Galaga ship to capture one of your fighters and then when a boss ship swarm down towards you shoot it down and you'll get your captured ship back. If the Galaga ship and your captured ship are up top and not moving down towards you when you shoot it then it will just blow up and you won't get it.
  • Titles that you will play through for other trophies:
    Dig Dug 2
    Dragon Buster II
    Mappy Land
    Rolling Thunder
    Battle City
    Mendel Palace

    Remaining Titles
    Super Xevious
    Legacy of the Wizard

    For the remaining three titles you just need to start the game, no need to even get past the title screen.
  • Earned the Special Flag in Dig Dug 2.

    This requires a little bit of setup. To get the Special Flag you need to send 5 vegetables in a row* into the water by sinking the pieces of land beneath it. To get the vegetable to appear on a stage you need to sink 3 chunks of land before that.

    It's best to do this on Stages 1-4 then Stage 6, as Stage 5 can be hard to get the vegetable and sink it too. Keep rewinding and experimenting on what works best to sink it for these 5 levels and then the Special flag will appear after you sink the 5th one on Stage 6.
  • Cleared Rolling Thunder.

    Use password 6765136 to advance to the final level of the game. You can shoot, jump and duck to advance and make sure to refill your ammo when you find a bullets or arms door.

    If you're new to the game the last level can be a bit jarring to jump into. You'll be using the rewind feature a lot as you get accustomed to the controls. The final boss throws energy balls at you that you can shoot down and again you'll rely on the rewind feature a bunch.
  • Cleared Stage 35 in Battle City.

    The first 25-30 levels are very manageable as you can mostly spawn camp the enemy tanks at the top of the screen. The last few levels may provide some minor challenge but you can rewind as needed to protect your base. Although you are allotted a certain number of tanks, if your base is destroyed it's automatically Game Over. Collecting items can come in clutch so keep an eye out for the Shovel to put a protective barrier around the base, the Clock to stop all the tanks temporarily and the Grenade to destroy all tanks on the screen at the time.
  • Cleared HOUSE OF MOKO-MOKO 8Rounds in Mendel Palace.

    Pick the top left level and make your way through the first 8 rounds. The objective is to shove the enemies into the edges to defeat them and flip panels to earn powerups.

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