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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 28 (16, 4, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 6-8hrs (personal estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the NA and EU versions have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No
My Riding Stables 2: A New Adventure (originally titled "Mein Reiterhof – Pferde, Turniere, Abenteuer") is the 2020 sequel to My Riding Stables: Life With Horses, developed by Independent Arts Software and published by TREVA Entertainment.  It's a sort of simulation/management game, wherein you not only train, breed and race horses but also upgrade and run different facets of a large stable.  It plays almost identically to the first game.

Trophy-wise, you will get most of the game's trophies relatively early but there's a bit of a grind to get to the final few trophies. For Time is relative trophy_gold.png  I have listed a week-by-week walkthrough of the game to get the Platinum time down to around the 6-8 hour mark; I believe this is the fastest the game can be completed - playing through the game a second time following the walkthrough got me the platinum in just under 5 hours. There's no actual way to fail this game. You can take it at your own pace if you'd like,or you can get the grind done early to speed through the platinum near the end of the game.
Step 1: Day 1 - Get some knowledge

You start the game outside the main house, with $300 in your pocket. Go into the house and enter the right room. Boot up the computer and buy all the level 1 books. Now go to the bookshelf in the right room and read all the books you've unlocked.  The game may require you to put the horse in the stable first before you're given free reign of the area.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Go shopping trophy_bronze.png 
Worth knowing trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Day 1 - Get your horse

Follow the objective arrow to find your horse. Take him to the stables and groom him. Press to see the tasks that need to be done – you should be able to do all of them except for “build riding hall” by the end of the first day (the carrots are growing next to the main house).  You'll need to finish the tutorial stuff before you can do things like train the horse.
Once you've finished all of the tasks except for building the riding hall, keep training the horse on the first racecourse (access via the billboard across from the stables if the trophy icon disappears).

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

The first step trophy_bronze.png 
Grooming trophy_bronze.png 
Hoof care trophy_bronze.png 
Ride trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Day 2 – Start expansion

At the beginning of Day 2, you will have enough money to buy the riding hall so go outside and do that.  Access the riding hall and train a client's foal so you can start unlocking other things in the game.  Repair the broken bridge. Get your horse from the paddock, put it in the stables and feed it (pellets). Now groom it like you did the day before and take it outside to train it – its skill meter will very likely be maxed out before the day is through.
Once your skill meter is close to maxed out, start the riding missions (go to billboard, then press r1.png to access) and do as many as you can - this should finish filling out your skill meter.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Feed trophy_bronze.png 
Mission completed trophy_bronze.png 

Step 4: This is life now

The bulk of this game is doing the same tasks over and over until your horse is trained enough to win races and you earn enough money to expand the business. Each morning, feed your horse (I highly recommend the pellets + supplements combo - you'll need to buy them from the computer in the house if you run out) and have it jump hurdles in the field behind the main house if the skill bar has dipped below the red line. If you press when the horse is with you, you can see its stats so try to keep the meters as high as possible. Spend the rest of the day earning money however you have available to you (foal training, horse massage etc.) until you can't anymore.

Between doing these things, you will also want to spend time foal training at the riding hall until you make enough money to access the massage area, then ditch foal training (it's awful) and make money giving horse massages. Unlike the first game, you can only do a set amount of horse massages per day but you should still be okay financially and shouldn't need to go back to foal training, especially if you take the time to find the chests with money in them (see Fashion conscious trophy_gold.png ).

If you're keeping an eye on the tasks, you may see one that requires you to buy another horse to fulfill it. Don't do that yet; you want to make as much money as you can now while you only have one horse to worry about/spend time and money on. Take care of all the other 2-star tasks first.

On Saturday, do everything you can to max out your horse's meters because you will need it at peak fitness for the race and you don't want to spend too much time on Sunday taking care of it.  This includes running the practice version of the race until you're able to do it under the allotted time.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Massage trophy_bronze.png 
Grooming trophy_bronze.png 
Train foals trophy_bronze.png 
Hoof care trophy_bronze.png 

Step 5: Racing Day

Every Sunday, you can race for real. Before doing anything, as soon as your character wakes up on Sunday, quit the game and back up your save. If you don't win the race during this Sunday, you'll have to wait another week and that's super boring.

Once you've got your horse's stats as high as you can get them, select the track from the bulletin board and race it for real. Each track has its own time to beat; see Sunday champion trophy_gold.png  for more details. There are nine races in total. Beating a certain number of races will always be one of the star tasks. For the first three races, just repeat what you've been doing so far during the down time i.e feed your horse, then give massages until you can't anymore. It's tedious but will save you a ton of time on this platinum.
By the end of this step, you will have earned:
Sunday victory trophy_bronze.png 

Step 6: Rinse and repeat

By the time you've moved on to the second group of races, you should have a good amount of money banked. Use it to buy and upgrade the rest of the buildings. If you don't have enough, keep giving horse massages until you do, plus an additional $3,000-$4,000 for food/supplement/temporarily buying other horses expenses. See Time is relative trophy_gold.png for more or less a walkthrough of the entire game. It was the quickest way I found to obtain the platinum.

By the end of this step, you will have unlocked the rest of the game's trophies and the Platinum: Horse enthusiast trophy_platinum.png .

My Riding Stables 2: A New Adventure Trophy Guide

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28 trophies ( 16  )

  • Collect all the trophies!

    I've unlocked more shameful platinums than this.
  • Win your first Sunday competition.

  • Complete your first riding mission.

  • Clean a horse using the brushes.

    When your horse is in the stable, one of the options you'll have is to groom it with the brushes. Simply run the brush on the horse until the dirt meter goes down - generally speaking, there will be dirt on the neck, the side, both thighs and sometimes on the horse's back. The game will tell you when the horse is fully clean. Once you've done that, you'll need to press start and select "return to yard" to get out of the cleaning minigame.
    You'll also have the opportunity to switch between a hard brush and a soft brush. The soft brush is light brown and gets the dirt off more quickly. The hard brush is dark brown and still gets dirt off but raises the trust level very quickly, even if the horse is clean. If you find yourself in a situation where the horse's trust has dipped below the red line (meaning you can't take it out to ride), choose to brush the horse, then brush its side until the trust meter is maxed back out.
  • Successfully train a foal.

    One of the first things the game tasks you to do is to renovate the riding hall – it's to the right of the main house. It costs $250 to do so. Once you have, you can start taking foal training jobs by interacting with the riding hall – this is one of the ways to earn money in the game.

    Before interacting with the riding hall to take a training job, make sure you pick three carrots from the patch next to the main house.

    To train a foal, you need to use the on-screen radar to find a checkpoint. You only have a certain amount of time to do so. There are three rings the checkpoint can be in. Run the horse in one direction by quickly double tapping in one direction, the double tap the ls.png up or down to change the ring the horse is in. When you're near the target, double tap the left stick left to slow down the horse and get it to stop in the target. Adjust its position if needed but try not to change directions too much or the horse will be more likely to disobey.

    Press to give the horse a carrot if it's misbehaving (the meter under the radar needs to be yellow for the carrot option to activate). Remember: You only have three per foal. Your supply can always be replenished from the carrot patch after the training session.

    This is one of the most poorly designed minigames I've ever played. Just keep at it until you can start earning money at the massage building (you need $400 to renovate it, as well as an additional $100 to repair the bridge that leads to it). You will eventually get the hang of it.
  • Relieve a horse’s muscle tension.

    To access the horse massage minigame, you first must fix the bridge ($100) and buy the therapy building ($400).  Once done, you can start taking jobs.

    To massage a horse, hold on any part of the horse. Look at the orange circle at the top of the screen – there are four tiny arrows at each corner. Move in whatever direction is indicated. You want to find the spot that lights up all four green arrows, then hold down until all the orange in that circle disappears. This is a considerably easier and less time-consuming way to make money than the foal training and it pays a lot more so try to upgrade the massage building as soon as you can. It takes a bit more in-game time than foal training but the trade off is more than worth it.

    For any of the (X horses) x (X number of gold horseshoes) tasks, make this your first horseshoe. Just take one of your horses there and give it a massage.
  • Clean a horse using the hose.

    The hose station must be purchased at the office computer – it's under the saddle tab and costs $150. Once you've purchased it, go to the stables and install it. When a horse is in the stables, you can choose to either brush it or hose it down – when you hose it down, the grooming goes a lot quicker. Do not move the water above about midway up the horse's neck or you will lose quite a bit of the horse's trust!
    Note that cleaning a horse with the hose will not get you a gold horseshoe ranking, as you can only earn those by manually brushing the horse.
  • Clean a horse’s hooves.

    When the horse is in the stable, you can clean its hooves. There are three different types of cleaning you'll need to do and it's random which combinations you'll come across - simply clicking dirt to remove it, running the pick along the edge of the horseshoe to dislodge pebbles and just brushing the bottom of the hoof. The game will automatically pick the correct tool for you every time.
    The main thing to watch out for is the frog of the hoof - it's the triangle shape that takes up about a third of the hoof real estate.  You can run the brush over it but if you poke it with either of the picks, it will take a ton of the horse's trust meter away and you'll need to work to bring it back up.
  • Breed a horse.

    To breed a horse, you first need to repair the breeding facility, which costs $1,000. For this trophy, you cannot breed a foal for yourself; you specifically need to breed a client foal.
    When you enter the breeding facility, you will need to rent a stud horse to breed with the horse you already have.  On the top right is a picture of the desired outcome, on the bottom left is a list of horses you can choose from and on the bottom right is what the outcome will be. You're never going to get something perfect so go for as close to the desired result as possible. As long as you get above 50%, the client will accept the foal and you'll get this trophy.
  • Feed


    Feed a horse.

    To feed a horse, it first needs to be in the stables.  Once it is, approach the feed bins near the stable entrance and interact with any of the feed bins (if you're following my walkthrough, then the middle bin is the one you want) to get a bucket of food.  Take that bucket of food to your horse and feed it.
  • Read a book.

  • Buy something in the online shop.

    In the right room of the main house is a computer. Simply access it and buy anything from it to unlock this trophy. You will be required to buy many things for other trophies (including food for your horse) so you'll unlock this very early.
  • Complete the first task.

  • Accommodate a guest in the guest house.

    To accommodate a guest, you first need to repair the guest house ($1,000). Once you've done so, people will start showing up at the main house.  Simply talk to one of the guests (your horse cannot be with you) and choose to board them and you'll unlock this trophy.
  • Tidy


    Repair all buildings on the farm.

  • Ride


    Ride for the first time.

    This is one of the first trophies you'll unlock in the game. When the horse is in the stable, grab the saddle from next to the door, put it on the horse and exit the stables. You'll do a tutorial about how to ride and will unlock this trophy when you've finished.
  • Decorate a horse.

    When your horse is in the stable, one of the options available is to decorate it. Simply choose this option to unlock the trophy - there's no minigame to play or action to take.
  • Win five Sunday competitions.

  • Complete five riding missions.

  • Read all books.

    To be able to buy all of the books in the game, you'll first need to achieve a three-star ranking so you won't be able to unlock this until fairly late in the game. Buy the books from the computer in the main house, then go into the left room and tab through all of them. 
  • Spend one week on the farm.

  • Fulfil all 3-star requirements.

  • Expand all buildings on the farm fully.

    You will need a total of $15,250 to expand all of the buildings.  Even if you had enough money to upgrade them all at once, some upgrades are locked behind game progression (reaching star levels) so just upgrade when you're able to.  You'll know you can do something to a building because a wooden sign will show up outside of it.
    Guest House - 1,000 + 1,500 + 3,000 + 4,000 = $9,500
    Therapy - $500 (including bridge repair)
    Stables - 1,000 + 3,000 = $4,000
    Breeding - $1,000
    Riding Hall - $250
  • Win all Sunday competitions.

    To actually progress the "story" of the game, you will need to win a race that happens every Sunday.  These will always be part of the star tasks that allow you to expand the buildings.  Listed below are the times you need to beat; matching the time will count as a loss and you'll have to try again.
    1. 1 minute
    2. 1 minute
    3. 1 minute 20 seconds
    4. 1 minute
    5. 1 minute 10 seconds
    6. 1 minute
    7. 1 minute 3 seconds
    8. 1 minute 4 seconds
    9. 1 minute 7 seconds
  • Complete all riding missions.

    Riding missions are not required for star levels but you will need to do them for this and a few other trophies on this list.  Unlike the races, you can do the riding missions whenever you want and do not need to wait for a specific day.  Below is a list of the times you need to beat to successfully pass the riding missions; tying will count as a loss and you'll need to try again.
    Time limits for the riding missions:
    1. 1 minute
    2. 1 minute
    3. 50 seconds
    4. 2 minutes
    5. 1 minute 30 seconds
    6. 50 seconds
    7. 45 seconds
    8. 2 minutes 5 seconds
    9. 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Collect all outfit parts in the game.

    There are outfit pieces that you can buy from the online shop on the computer (all in all, they'll cost about $4700).  Unless I hit a beneficial glitch, you don't need to buy any of them.  Instead, you need to collect eight outfit pieces that are hidden in treasure chests scattered around the map. You need to ride up to a chest, dismount then open the chest to add the item to your inventory. 
    --  You should see this while doing the Through the Forest training, up on a small hill, around the fifth checkpoint marker.  Just circle back for it once you've finished the training or start the training again and quit out when you reach it (stylish top hat).
    -- Cross the bridge, turn left, then ride to the lake.  You'll see this right where the river meets the lake (legendary western boots)
    -- Cross the bridge, turn right then follow the river until it hits the lake. Continue following the lake (keeping it to your right) until it turns right and in front of you is a path up into the mountains.  When facing the mountain path, turn left until you see a big brown patch leading behind a small mountain.  Continue turning left until you see a second small mountain - ride between those two mountains - you'll be on a huge brown path the entire time. At the end of that path is the chest (western pants)
    -- Cross the bridge and follow the brown path until you hit the sand.  Once on the sand, ride forward until you hit the water. Turn left and follow the rocks until you hit another big section of water.  At that new section of water, turn left and follow the rocks.  At the point where the rocks turn and you're riding away from the water, look at the rocks and you'll find a small alcove with the treasure chest tucked inside (legendary western hat)
    -- Start the third training (Ride across the Plain), ride through the first marker, get to the second and quit the training.  Take the right fork (the left one would have led to the next training marker), then at the next fork, go left.  At the top of the hill you'll find the chest (elite riding jacket)
    -- Start the third training (Ride across the Plain) and immediately quit it. Turn right and ride to the cliff.  Keep the cliff on your left and as soon as it turns left, take a sharp left to start going up a grassy slope.  The slope will split into three paths - the chest is at the end of the middle path.  You should also see this chest in the middle of the seventh training (Hairpin Challenge); you can grab it then as well (western top).
    -- Start the fourth training (To the Beach). Go through four checkpoints, then stop at the fifth. Immediately to the right of where the fifth checkpoint was is a hidden path behind the large rock, then the chest is right there (elite jodhpurs)
    -- Finish the ninth training (At the Top). Turn around and follow the path until it forks, then turn right.  Follow the path as it goes up and downhill to another fork and turn right (the fork will be going behind you). You should see the chest as soon as you turn around (elite riding boots).
    There's also seven chests that give money:
    -- Finish the second training (Between Sandy Dunes), then keep the water on your left and ride until you find it, right where the sand runs into the gray cliffs ($1,000).
    -- Fo to the bridge but don't cross it.  Instead, turn right and follow the brown path and you should see this just before a sharp right turn in the path, by a large tree. In the river behind it is a large flat rock.  If you see jumping hurdles, you've passed it ($50).
    -- Cross the bridge, turn right, then get off the horse as soon as the river turns.  You'll find the chest behind a bunch of rocks ($100)
    -- Cross the bridge and follow the brown path (forward at the fork) until you hit the sand.  Once on the sand, ride forward until you hit the water. Turn left and follow the rocks until you hit another big section of water.  The treasure chest will be among some rocks on your right ($600).
    -- Leave the stables via the brown path going out from the right of the house.  Take the path right and ride left around to the head of the lake.  Once you're at the head of the lake, you'll be in a hilly area.  On the ground you should see several paths forming an X; on top of the hill just past that you should see the chest ($200).
    -- Exit the stables area via the brown path to the right of the house. Follow the right path at the fork, then left at the next fork.  Follow this path into the mountains. Take the left fork and ride through the mountains until you hit another fork - take the left one, which will go down past some really large boulders. As soon as you go through a really narrow opening on this path, slow down. Pass two large boulders on your right, then look left to find the treasure chest ($1,500)
    -- Start the ninth training (At the Top). You will see this chest on your left between the seventh and eighth checkpoints, among some trees ($400)
    The developers actually sent me an overhead map with all of the chest locations marked, if my directions don't help.  You'll still need to do a little thinking, as there's no in-game map to compare it to.
    None of the outfit parts are helpful in the game, because they're entirely cosmetic.
  • Complete all tasks.

    You will unlock this after completing all of the l1.png tasks in the game.  This means winning all nine races, doing all nine missions, fully upgrading your facilities and doing the gold horseshoe challenges.  As such, this is one of the final trophies you will earn in the game.
  • Spend 12 weeks on the farm.

    A day on the horse farm runs from 8am – 6pm (08:00 – 18:00).  Unless you're doing a specific action (massages, foal training etc.), each in-game minute takes one real-world second.  You are free to do whatever you want during each week but Sundays are important – if you want to actually progress with the game, you need to win the competitive race. As you only get one chance a week, I highly recommend making a back up save every Sunday so you have something to go back to just in case you fail (the races are generally pretty easy but much better safe than sorry). You can try the race a few times on Sundays, depending on your horse's stamina/race skill.

    Here is the quickest way I found to get through all of the game's objectives:

    Week 1: Only keep one horse. Buy and read all 1-star books. Train foals until you can repair the bridge and buy the massage area. Do all 1-star and 2-star tasks (except for the 2x1 gold hoof challenge). Give the maximum amount of massages you can every day.  Every morning, feed your horse pellets (middle bin) + supplements. Groom/train him when needed. Work on the riding missions.  Don't buy any of the other buildings. Win the first race.

    Week 2: Buy the breeding stables. Breed your own horse with the one you already have. Pick the most expensive stallion (you will definitely have enough money to cover it) You will have a foal in a few days and it will appear in the small paddock attached to the breeding stable.  Keep an eye on that paddock, because the game will not tell you when the foal arrives. You do not have to worry about feeding or cleaning the foal. Successfully train the foal once per day. Continue giving as many horse massages as you can every day.  Take care of your horse but remember to train your new foal (you can only train it once a day). You should be able to finish up the riding missions this week.  Win the second race.

    Week 3: Continue training the foal. Once it enters adulthood (you will be notified when it does), put it in your stable (you need to bring it in from the big paddock next to the stables) and use it to complete the 2x1 gold hoof challenge. This horse will now be your primary racehorse, because its stamina will be much better than your starter horse. If you've finished the riding missions, all you need to worry about from now on is horse massages and taking care of your horses, then you can end the day whenever you want.  Win the third race.

    Weeks 4-6: Buy whatever buildings and upgrades you can. Buy and read the level 2 books so you'll start earning more money from massages. Continue giving massages and taking care of your horses each day, then end the day early.  Don't just skip days without at least feeding your horses and grooming them every few days, else they will get ill which takes several days to fix. If your horse's training meter dips below the red line, take it out to the hurdles behind the main house and keep jumping them until the meter fills back up.

    To sum up: for the rest of the game, once you get your star tasks done except for "win races", your days can consist of feeding the horses pellets + supplements, cleaning/training if needed, then ending the day.

    Remember that you still need to buy food and such for your horses so if you need money, give horse massages. Work on 3-star challenges as you can. Once Thursday/Friday rolls around, spend the days getting your horse ready for the Sunday race. Rinse and repeat for the next three races.

    You should only keep two horses: your starter and your bred foal. For any star challenges that require more than two horses, buy cheap ones from the computer, grab it from the paddock and put it in the stable, do whatever needs to be done, then sell the horse (you will always get back whatever you paid for it and often you'll actually make a profit).

    Weeks 7-9: Unlock Expanded if you haven't already.  The other big thing is the 6x3 golden hooves task. You have two horses that should already have 3 hooves (your starter and your bred horse) so buy 4 cheap horses from the office computer. The first day you have them, take them all to the massage parlor to get that hoof then put them in the stable. If you have time, pick their hooves as well. They won't get dirty for another day or two so don't try to groom them. You can just feed them hay or oats, no supplements. Once you've completed the 6x3 task, sell the horses you bought as well as your starter horse and keep only the horse you bred.

    Buy and read all of the level 3 books from the office computer.

    Feed your horse pellets + supplements, groom/train if needed and get ready for the race around Friday/Saturday. The skill level seems to drop quicker for these races and it's likely there will be a Sunday race where you won't be at the required level to start it. To raise it quickly, jump the horse on the hurdles behind the main house.  Win the Sunday race. Rinse and repeat for the final three races. You should finally unlock Sunday champion after the race results screen.  If you haven't unlocked any of the miscellaneous bronze trophies, do so now.

    Week 10-12: If you've followed this guide, the only trophy left other than this should be Fashion conscious. Follow my directions in that trophy to find all of the treasure chests with clothing items in them.  If you're low on money, I've also listed where the treasure chests with money in them are.  Once you've unlocked all trophies except for Time is relative, just ignore your horse and keep ending the day as soon as it starts to run out the clock.

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