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    How to unlock UNLIMITED-Complete!!

    [Unlimited Complete!!
    Saw all possible endings of UNLIMITED]

    You must watch all endings to Muv-Luv UNLIMITED. You can verify which endings you have unlocked by selecting Extras from the title screen and selecting Clear List.

    There is a bad ending and several branch points to the good endings. You can view specifics of each ending using this handy walkthrough.

    Unfortunately, there is some repetitive ending play going on. However, most of the divergent paths are right at the end. Make a save file on 12/24 when you have to choose which girl you want to pursue. You also want to make sure to create a save point at the beginning of Episode 8, since Ayamine's ending apparently takes a little more effort.

    Shortly after making your choice, you will encounter a scene with Yuuko, who's inebriated in her office and given a choice. If you choose option 1 "I can't leave her like this", you will get the "bad" Yuuko ending. If you choose option 2 "I should head back" you will continue on the route to getting one of the two chosen girl endings.

    Following that, for each chosen girl, you must finish the game twice. One ending in which you beg your chosen girl to leave for safety and another where you don't so for each ending, you would do well to create a save point when you reach that choice to minimize the amount of text you have to sit through to get each ending per chosen girl.

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