Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
Offline: 43 (1 , 2 , 18, 22 )
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to platinum%: 100+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: LOTS
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: No cheats
Difficulty affects trophies: Yes, you will need to clear every stage on Chaos, plus items must be earned on Hard or higher.


Koei's latest entry in the Warriors Orochi series, this game takes place immediately after the events of Warriors Orochi 2 (which was just an expansion to Warriors Orochi 1 in Japan, released as Maou Sairin). Orochi has been killed and a large Hydra has spawned which is killing off our heroes. Their answer? To go back in time to save them and put together a force capable of fighting back! New characters this time are: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Ayane (Dead or Alive), Joan of Arc (Bladestorm), Nemea (Trinity Souls of Zill'Oll), Achilles (Warriors: Legends of Troy), Ne Zha (original), Kaguya (original), Susanoo (original), and Shuten Doji (original).

This game takes everything you knew from Warriors Orochi but adds a few new things:

* A new class, Wonder. This class deals more damage to guard broken enemies, and allows you to dash cancel certain moves with the jump button (at the cost of some musou gauge). The dash cancel will break enemy's guards, so it's very powerful.
* A new Triple Attack that lets you turn invincible for a short time, run around dealing large amounts of damage, and then gather up all the enemies you hit and explode them for more damage.
* A Musou Battlefield mode that lets you alter dialogue and enemies in levels to create your own experience! This mode can be played online with others as well.
* Weapon forging now uses money and stock experience is used ONLY for leveling your officers.
* Switch attacks - if you switch officers during your attack string, they will swap in with an attack and you can continue your combo safely.
* New Bond system - Having a high friendship with another officer will change their lines to you in battle (when you rescue them or fight against them). If they are higher than level 1 they may give you a lotto ticket (for free random weapons from the dealer) after a battle with them. If they're at max, they will also sometimes give you an extra weapon as well. The bond also goes both ways. If you have Kaihime at max with Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Shang Xiang will also have max friendliness with Kaihime, so you can play either and see the rewards.

Look to the end of the trophy guide for a database of officer names, levels and weapon attributes.


Step 1: Play through the story mode on Normal. Since Normal difficulty won't get you the overpowered weapon attributes, you may wish to first clear the game just to get experience with the levels. Try to unlock all the Gaiden stages by using banquets to get friendliness between the required people. Pick a character you like and use them as often as you can, as 100 stages is a lot to play if you're not doing it in conjunction with something else. When you get to Chapter 4, be sure to use a lot of lotto tickets, as you can earn 4 star weapons from there and save yourself some money. If you want to use them beforehand, that's fine too you'll have plenty of tickets by the end. Use the money you do have to buy 4 star weapons and hold banquets as often as you can, even if it's the cheaper ones. Once you get [Deepening of Bonds] and unlock the Gaiden stages, it no longer matters who you hold banquets with.

If you manage to clear every stage and make your way to the true ending, you'll unlock:

[A Gathering of Heroes]
[Champion of Time]
[Captive of Melody]
[Unrivaled Warrior]
[Great Victory]
[In a Broken World]
[Maintaining the Peace]
[Where They Belong]
[Ray of Hope]
[A Hidden Smile]
[Unwavering Hope]
[Altering the Past]
[Beacon of Exorcism]
[Travelling Through Time]

Step 2: This can be intermingled with Step 1 depending on your progress. Start re-playing the required levels on Hard to unlock all the secret items. You will probably want to be level 25 or higher with a 4 star weapon (or maxed joke/unique weapon) before trying this difficulty. This unlocks:
[Unrivaled Dilettante]

Step 3: Now that you should have some decent attributes on your weapons from clearing levels on Hard, begin work on chaos. Once you get your setup down, you shouldn't have any problems clearing the stages. This unlocks:
[Summit of Chaos]

Step 4: Mop up and grind for wallpapers and costumes. Be sure to get Dodomeki to S proficiency before you start, since you're going to be playing through a LOT of levels to get every officer to S proficiency, so every bit helps. Having everyone's 4 star weapons will make it easier. At this point, finish buying the 4 star weapons, hold banquets like crazy until you have 100, finish getting your character of choice to 100 levels played, and mop up the other misc trophies (3000 kills, riding all siege weapons, clearing missions, clearing a stage in 5 minutes, clearing a stage with no damage, etc). Once you've completed this, you'll have a nice new platinum trophy. Congrats, you've earned it!

(All pictures/videos courtesy of Gleylancer)


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Akari for this Roadmap]

Musou Orochi 2 Trophy Guide

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43 trophies ( 18  22  18  )

  • すべてのトロフィーを獲得した

    [True Unrivaled Warrior]
    [Earned all the trophies]

    Self explanatory.

  • すべての武将の4レベルの武器を一度でも手に入れた

    [Unrivaled Collector]
    [Hold all officer's level 4 weapons at least once]

    Level 4 weapons are the ones with 4 stars. You will be able to buy and find them from lotto tickets (randomly given to you by officers your party is friendly with - level 1 or higher) once you clear chapter 3. I suggest not really worrying about using lotto tickets until you're at this point or at least waiting until you have a large amount of officers unlocked, since you only receive weapons for officers you have playable. Once every officer owns or has owned a level 4 weapon, the trophy will unlock.

  • すべての武将をプレイアブルにした

    [A Gathering of Heroes]
    [All officers are playable]

    This will unlock when you clear the TRUE ending of the game, as you need all officers aside from the Orochi ones playable before the final level will unlock. Every character is unlocked simply from clearing stages (excepting the modified stages where you must interact with the character you saved, and ONE major exception) but certain Gaiden stages will require friendliness between certain characters to be higher than level 1 (aka get them maxed in red, then play 1 battle to get into yellow) before unlocking.
    These are:

    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Jian Ge) - Motonari Mori, Jia Xu
    Chapter 2 ??????? (Battle of Mikatagahara) - Lian Shi, Lu Meng, Masanori Fukushima
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Tao River) - Goemon Ishikawa, Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Lian Shi must be unlocked)
    Chapter 2 ?????? (Tetorigawa Machine Battle) - Zuo Ci, Benkei, Xu Huang
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Liang Zhou) - Liu Shan, Guan Suo
    Chapter 2 ?????? (Battle of Xing Shi) - Ginchiyo Tachibana, Xiao Qiao, Sun Shang Xiang (Chapter 2 ????? [Battle of Kyuushuu] must be cleared)
    Chapter 2 ????? (Nanzhong Extermination) - Zhu Rong, Meng Huo, Zhang He
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Jie Ting) - Xing Cai, Keiji Maeda
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Guang Zhong) - Sima Yi, Masamune Date
    Chapter 4 ???????? (Battle of Komaki Nagakute) - Zhuge Liang, Huang Zhong, Hanzo Hattori
    If 3 names are listed, each of those 3 must have level 2 friendliness with the other 2.

    That one exception is Lu Bu. To unlock him, first unlock Diao Chan, then use her in your party and play Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Osaka Castle). When Lu Bu appears, you must run to him before he retreats from Ne Zha. You'll know you did it right if he says a new line to you and Diao Chan responds (and then he will turn from yellow to blue as an ally).

  • すべてのシナリオをクリアした

    [Champion of Time]
    [Cleared all scenarios once]

    Self explanatory but it's worth noting that if you clear a stage in Free mode rather than Story mode, it won't unlock the stage after it and you will have to clear it again in Story mode to advance. Be sure that every time you return to camp after clearing a level, you look around the base and talk to people. Certain people will make a stage available for you. See this post for more information.

  • すべての装備アイテムを手に入れた

    [Unrivaled Dilettante]
    [Collected every equippable item]

    There are 10 Normal equippable items found randomly in battle (from crates or randomly dropped from enemies if you have ?? on your weapon) and 22 items that must be earned by playing certain levels on Hard/Chaos with certain members on your team and getting a certain number of kills. You only need ONE of the required officers and you can get the kills with anyone on your team. The officer just has to be on the team. Please note, these must be done on the PRE-MODIFIED versions of the level. Hit to switch.

    Here are the normal items, obtainable from any level from crates/officers. They cap at +20.
    ??? (Suzaku Wing) - Increases max HP
    ??? (Seiryu Liver) - Increases max musou gauge
    ??? (Byakko Fang) - Increases attack
    ??? (Genbu Shell) - Increases defense
    ??? (Speed Charm) - Increases speed (max +15?)
    ??? (Power Spear) - Increases attack greatly but reduces defense
    ??? (Power Shield) - Increases defense greatly but reduces attack
    ??? (Celestial Band) - Increases proficiency gain
    ???? (Rival Charm) - Decrease damage taken from enemy officers
    ??? (Wisteria Armor) - Decrease damage taken from arrows/bullets

    Here are the rare items and requirements:
    ???? (String of beads) - Activates support attack when you tech
    Chapter 1 ????? (Battle of Yi Ling)
    Officers: Xiahou Dun, Cao Pi, Jiang Wei, Da Ji, Keiji Maeda, Ginchiyo Tachibana / 2000 kills

    ???? (Shadowless armor) - Occasionally makes the Wonder class's shadow cancel cost 0 musou gauge
    Chapter 1 ?????? (Battle of Ueda Castle)
    Officers: Nobunaga Oda, Jia Xu, Taishi Ci, Kanetsugu Naoe, Dian Wei / 1500 kills

    ???? (Brown Coal Magatama) - Occasionally makes your type action (R1 button) cost 0 musou gauge
    Chapter 1 ????? (Battle of Dong Kou)
    Officers: Sun Wukong, Sima Yi, Mitsuhide Akechi, Sima Shi, Nene, Lu Meng / 1500 kills

    ???? (Heavenly Robe of Change) - Become invincible during dodges (Tech class, hit X while blocking and moving)
    Chapter 1 ????? (Battle of Shouchun)
    Officers: Zhang Liao, Sima Zhao, Huang Gai, Fu Xi, Kenshin Uesugi, Kotarou Fuuma / 1000 kills

    ??? (Iron Gloves) - No longer stagger if you get hit during charge attacks
    Chapter 1 ????? (Battle of Nagashino)
    Officers: Zhou Tai / 1000 kills

    ??? (Musou Armor) - No longer flinch to arrows/bullets
    Chapter 1 ??????? (Battle of Odawara Castle)
    Officers: Wang Yuanji / 1500 kills

    ??? (Yata Mirror) - Occasionally auto-reflect arrows/bullets while riding a horse
    Chapter 2 ?????? (Battle of Hasedo)
    Officers: Kunoichi / 2000 kills

    ???? (Vajra Gloves) - Cannot have your guard broken
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Kyuushuu
    Officers: Sun Shang Xiang / 1500 kills

    ???? (Yasha Mask) - Become able to block attacks from behind
    Chapter 2????? (Battle of Nanzhong)
    Officers: Xiahou Ba / 1500 kills

    ???? (Balancing Kimono) - Take no damage from enemy elemental attacks
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Anegawa)
    Officers: Huang Zhong, Guo Huai, Masamune Date, Dodomeki / 2000 kills

    ???? (Vampire Gloves) - Regain life when you break an enemy's guard
    Chapter 2 ?????? (Battle of Mt Ding Jun)
    Officers: Nouhime, Zhao Yun, Gyuuki / 1500 kills

    ???? (Absorb Gloves) - Regain some musou guage when you break an enemy's guard
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Xuchang)
    Officers: Guan Yu, Hanzou Hattori, San Zang / 1000 kills

    ???? (Art of Medicine) - Doubles effect of healing items
    Chapter 2 ?????? (Battle of Sekigahara)
    Officers: Ranmaru Mori, Zhang Fei, Benkei / 1000 kills

    ???? (Art of Explosives) - If you're knocked down with red life, you get 2x attack for a short time
    Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Luo Yang)
    Officers: Dong Zhuo, Zhuge Liang, Hideyoshi Toyotomi / 1000 kills

    ??? (Tough Armor) - If you're knocked down with red life, you will get 2x defense for a short time
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Tong Gate)
    Officers: Motonari Mori, Liu Bei, Susanoo / 1000 kills

    ???? (Rabbit Leggings) - If you're knocked down with red life, you will get 2x speed for a short time
    Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Youheigan)
    Officers: Ne Zha, Diao Chan, Tadakatsu Honda, Aya Gozen / 1000 kills

    ???? (Art of War) - Increases the time that ability up items are active
    Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Shizugatake)
    Officers: Zhen Ji, Lu Bu, Inahime, Shuten Doji, Masanori Fukushima / 1500 kills

    ??? (Seven Star Belt) - Receive better weapons
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Nagasaka)
    Officers: Xiao Qiao, Ryu Hayabusa, Bao Sanniang, Ieyasu Tokugawa / 1000 kills

    ??? (Matsukaze Saddle) - Start battle on Matsukaze
    Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Honnouji)
    Officers: Musashi Miyamoto, Mitsunari Ishida, Ayane / 1500 kills

    ??? (Red Hare Saddle) - Start battle on Red Hare
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Fan Castle)
    Officers: Xu Huang, Wang Yi, Joan of Arc, Kojirou Sasaki / 1500 kills

    ?? (Bear Saddle) - Start battle on a bear
    Chapter 3 ????? (Battle of Yamazaki)
    Officers: Zhang He, Nemea, Guo Jia / 1000 kills

    ?? (Elephant Saddle) - Start battle on an elephant
    Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Hu Lao Gate)
    Officers: Yukimura Sanada, Achilles, Orochi / 1500 kills

  • すべてのBGMを聴いた

    [Captive of Melody]
    [Heard all the BGMs]

    This will unlock on its own if you clear every stage. All the ending stages share the same music so if you watched at least the Normal ending, you should unlock this as you work towards unlocking the true ending.

  • いずれかの武将で100回以上戦闘に出陣した

    [Veteran of 100 Battles]
    [Fight in 100 battles with a single general]

    Although the trophy says you just need to fight in them, you need to win too. You can track your progress during the loading screen. The window on the right, second word from the bottom is ??????, which is the number you want. Pick your favorite character and try to work on this as early as you can, as you may wish to drop them for Chaos if they aren't up to snuff. Bear in mind, Story mode and Free mode count towards this but Musou Battlefield does not.

  • すべての壁紙を開放した

    [Instant Kaleidoscope]
    [Unlocked all wallpapers]

    All officers have 2 wallpapers and the second is unlocked when they reach S proficiency. You'll need to get all 132 characters to S. This is going to be a hell of a grind but he's what you will want to do. First, wait until you unlock Dodomeki from the true ending and get him to S proficiency - his team skill is to raise proficiency gain. Next, equip your target characters with ??? (Celestial Band), which raises proficiency gain. The rate at which proficiency goes up depends on the difficulty of the level, so the easiest level for this is probably chapter 3's ????? (Rescue at Yi Ling), which is a 9 star level - at this level, you need 1300-1400 kills per person to get to S, and and you can get 3000+ kills easily in about 12 minutes (ranges from 7-16 depending on character and their attack string). If you have spare money, try to buy weapons with ?? (Proficiency). With this at +6 or so, your kills required drops by over 100!

    If you get someone to S in Musou Battlefield, it will not count as actually having used the character (times used will not increase) so you will need to play them one time in story/free mode to actually unlock the wallpaper (and costumes).

  • すべての衣装(コスチューム)を開放した

    [Open Hearted Captain]
    [Unlocked all costumes]

    Most characters gain costumes with proficiency. Some may gain them at F, some at B and some at S. You will get this on the way to Instant Kaleidoscope. Bear in mind not all characters have more than 2 costumes (in particular, those that are new to DW7, SW3, or MO.. although there are exceptions such as Gracia). If you get someone to S in Musou Battlefield, it will not count as having actually used the character, and thus you'll need to play them once in story mode to actually unlock their costumes (and wallpaper).

  • 「無双の戦場」で、初めて戦場をクリアした

    [First Creation]
    [Cleared a level in Musou Battlefield]

    Just start the mode, pick a level, randomly change someone's text, then go and beat it quickly.

  • 初めて武器を錬成した

    [First Workmanship]
    [Forged your first weapon]

    Talk to the weapons dealer at the base and his second option is weapon creation. It works the same as in Warriors Orochi - pick your base weapon, then pick your second weapon, select which attributes to move over, then hit and choose yes to finish. For a list of the weapon attributes, check this post.

  • 初めて武器を購入した

    [First Purchase]
    [Bought your first weapon]

    The weapons dealer at the base sells weapons based on your story progress. At Chapter 1/2, he sells up to 2 star weapons. At Chapter 3 he sells 3 star weapons. After Chapter 3, he sells 4 star weapons. You can buy the joke/unique weapons at any time, however. Buy any one weapon for the trophy.

  • オンラインプレイ、もしくは2人プレイでシナリオをクリアした

    [Holding Hands]
    [Play online or with a second player and clear a level]

    You can either play online in Musou Arena or get a second controller/person to play a level with you for this trophy. Unfortunately the weapons one player picks up do not carry to the other player, so there's no farming shortcut there anymore.

  • 希少石を使って武器を購入した

    [Opening Your Eyes]
    [Purchase a weapon using rare stones]

    The weapons dealer sells joke/unique weapons for 20k+ gems and 2-4 rare stones. These weapons start with a low attack but get a higher final bonus attack than 4 star weapons at max compatibility. Just buy one for any character for the trophy.

  • 初めて宴席を開いた

    [Drinking is the Source of Life]
    [Held your first banquet]

    The banquet NPC (lower right of the base) allows you to hold open banquets, which make all other playable officers gain friendliness towards the officer you're currently running around as (you can change this without changing your party). At first he will let you hold one for ~7k which gains 25 friendliness towards the other officers. After Chapter 1 he will open one for ~13-17k that gains 50 friendliness. After Chapter 2 he opens the next one for ~25k which is 90 friendliness. After Chapter 3 he opens the final one which is a targeted drinking session with a single officer of your choice for 3k, which gains 150 friendliness. Hold any one of these banquets and you'll get the trophy.

  • いずれかの武将1組の友好度を最大にした

    [Deepening of Bonds]
    [Reach max friendliness with any other officer]

    You gain friendliness with other officers by:

    A) Going into battle with them - your teammates gain friendliness towards each other, as well as all playable characters that appear as NPCs in that battle
    B) Completing a mission they offer you - before starting a stage, you can choose a mission (second option at the stage info screen), and if you're successful, your party gains friendliness towards that officer. If you fail, you lose friendliness!
    C) Banquets, either private or open

    When your bar reaches the 1/3rd mark (approx 325 friendliness) and turns red, you must take your character and play a level with that other character (or a level with them as an NPC) in order to get the meter to go beyond 1/3rd. You must do this again when it turns yellow at 2/3rd (likely another 325). When it's maxed, it will turn green and the character's portrait will gain a yellow background and say MAX in the lower right. When you have max friendliness between any 2 officers, the trophy will unlock.

  • 乗り込み可能な兵器にすべて乗った

    [Smooth Operator]
    [Rode/used all possible siege weapons]

    There are 5 different siege weapons you can ride. They appear in more than just these levels but here's some of the ones you can find them in.

    Ride all of them at least once for the trophy.
    Arbalest (arrow chaingun) - prologue ?????, Chapter 1 ?????? (Battle of Tetorigawa), Chapter 2 ?????? (Tetorigawa Machine Battle)
    Cannon (rapid fire cannonballs) - Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Osaka Castle), Chapter 3 ????? (Defense of Jie Ting)
    Catapult (there are 2 versions, one mobile, one fixed) - fixed is in Chapter 1 ?????? (Battle of Tetorigawa), mobile is in Chapter 1 ????????? (Battle of Yi Ling *modified)
    Juggernaut - Chapter 1 ?????? (Battle of Tetorigawa), Chapter 2 ?????? (Tetorigawa Machine Battle)
    Laser Cannon - Chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Luo Yang), Chapter 3 ?????? (Battle of Hu Lao Gate), Chapter 4 ????? (Hydra Assault) (the 9 star version)

  • 1000人斬りを達成した

    [Unrivaled Warrior]
    [Got 1000 kills in 1 battle]

    You can get this in almost any level without trying. Unlocks as soon as you get the 1000th kill during the stage.

  • いずれかのシナリオを5分以内でクリアした

    [Speedy Warrior]
    [Clear a level in under 5 minutes]

    There aren't too many levels you can do this one in but the earliest is the first level in Chapter 1, ?????? (Battle of Ueda Castle). You need only run diagonally through the center to meet Wang Yuanji, then run south to kill Yuan Shao, then run along the bottom and up through the center to kill Dong Zhuo and you'll be under 3 minutes even with the default horse. I did this with level 20 people with 3 star weapons on easy mode so if you have Red Hare or more powerful weapons/characters, there won't be any problems.

    Another good level is Chapter 4 ?????? (Susanoo Repulsion Battle). You need to run straight ahead, kill the officer that spawns when the gate closes, then wait for all the dialogue to end and the gate will open. Run around the edge of the map to Susanoo and kill him and you'll be well under 5 minutes.

    Here's a video of the above level:

  • 1000以上のコンボを達成した

    [Master of Dance]
    [Reached a 1000 hit combo]

    Any character with a decently long ranged weapon or a good musou should be able to get this easily but some easier methods are: Wang Yuanji's square string into a crowd, Kaguya's musou, Sun Shang Xiang's Type Action (), or Shuten Doji's C1. Tack on a triple attack and you'll get this no problem. If for some reason you're struggling with it at endgame, Almighty+Burst+Lightning will get it for you in no time.

  • 一度の戦闘で経験値を10000以上獲得した

    [Great Victory]
    [Earned 10000 or more experience in 1 battle]

    As long as you're diligent about getting lots of officer and peon kills, you will get this as you progress through the game.

  • 真・合体技を発動した

    [Trinity Flash]
    [Used a Triple Attack]

    When the blue bar below your health is maxed, hit + to activate the Triple Attack and get your trophy. It fills up based on your combo, so wade into a crowd and go crazy.

  • ミッションを達成した

    [Cleared your first mission]

    As mentioned in Deepening of Bonds you can choose missions during the stage info screen (second option). Generally they will be easy (green banner) and be something like "Get 600 kills and 3 officer kills" or "Get 300 kills within 10 minutes" or "Get 4 officer kills in 8 minutes". They may also be normal (gray) or hard (red), which generally are "While maintaining 60% health, without using a musou action get 700 kills", or "Without using a musou action, get 4 officer kills in 7 minutes". Normal/Hard will always require no musou use (this is all Type Actions, Wonder class dash cancels and obviously musou itself).

    Simply accept any mission with , fulfill the requirements, clear the level and you'll get this trophy.

  • いずれかの武器の馴染みを最大にした

    [Partner to the End]
    [Reach max compatibility with a weapon]

    Weapon compatibility (the bar below the weapon's picture) goes up with kills. As it goes up, so does its attack. Get it to max on one character and you'll have your trophy. The best way to raise it is to have Gyuki at S proficiency on your team and, if possible, have the ?? (Harmony) attribute on your weapon. Then just go to any level such as chapter 3's ????? (Rescue at Yi Ling), and kill kill kill. With Gyuki and Harmony+10, you should max out after around 4000 kills. Of course, there's no need to really farm this. Just play with the character a lot and you will get it eventually.

  • 購入に必要な貴石の量が10000以上の武器を購入した

    [An Adult Purchase]
    [Buy a weapon for over 10000 gems]

    Generally only joke/unique weapons cost this much from the dealer, though a highly decked out 4 star weapon might cost this much as well. Just purchase any one weapon that costs over 10000 and you will have your trophy.


Secret trophies

  • すべてのシナリオを、難易度「修羅」でクリアした

    [Summit of Chaos]
    [Cleared all scenarios at Chaos difficulty]

    Chaos mode is quite easy if you're equipped for it. Early on before you have good weapons, you're going to want to use a couple of the more broken characters until you can find the super powered attributes to buff them up - Lu Bu, Shin Orochi, Susanoo, Cai Wenji (especially on horse), or Xu Huang are good. You will want to be level 35 or higher at least with the ??? (Genbu Shell, Defense up) item to ensure that you don't die in one hit. Once you start seeing gold attributes drop on weapons (~8 stars in Hard, ~6 stars in Chaos), then here's a build that will make Chaos a JOKE for almost any character:

    ? (Wind) +10 - make charge attacks unblockable
    ?? (Burst) (gold) - make your attacks give off a small explosion when they connect
    ?? (Almighty) (gold) - combined with the above, makes all attacks unblockable and explode
    and equip one of your people with the ??? (Red Hare Saddle).

    If you can, add on
    ?? (Drain) +10 - to get back life with your attacks for when you randomly get hit
    ?? (Brave) + 10 - bonus damage vs officers
    ? (Slash) + 10 - chance of one hit peon kills or just huge damage bonus
    and then fill in the rest with whatever you like. Initially you will want ?? (Harmony) to get the weapon to a high damage bonus but once that is finished, I tend to like ?? (Agility, faster attacks), ?? (Range, longer reach, doesn't work for everyone though) or ?? (Horse attack, for stronger attacks on horse).

    Stay on your horse and just strafe around enemies with held down and mash attacks. If your character has decent horse attacks (solid hitbox, focused on one side), they will be nigh unstoppable. If you get knocked off your horse, either ignore everyone to get back on or just use a triple attack to clear out the crowd so you can get back to it. If your character has good melee attacks then you can just use those instead (Shin Orochi's C4 is incredibly strong, for example).

    Deck out 2 people with this and your 3rd can simply be a low level character you are farming attributes for, to use as an alternate when you're bored of the other two. If you play carefully and defensively you can clear levels with just 1 person and farm attributes on 2 low level characters at once. Once you have a weapon with all these attributes at max, the character can be as low as level 35-40 and will be able to solo 9 star levels on Chaos.

    One point to note: Archers in Chaos mode are no joke. They crowd together but AWAY from the melee peons so you will constantly be getting shot at despite blowing through crowds. On foot you will have to use creative dodging to get through them but on horse you can simply run to them and scatter/kill most of them with a few attacks, then pick them off one by one as needed.

    When you've cleared every stage (story stages, including pre and post modified versions and all Gaiden stages), you will have your trophy.

  • 貴石を累計で900000珠以上集めた

    [Unrivaled Millionare]
    [Earn a total of 900000 gems]

    You normally earn gems just from clearing levels. You can earn more by having the attribute ?? (Bonus, enemies have a chance to drop gems on defeat) on your weapons, spamming Triple Attack (the attribute ?? [Convergence, raises triple attack meter gain] helps here) or having someone with the team skill ???? (increase gems earned at the end of each level) - The people with this skill are Yuan Shao, Goemon Ishikawa, and Yoshimoto Imagawa. However, you will definitely earn this through the course of normal play. You generally get anywhere from 10-15000 just from clearing a level on Chaos with a decent amount of kills. The game will keep track for you (you can hold 6 digits worth of money, though), so feel free to spend like crazy on weapons/weapon synth/banquets.

  • ストーリーモードのノーマルエンディングをクリアした

    [In a Broken World]
    [View the story mode's normal ending]

    The first stage of Chapter 4, ????? (Hydra Assault) is available from the start of the game but is a daunting 9 star difficulty. Come back and clear it when you think you're up to it, and you'll get the normal ending. You need only be strong enough to kill 3-4 generic officers and peons without getting killed and then the rest relies on your cannon skills.

  • ストーリーモードのグッドエンディングをクリアした

    [Maintaining the Peace]
    [View the story mode's good ending]

    When you've cleared Chapter 3, you'll unlock a new path in Chapter 4, and there will be a branch. The top branch leads to the True Ending (see Where They Belong) and the bottom branch leads to the good ending.

  • ストーリーモードのトゥルーエンディングをクリアした

    [Where They Belong]
    [View the story mode's true ending]

    To unlock this branch in chapter 4, you will need to unlock every playable character minus the Orochi group (Orochi, Shin Orochi, Kiyomori Taira, Sun Wukong, Ne Zha, Susanoo) and then clear the level before it (??????, Orochi Assault) again. This will make the top branch playable and clearing the level in that branch will unlock the final level, ???????? (Shin Koshi Castle Decisive Battle). Clear that level and you will watch the true ending and unlock the rest of the playable characters.

  • 貴石を累計で500000珠以上集めた

    [Wealthy Warrior]
    [Earn 500000 gems]

    See Unrivaled Millionare.

  • 希少石を累計で100玉以上集めた

    [Rich Warrior]
    [Earned over 100 rare stones]

    Rare stones have a chance of dropping from officers and a much higher chance if killed with triple attack. You can only hold 99 of these so be sure to use some on the joke/unique weapons from the weapons dealer. You will know you got one if it says "Get GEM" after you kill them.

  • 武器を累計で100個以上購入した

    [Experienced Shopper]
    [Bought over 100 weapons]

    You will likely get this on the way to amassing 4 star weapons for everyone but if not, just buy random weapons to forge until you get this.

  • 宴席を累計で100回以上開いた

    [Otherworldly Debauchee]
    [Held over 100 banquets]

    This applies to all banquets, whether open or private. If you don't have this by the end, just spam the private ones since they are the cheapest at 3000 gems.

  • いずれかのシナリオをノーダメージでクリアした

    [King of the Hill]
    [Clear a scenario with no damage]

    Either of the levels mentioned in Speedy Warrior are good - Chapter 1 ?????? (Battle of Ueda Castle) or Chapter 4 ?????? (Susanoo Repulsion Battle). Use easy mode and save often. You may get hit without taking any noticeable damage. The best way to track it is by the rumble of the dualshock. If it rumbles, quit and load.

  • 3000人斬りを達成した

    [Unrivaled Champion]
    [Get 3000 kills in a single battle]

    There's a few good levels for this. The Prologue (and the 9 star version of it) are good because the enemies around the arbalests/cannons respawn infinitely, as does Kiyomori and his crowd of enemies. Another alternative is the level I mentioned for Instant Kaleidoscope, which is chapter 3's ????? (Rescue at Yi Ling). For what it's worth, if you care to play around in Musou Arena, you can also earn this in a created level. Just like the 1000 kill trophy, this unlocks as soon as you hit 3000.

  • ひとつの戦闘でミッションを10個以上達成した

    [Completed 10 or more missions in 1 level]

    Not many levels allow you to do this. Chapter 1 ??????????? (Battle of Odawara Castle *modified) gives you 10 if you do not have any of the characters that appear as NPCs in the stage on your team but it's much easier to do Chapter 4's ???????? (Shin Koshi Castle Skirmish) as it gives you more than 10 missions no matter who you play.

  • ストーリーモードの第1章をクリアした

    [Ray of Hope]
    [Clear story mode's Chapter 1]

    Story related. When you clear all of the levels in Chapter 1, you will get this trophy.

  • ストーリーモードの第2章をクリアした

    [A Hidden Smile]
    [Clear story mode's Chapter 2]

    Story related. When you clear all of the levels in Chapter 2, you will get this trophy.

  • ストーリーモードの第3章をクリアした

    [Unwavering Hope]
    [Clear story mode's Chapter 3]

    Story related. When you clear all of the levels in Chapter 3, you will get this trophy.

  • ストーリーモードで改変後のシナリオを10個すべてクリアした

    [Altering the Past]
    [Clear all 10 modified story levels]

    There are 10 story stages that will be altered after clearing a gaiden stage directly below them - You will know you've found one when part of the way through the level you see a small cut-in of a playable officer dying. After unlocking and clearing the Gaiden stage, you will have changed the past in a such a way as to keep that officer alive. Once you've cleared all 10 of the new modified stages, you will get this trophy. As long as you're dedicated about talking to people at camp, you won't miss any of these on your way to the True Ending.

    A list of the story levels that have modified versions can be found here.

  • 妖蛇の首を倒した

    [Beacon of Exorcism]
    [Defeat one of the Hydra's heads]

    Story related. In chapter 2 ????? (Battle of Luo Yang), you will fight a single Hydra head with the cannon. When you kill it, you'll get this trophy.

  • かぐやの力で、初めて過去に戻った

    [Travelling Through Time]
    [Return to the past through Kaguya's power]

    Story related. When you clear the prologue, you will get this trophy.

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