• Estimated difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 49 (1, 3, 2, 42)
  • Online trophies: 0.
  • Approximate amount of time to : 6 - 8 hours (approx, depending on decision to watch cutscene, read notes etc). Estimated Time to Platinum
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Number of missable trophies: 30. Collector 1, Collector 10, Collector 25, Collector 50, Collector 75, Collector 100, Collector 150, Collector All, Ronan's Story, Baxter's Story, Rex's Story, Cassandra's Story, Julia's Story, The Bell Killer's Story, Salem's History, The Witch Trials, Codex, A Watery Grave, The Bell Tower Banshee, The Stalwart Specter, The Heirloom, Man in the Box, Terror on the Tracks, Ashes to Ashes, Eternal Flame, Interrogator, The Missing Body, Amnesia, Carnage, Scorned.
  • Glitched trophies: 0.
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No difficulty options available.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: N/A.
  • Online Pass needed: No.



Murdered: Soul Suspect is an extremely easy and short game with linear gameplay and repetitive features and mechanics. The test is of problem solving and looking for clues (detective work in investigations) and avoiding and taking out the only enemies of the game – the demons, and that isn't all that difficult to do. The game is extremely forgiving with checkpoints (after each investigation, before and after each demon area) and there is no punishment for selecting the wrong option when focusing on clues or solving investigations, so you could just use trial and error, with no risk of missing any trophies that are story-related.

Trophies do not "stack" between formats. That means if you get all the trophies for the PS3 version, you'd still have to play through the game and do it all over again for the PS4 version, and the other way around.

The main weight of the trophies (and where you will spend most of of the gameplay) is through the many collectables placed across the streets of Salem and the various investigation areas, which mean lots of the trophies are missable. In addition, one of the areas – the Museum – is inaccessible after completing the investigation in the Judgment House area. Therefore it's a really good idea to go after all the collectables before completing all the investigations tied to the Museum – complete the first one to get the “ghost trains” moving so you can access all the collectables. Otherwise you'll have to start a whole new playthrough of the game to get any artifacts you missed from there.

You should therefore go after the collectables by areas in order: Apartments, Church, Police Department, Cemetery, Asylum, Museum, Church Revisited (second visit), Salem Streets, and finally Judgment House. There's a whooping 242 artifacts in total, covering memories and back-stories of characters, ghost stories, and the Salem Witch Trails. Each area has at least one ghost story-related trophy attached to a set of collectables, so in the process of grinding towards Collector All you'll get all of them as you go. There is no requirement to watch any of the ghost story “flashbacks” that are unlocked either, those trophies just pop when the set has been completed.

The collectables ARE cumulative (you could miss just one in a playthrough, go and get it in the second and get the Collector All trophy) however it's far easier, and quicker in the long run, to get all the collectables in one playthrough. HarryNinetyFour has made a fantastic collectibles guide which will easily guide you through every area and grab all the artifacts.

There are also a couple of side-investigations that will help fellow ghosts find peace, and these are missable since they don't directly affect any main story missions, and all but one are sort of hard to spot. However, these are all simple to solve, as it's just a case of finding clues and selecting the right option much like the story investigations.

I recommend one playthrough:

Step 1: Play through the game. Take the time to get every collectable along the way. Feel free to enjoy the story, cutscenes, and read through all the notes, or skip them if you want to rush to the Platinum. Once you've gotten the collectables, the end of the game itself isn't far away.

Step 2: Clean up/second playthrough if required. If you missed any artifacts or side-investigations, go back and get them. Shouldn't be needed if you follow this roadmap and the collectables guide.


[PST would like to thank TheInsanityInc for this Roadmap]

Murdered Soul Suspect Trophy Guide

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49 trophies ( 43  10  )

  • Collected every trophy in the game

    Will pop when every other trophy has been gained.

  • Collected an artifact

    Missable. Awarded when collecting your first artifact/collectable. See Collector All.

  • Collected 10 artifacts

    Missable. Awarded after collecting ten artifacts. Should pop during the Apartments. See Collector All.

  • Collected 25 artifacts

    Missable. Gained upon finding your 25th artifact. Should pop in the Church area. See Collector All.

  • Collected 50 artifacts

    Missable. Will be granted when the 50th artifact has been found. Should be given during the Police Station. See Collector All.

  • Collected 75 artifacts

    Missable. Bestowed onto those who locate their 75th artifact. Should be granted in the Cemetery. See Collector All.

  • Collected 100 artifacts

    Missable. Rewarded to all who seek out a hundred artifacts. Should unlock when snagging the first collectable in the Asylum. See Collector All.

  • Collected 150 artifacts

    Missable. Only those with the determination to bag 150 artifacts gain this trophy. Should pop during the Museum. See Collector All.

  • Collected all of the artifacts

    There are 242 collectable artifacts in various forms (memories, plaques, scraps of paper, etc) that cover many categories, each with their own trophy linked to them. So en route to getting this trophy, you will also get a large bulk of the rest of the game's trophies in the process. For those interested, they all offer back story to the characters and locations in the game, and in the case of the ghost story ones give a “flashback” ghost story when all the related artifacts are collected.

    Artifacts mostly are pointed out by bright glowing gold/yellow light on them so easily stand out, and are collected by pressing . Same goes for artifacts that need to be revealed with before being collected – they are ghostly shaking outlines that look out of place and are marked by the same light. Some artifacts are only collected by eavesdropping conversations (between police officers for example) and the Ghost Girl's Messages are extremely tough to spot on your own – the outline briefly shimmers on the wall where its located, so they must be revealed then collected. Three artifacts in Salem Streets require you to possess two cats to reach them (one feline to reach two in an area, and one for one in another) but neither is tricky. The main grind is finding every single collectable in every location. The game autosaves after each collectable you've gotten, so you won't have to go through a whole area if a demon grabs you half way through.

    As already stated, the game closes off locations in the game (the museum) once you complete the Judgement House area. To save going back through another playthrough, make sure you snag everything from each location before you leave the area.

    HarryNinetyFour has created a complete collectibles guide that will take you through every single artifact in the game. Simply follow the vids one by one and you will easily bag all the collectables-related trophies without any issue.

  • Learned about Ronan's Life

    Missable. Completed by collecting artifacts:

    • Marrying Julia from Church.
    • My First Crimes, Seeing My Own Corpse, and When Baxter Tried to Threaten Me from Police Station.
    • The Picture at the Beach, The End of “Forever”, and Beatdowns from Salem Streets.

    See Collector All.

  • Learned about Baxter's Life

    Missable. Gained by collecting artifacts:

    • Baxter's Relationship with the Witness's Mother from Police Station.
    • Baxter and Ronan's Mutual Animosity from Salem Town.

    See Collector All.

  • Learned about Rex's Life

    Missable. Awarded by collecting artifacts:

    • Rex's Gratitude from Police Station.
    • Rex's Sense of Guilt from Salem Streets.

    See Collector All.

  • Learned about Cassandra's Life

    Missable. Completed by collecting “Profiler's Memories” artifacts:

    • Concern for Joy's Safety in Apartments.
    • Insights on the Killer's Motives from Police Station.
    • Fear of More Killings from Cemetery.
    • The Killer's Delusions from Asylum.
    • Museum Spirits from Museum.
    • Sensing Judgement House Disturbances from Judgement House.

    See Collector All.

  • Learned about Julia's Life

    Missable. Completed by collecting artifacts:

    • Lillian and Lillian, and Meeting Ronan's Parents from Apartments.
    • Second Time's a Charm, Can't Stop Loving Him, and Ronan's Fedora from Church.
    • Visit to the Station, Ronan Gets His Badge, Ronan's Trouble with the Law, and Plain Clothes Cop from Police Station.
    • Meaning Behind “Cheated Death”, A Stroll Through the Graveyard, Reckless Ronan, Why Ronan Became a Cop, New Roses Tattoo, New Justice Tattoo, Rex on Ronan's Record, and Smokin' Ronan from Cemetery.
    • Hospital Support, and Seeking Advice from Rex from Asylum.
    • Ronan Meets Rex, and Museum Date from Museum.
    • Sanctuary from Church Revisited.
    • Day at the Beach, That Car Tattoo, Harassed by Baxter, Family of Three, Ronan Pops the Question, The Day We Met, Ronan's Childhood, Ronan's Teens, Meaning of Dollar Tattoo, Escorted by a Knight, Our Little Town, and Salem Feels Dangerous from Salem Town.
    • Life, and After, Ronan the Stranger, Fight with Ronan, and Pondering the Proposal from Judgement House.

    See Collector All.

  • Learned about the Bell Killer

    Missable. Completed by collecting artifacts/collectables about The Bell Killer:

    • Warning Poster, and News Article #1 in Apartments.
    • Suspect Released, Missing Persons Report, Witness Description of Clothing, G. Soderberg Personal Info, G. Soderberg Police Progress, Status A. Grace Police Progress, C. Nelson Personal Info, C. Nelson Police Progress, A Grace Personal Info, Killer's Profile, K. Douglas Personal Info, K. Douglas Police Progress, and Map of Killings from Police Station.
    • Spray-Painted Graffiti from Cemetery.
    • Tabloid Article #1, Tabloid Article #3, News Article #6, Tabloid Article #2, and News Article #5 from Asylum.
    • Witness View of Eyes, G. Soderberg Family Photo, C. Nelson Family Photo, C. Nelson Cause of Death, A. Grace Cause of Death, A. Grace Publicity Photo, News Article #2, K. Douglas Family Photo, K. Douglas Cause of Death, News Article #3, Witness Trauma Report, Chalk Bell Symbol, News Article #4, and Baxter's Official Comment from Salem Town.
    • Poem 1, Poem 2, Poem 3, and Poem 4 from Judgement House.

    See Collector All.

  • Discovered Salem's history

    Missable. Completed by collecting artifacts about places in Salem:

    • Organ Dedication Plaque, and Burned Rectory Plaque in Church.
    • 1775 Fortress Plaque, 1777 Battle Plaque, 1776 Battle Plaque, and Forensic Facility Plaque in Police Station.
    • Yellow Fever Memorial Plaque, William Pynchon Memorial Plaque, and Graveyard History Plaque from Cemetery.
    • Asylum Dedication Plaque, Spanish Flu Memorial Plaque, and Surgical Instruction Theater Dedication Plaque from Asylum.
    • Train Station Memorial Plaque, Dunking a Gossip, Baker in the Stocks, and Museum Donor Plaque from Museum.
    • Pirate History Plaque, Ashland Hills Cemetery Plaque, Gas Station History Plaque, Fountain Dedication Plaque, and Armaments History Plaque from Salem Streets.
    • Colonial Kitchen Plaque, Colonial Parlor Plaque, and Colonial Cellar Plaque from Judgement House.

    See Collector All.

  • Discovered information about the witch trials

    Missable. Completed by collecting artifacts about the Salem Witch Trials:

    • Witchcraft Superstition Plaque, German Witch Trial, First Witch Execution Plaque, Witch Trial History Plaque, Medieval Witch Book, Prayer Book, and Book of Engravings in Museum.
    • Judgement House Plaque in Salem Streets.
    • Judge's Diary from Judgement House.

    See Collector All.

  • Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti

    Missable. Completed by collecting the “Ghost Girl's Messages” artifacts:

    • Gallows, and Coffins in Apartments.
    • Dunkin Chair, and Demons in Church.
    • Cannon, and Judge in Police Station.
    • Sacrifice, and Ghost from Cemetery.
    • Baptism, The Accused, Pillory, and Twins from Asylum.
    • Mansion, and Caught from Museum.
    • Staircase from Church Revisited.
    • Darkness, Stone, Burning, In Her Hands, Quest, Storm, Poppet, and Flowers from Salem Streets.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story

    Missable. Completed by collecting the Old Boiler artifacts from Apartments.

    There are seven in total, getting them all will get the trophy and contribute to the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered The Bell Tower Banshee ghost story

    Missable. Collect all 11 Hand Saw artifacts in the Church.

    Getting them all will snag the trophy and contribute to the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered The Stalwart Specter ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Old Rifle artifacts in the Police Station.

    Picking up all eight will nab the trophy and take a chuck out of the main grind. See Collector All.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered The Heirloom ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Old Heirloom artifacts in the Cemetery.

    Picking up all 13 will bag the trophy and help towards the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered the Man in the Box ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Straight Jacket artifacts in the Asylum.

    Picking up all ten will unlock the trophy and chip away at the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered The Terror on the Tracks ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Rock artifacts in the Museum.

    Those who discover all 15 will be awarded the trophy and take a chunk out of the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered the Ashes to Ashes ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Spell Book artifacts in Judgement House.

    The reward for gathering all 11 is the trophy, and a further contribution to the main grind. See Collector All.

    See Collector All.

  • Uncovered the Eternal Flame ghost story

    Missable. Collect all the Gas Can artifacts in Salem Streets.

    The trophy is bestowed to those who find all 16, and in the process knock out some of the main grind.

    See Collector All.

  • Used Remove for the first time

    Some walls, barriers etc. will have a part that shakes more than the rest. Approach it for an prompt to remove it, and the trophy will pop. I got this in the Cemetery area while collecting the artifacts but I'm pretty sure this is unmissable/story-related as well.

  • Used Reveal for the first time

    Story-related and can't be missed, but can be popped earlier in the game when you first enter the Apartments. Go straight ahead and into the Pool Room. In the corner you'll see a ghost object and a prompt to press to reveal. Trophy will then pop. You'll get this going for all the artifacts and will pop Collector 1 at the same time. Alternatively it will pop as you complete the investigation in the Apartments – one of the clues requires you to reveal a “memory” of The Bell Killer.

  • Possessed the cat

    Story-related, can't be missed. See Makeshift Sanctuary.

  • Used Mind Read for the first time

    Story-related, can't be missed. Early in the game during the “Find The Killer's Trail” investigation. Possess the cop taking the statement and select Mindread.

  • Used Poltergeist for the first time

    Story related, can't be missed. In the Apartments after going through the hiding from demons tutorial, there's a TV in the apartment room you're in. Go up to it and hit when prompted. Alternatively, during the church a screen prompt for poltergeist will pop up late in the area – use on the vacuum.

  • Interrogated a ghost for the first time

    Missable. You can interrogate a ghost as soon as you enter the Church area. Speak to the ghost sitting very close to a living woman on the back row and pick and option of questioning to pop the trophy. There are actually very few ghosts you can interrogate in the game so you could miss this, but this ghost for sure got me the trophy.

  • Defeated a demon

    Story-related, can't be missed. In the Apartments you'll head up to the second floor, and trying to reach the third you'll meet your first demon. After a tutorial about hiding from it, approach the demon from behind for a tutorial about exorcising it. Press to start, then hit the QTE/button prompt to exorcise it for the trophy. If you fail, quickly move to hide in a hiding spot, switching between spots when the demon comes to close to your spot, and try again when the demon moves away.

  • Completed the first investigation

    Story related, can't be missed. Awarded for finding all the clues for “Find The Killer's Trail” mission. Examine all the numbered clues at the murder scene including the body, possess the officer to peek at the notebook and select the weapons option. Eavesdrop the conversation between the two cops by the barrier tape, then possess the witness and influence with the Bell Killer option.

  • Teleported for the first time

    Story related, can't be missed. Going through the Cemetery after the little girl, you'll see a cutscene about teleporting followed by an on-screen prompt. Hold to aim at the location, release to teleport, and the trophy will pop. You'll use this plenty more times to advance through the game and to get artifacts for Collector All.

  • Helped Ingrid find peace

    Missable. In the Apartments on the first floor, press to talk to Ingrid who is beside the boilers beyond the kitchen. Go across to the elderly couple's apartment, and collect the five clues: newspaper clipping on table, note on small table by door, and gardening tools in closet. Possess the man in the chair, influence, select the mysterious murder, and repeat it for the woman looking out the window. Solve the investigation with , and pick both secrets and the murder options. Return and talk to Ingrid.

    HarryNinetyFour has videos for all the side-investigations HERE.

  • Helped Julie find peace

    Missable. Shortly after the Apartments as you head to the church, you'll find a lady crying at the Shipyward Park with a button prompt to “help”. Clues to find are Various Candles, Newspaper Obituary, Framed Picture, Memorial, and Bouquet – easily found in the small search area (a prompt to press will be on screen in the area). The clues to solve are the obituary, flowers, and picture. Talk to her again to pop the trophy as she “moves on”.

    HarryNinetyFour has videos for all the side-investigations HERE.

  • Helped Brad find peace

    Missable. Brad is by a crashed car around the other side of the ghost wall near the police station and the petrol station. Hit to start the mini-investigation. Inspect the whiskey bottle, license plate, and gas station receipt just around the corner. Next head to the station to get the pieces of tail light, dented trash can, vomiting man, Brad (making a phone call), and refueling woman. Select the three people, then possess the man by Brad who's working over the door and select the bang. Talk to Brad again and the trophy will pop.

    HarryNinetyFour has videos for all the side-investigations HERE.

  • Helped Katy find peace

    Missable. Katy is outside the entrance to the graveyard staring at a couple at the railing. Possess the man and select Broken Hearted, then do the same for the woman. Hit , and select the options in this order: Broken Hearted, Ex-Girlfriend's Suicide, A Shoulder to Cry On. Talk to Katy to finish this investigation and get the trophy.

    HarryNinetyFour has videos for all the side-investigations HERE.


Secret trophies

  • Became a ghost and met a strange ghost girl

    Story-related, can't be missed. From the start of a new game, just follow the opening tutorial missions for the basic controls until you see a prompt for “Find the Killer's Trail”.

  • Revisited the scene of your murder and discovered there was a witness

    Story related, unmissable. In the apartments, follow the gameplay tutorials up to the fourth floor then complete the investigation. The clues to solve are The Bell Killer searching, and the girl hiding in the room. Look at the folder the cop is looking at, then possess him and select the obscured photos. Now focus on the revealed pictures, and select the priest. Concluding the investigation will complete “Find the Killer's Trail” and pop the trophy.

  • Found the witness and learned what she knew

    Story-related, can't be missed. Head to the church, and reveal a memory with the priest and witness (and be sure to get Interrogator here as well). Possess the priest to get past the demon floor blockade, and possess the cat outside the kitchen (this will pop Possess the Cat in the process). Travel through vents and hold run to make big jumps, and follow linear route up scaffolding and vines to reach the attic. Possess the girl, select The Bell Killer. Question the girl using all the options. Possess the cat again to go out the open window and head through the passageway to the left of the lift. Hit on the vacuum cleaner to get the priest over to possess and cross the floor demon again (you can get Poltergeist here if you haven't come across it earlier). Leave the church, and select mother's note to finish off this investigation and bag the trophy.

  • Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally

    Story related, can't be missed. Head to the police station. Examine all the clues in the Bell Killer War Room, and poltergeist the fan on the desk to reveal another clue from the folder. When all the clues have been gathered a cop will come in, possess him and select the missing persons poster, then peek, then select the In Custody as the update. Head to the holding cell the witness is in and poltergeist the camera. Poltergeist the coffee machine, the desk printer, and then the large printer/copier to sneak her to the stairway. Possess her to go up the stairs, then posses the coffee machine and large printer to distract a cop each.

    Select the mug shot, then search the office for the clues including checking the phone and talking to the witness to have the message checked. Examine the marks by the rack on the wall – the clues are gun rack, stain, and imprinted – then look at the gun to find the level before talking again to the girl. Poltergeist the printer distract the cop, and talk to the girl as she hides at the stairs. Trophy will pop after a cutscene where she escapes out a window.

  • Discovered what happened to Sophia

    Story related, can't be missed. Leave the station, select Witness' Mothers Note, and head to the Cemetery. Speak to the ghost sat by a tombstone to “unlock” a revealable body behind that requires washed up, tattered, and deceased to be picked. Speak to the man across the path, then back across to examine the bush then get Joy's help to get the rope, then select Pattern of Victim Deaths. You'll enter into a lengthy chase after Sophia through the graveyard (take out the demons one by one when you encounter them) and learn the Teleport skill along the way (getting the Teleporter trophy in the process). Eventually you'll investigate the tree she points at, select the crack in the tree, and grab her arm a couple of times to go through the cutscenes. Use remove to clear the steel gate, and teleport to cross the river as you head along the banks, and the trophy will pop when you reach the bank back where Joy is.

  • Learned the fate of Rose and helped Iris escape the asylum

    Story related, can't be missed. Head to the mental hospital. Get all the clues in the reception, select the photo of the boy, peek at the monitor, and select the room number. Poltergeist the camera, then quickly do the same to the door controls and the camera opposite, and the same to the TV to distract the orderly and the camera near where he was standing. Possess Joy to advance, and then continue on when you have to split due to the ghost wall. You will drop down and possess another cat to head through vents, leaving when you drop into a cell. Pick off the demons and head up through the theater, teleporting through the ghost obstruction.

    Give the door control and camera beyond the poltergeist treatment, then the next control and the one to room 216. Try possessing Iris, then examine the room for clues. Bell and burned at the stake for the bell image, tormented and chased for image Iris is drawing, and linked and two girls for the image of two women at the corner. Help Iris and Joy escape by poltergeisting the radio then the door controls. Select Gala Invitation to wrap up this investigation and get the trophy.

  • Discovered links between the witch trials and the Bell Killer murders

    Story-related, can't be missed. In the main room where the “play” is, collect clues from the play stage, and displays like the stocks and paintings. Focus the trap door of the gallows, the stain of the rocks. At the back of the room pick Burned to Death, Rose, and Torture when looking at the stake, then Drown, Sophia, and Water for the dunking chair. Hit to conclude that investigation.

    Continue down the corridor indicated to encounter a ghost train. Use teleport to zig-zag to gaps by the tracks, and head up the stairs. Head left and head through the empty gallery to the stairs at the other side for a cutscene. Head up with Joy into the restoration room (you can ignore her and the investigation until you get all the artifacts). Clue hunting time! A painting and a necklace display where you should focus on Crystal Necklace. A ship's wheel in the back corner and a Salem's Psychic History board near it. Judge's Gavel and List of Accused on another table. Important message illuminated on bench on right side. A massive Ship's Anchor, Ship's Binnacle, Ship's Telegraph, and Antique Cannon – all stand out being lit up by lamps. One barrel is lit up but isn't a clue, but the Wine barrel near it is. A painting stuck half-behind some shelves at the far back of the room gives big clues in one. Near it is a big painting of a Judge. The clues to solve the investigation are Symbol on Painting, Bell Killer Targets are Mediums, and Puritan Witches are Mediums.

    Next pick Baxter in Museum, Baxter Looking for the Girl, and Baxter Hid the Book. That will pop the trophy as a cutscene starts – after it ends, this will be your last chance to get any collectables from here. Once you leave the Museum, the area is closed off.

  • Investigated the murder of Iris

    Story-related, can't be missed. Leave the museum, dealing with demons on the way out. You'll hear hints from museum patrons about an incident at the church, and that's your destination. There's demons in the main hall now, use crows to distract. Head to the right corridor, and Poltergeist the walkie talkie so you can possess the cop and hitch a left across the floor demons. Examine the places marked by number cards for clues including where the statue used to be. Select Crushed to Death, Statue Stones, and Improvised Weapon when looking at Iris' body. Hit for a grisly cutscene, then head upstairs (don't forget there's two more Church artifacts here during your second visit here to collect).

    In the attic, focus on the wound of the priest's body, the cat paw prints by the body, reveal the Bell Killer holding the picture and pick Discovered and Staring, reveal and inspect the cat, and inspect the photo on the ground. Hit and pick Killer Interrupted, Father McCauley's Death, and Dropped Photo. Follow the cat, and possess it for a brief vent trip. Focus on the key, and pick Judgement House. Start the new investigation to pop the trophy.

  • Discovered the Bell Killer's secrets

    Story-related, can't be missed. In the room you start in, reveal the falling Iris memory with Falling, Scared, and Needs Help. Inspect the bodies, the windows with the numbered cards, then Possess the witness and Influence with Iris Fleeing. Hit to conclude this investigation before leaving the Church, taking care of the demon at the bottom of the stairs. Leaving the church, now is the time to snag all the collectables around Salem Streets before entering Judgment House.

    With collectables done, head to the waypoint. Inside Judgement House, head upstairs to the lit room and through the bookcase. You can actually ignore looking for clues in this room and head on to the next room. Demons will spawn but you can distract one with a near crow to get rid of it, and then easily wait for the other to turn its back. Head through the rooms to find a staircase down, and head through the rooms until you come across a pack of four demons to deal with but again, use the crow to distract. Once the two in front of you are done, avoid/ignore the others and head forward and to the right to find the door down.

    Question Baxter with every option, then head along to the cell. Reveal the memory and pick Judging, Accusing, and Stern, the reveal the Ghost Girl and choose Imprisoned and Pleading. Reveal and inspect a Symbol in the Cell on the floor and Candles on a barrel, inspect the Prison Shackles, then head across to the opposite cell for the Cage and the Prison Bed. Hit and select Righteous Man, Imprisoned Abigail, and Symbol in the Cell. Head out, and you'll need to select Killer's Instrument of Death, Is Abigail the Bell Killer, and the Gallows. The trophy will pop soon after.

    Make sure to collect any last collectables if you haven't finished that off yet before departing Judgement House.

  • Stopped Abigail and saved Rex and Joy

    Story-related, can't be missed. Head all the way back to the front door of Judgement House to leave. Head to the Museum for a point of no return message, and proceed. This section's checkpoint is from the entry to the museum. Carefully step past the floor demons for a plot twist cut-scene. This is a timed section, but there's plenty space on the floors reach the gallows. Possess Joy and select Powerful Scream. Rush to Abigail and hit to grab her arm. Question Abigail with every option, then let the cutscenes roll. Trophy will pop when the credits start.

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