It seemed real Trophy

  • It seemed real


    Win a race with pro physics, tyre wear, and bike damage activated in any game mode


    This trophy is technically glitched, however the glitch is not particularly detrimental and will in no way affect your ability to complete the game. While the trophy description indicates that this trophy can be unlocked in any game mode, for whatever reason, it appears as though this trophy cannot be earned in Online Multiplayer so this will have to be earned in a single player Grand Prix event.

    For this trophy, I recommend selecting the rider: Marc Marquez and the track: Sachsenring. Your options should be as follows:

    Race Options:

    • Length: 15% (3 Laps)
    • Race Session: Only Race
    • AI Difficulty: Very Easy
    • Weather Conditions: Clear
    • Bike Damage: Light
    • Tyre Wear: On
    • Technical Problems: None
    • Penalty Timer: On
    • Disciplinary Flags: Off

    Riding Aids:

    • Physics: Pro
    • Auto Brakes: Off
    • Joint Brakes: Off
    • Steering Help: Off
    • Tuck-In: Automatic
    • Ideal Trajectory: Full
    • Transmission: Semi-Auto
    • Rewind: 6
    • TCS: Full

    Compared to riding with the aids on, having them off is going to make the bike feel a lot more unsettled, and generally a lot more prone to sliding and twitching through corners. My advice is to keep all of your inputs smooth and avoid crashing into the other riders. There are plenty of opportunities around the lap to overtake a few competitors at a time so there should be no rush to be in first place at the end of the first corner. Avoid crashing, use your rewinds if needed and this shouldn't prove to be much trouble.

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