My Kung Fu Is Stronger Trophy

  • My Kung Fu Is Stronger


    Gain Mastery of All Fighters

    This is the most time consuming trophy in the game and by-the-way it is the ONLY gold trophy in the game. Like the “My Kung Fu Is Strong” trophy, you need to reach the mastery of ALL 28 fighters! This is the total objectives that you need to complete OVERALL MINIMUM:
    - 2,800 wins
    - 2,800 -alities (fatalities and/or babalities)
    - 4,200 X-Rays moves
    - 280,000 liters of blood
    - 672 NET HOURS!! of play (like 28 days playing a full 24hrs a day)

    There are two tips for making this trophy half way faster and doable in around 350 hours or less:

    Tip 1:
    - You need ONLY 1 control.
    - Go to Training mode and select Tag Practice Mode (2vs2) and pick two desired fighters, both who need the 24 hours of time play.
    - Once the "fight" starts just leave the controller plugged into the USB port and turn the TV off for a while (preferable at nights)
    - When you check the "fight" just pause it and return to main menu (remember must be on training).
    - After this go to Nekropolis and see the stats of both players and you will notice the increase of the time played.

    Tip 2: thanks to darkrealm for the tip:

    This trick takes two controllers:

    Go to Tag versus
    Enter versus code 466 ( four times 6 times 6 times) on both controllers
    Have rounds set for 3
    You will have unlimited super bar so you can constantly do your X-rays. You can get about 24 done per match this way while it also helps with pints of blood spilled. You can master two things at a time while also working on the time milestone this way. It's saving me a bunch of time on this...

    Obie83 has made a wonderfull Guide for this trophy, you can Check it HERE.

    YouTube - Mortal Kombat / My Kung Fu Is Stronger Trophy (Platinum)

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  • more than 600 hours...FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  • Not to mention all of the Fatalities and X-rays you have to perform.
  • to much work for one trophy
  • this is insane!!!
  • screw this shit!
  • I'm gona get you little trophie coz I like little trophies!
  • This one is time consuming as hell! But I'd rather this then try and win 10 ranked online when all the spammers are out there.
  • how is this possible lol
  • this is impossible lol
  • This is awful I wonder if you can use 2 controllers and just chill there and do the 1 hit matches
  • But....why?
  • [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  • Think the easiest way for this is go to tag training and leave on over nite 2 build up time 4 2 characters at once, then its just a case of doing the xrays, fatalities etc on 2 player mode. Still gonna take a while doin it that way tho lol
  • there's one thing I dont'n understand from the Tip 1: the 2vs2 method reffers that you need to be team with both characters that need the 24 hours of time play OR that your character AND your opponent who is in the screen with you need time 24 hours of time play. PLEASE ANSWER :)
  • also I forgot to say that is the most annoying trophie since "The Beast" (Army of TWO the 40th day)
  • i hate this trophy... this is the only one between me and 100% + the platinum trophy.
  • Sorry no. 15 is that aimed at me? if so then the answer is the 1st 1, the tag team you use gets the time built up not the opponent team. That would of been nice though as then you cudda built time up for the 4 players lol
  • hahahaahah it makes sense, thanks bazcadman
  • i doubt anyone has this trophy
  • Up to six fighters. GOD THIS SUCKS
  • first person i can find that earned this trophy... (there is 27 others also) PSN: superpj1 08th May 2011 at 13:16:33 (3 months ago)
  • I won't be going for this trophy myself as it is too much effort and quite frankly I have a backlog of games to get through. JvK :cool:
  • Does anyone know if I buy Kenshi, Rain, and Skarlett if they suddenly count towards the trophy? I wanna buy them but dont want another 3 characters to master
  • The time can be done by doing tag practice. Both characters will get time not just the one you happen to have selected. The hardest part of this trophy is playing every charcter long enough to get the 100 fatalities since ladder mode only has 8 fighters you can actually fatality, it is very time consuming, but if you complete it you will be one of the few that have. My time is done for all characters and I have 7 characters done completely, I just play it off and on I will eventually have this trophy
  • Ignore the ladder. Just have two controllers... switch rounds to win to one. Before each fight, with the second controller type square twice and triangle twice. Player 2 will start with 25% health. fatality... repeat. Takes no longer than an hour to master each characters fatality. For instance, i mastered smoke and cyrax the hard way... took me like five days for both. I'm now at thirteen mastered characters in the last seven days, another week and a half i'll have this god forsaken trophy
  • I'm in no rush to get this trophy, but I will get it eventually, without having it cut in on my precious gaming time. Whenever I'm sitting my baby or doing stuff around the house I put MK on, start a Tag vs match and leave it running to grind out the time, and when I'm playing with the baby on the floor I can have the controllers beside me and throw in the 'Sans Life' [044-440] kode, to get a 1 hit kill for Fatalities or [466-466] for infinite X-Rays (in tag matches you can do 4-6 X-Rays a round, depending on character) Only have 1 mastered yet though, but overall I'm over 50% there, will probably probably get it before end of year, but the 10 online wins in a row is gonna be the one holding me from 100% I think
  • They should of made it 10 hours. Not 24.
  • CRAZY !
  • 10 would be an acceptable grind, maybe 5. This is too much.
  • Does Kratos count towards this? Since he's a PS3 exclusive and 360 is short one character I was wondering if you had to grind him out as well for all these -do everything with every fighter trophy-
  • Finally got this trophy last night. You can all get it just put in the time and follow #27's advice. It's time consuming. @ #31, Kratos does count towards this. You have to master 28 fighters for the PS3. The DLC characters does not count thankfully.
  • Thanks for the tip 26 also to get your xrays put in the infinite xrays code change rounds to 5 to win and play 2 player tag you can rack up xrays this way
  • @ 28 not even 10 really, mileena, ermac and smoke are the 3 charecters that I play and even having over 200 wins with each, I still didnt have 10 hours played with them only 8, I think there shouldnt be a time just have the rest.
  • Imagine how much this trophy would suck if practice DIDNT count towards the time.
  • too much work for only 1 gold trophy, by far the most time consuming trophy in any game
  • Fckin bs this shit is stupid fck off game makers
  • Its really not as bad as it seems, if you take all of the shortcuts that we have listed here it just takes a little grinding is all, all I have left to do is 100 fatalities with 15 charecters than I am done with this trophy. I plan to do that with 2 controllers and putting the rounds to win down to 1. Having player 2 hit squarex2 and trianglex2 during the game load screen, which puts player 2 health to 25%, kill them fatality repeat. An hour a day I should have this in 2 weeks give or take a few days.
  • why does the guide keep saying "NET" hours when this can be done offline?
  • Funny the things game designers can make us do, I wonder if somebody was laughing in the background when they came up with this.
  • @39 wait-wait-wait...this can be done offline?! Mother!@#$er...
  • Most stupid trophy of all time. Period. "My Kung Fu Is Stronger". And how? When I'm sleeping, working? I found a new meaning to this trophy: "Stress test for your console".
  • @41 YES! it can be done offline in any game mode. online time also counts but obviously any sane person would do this offline. the guide should clear this up!
  • Future trophy hunter: OMG finally got my kung fu is strongEST! Played a year with each fighter...and only 3 days till PS10 comes out too!
  • I've given up on this trophy, too much effort.
  • Is there an easier way to get blood spillled? I have 100 wins, fatalities, 150. Xrays and time with most characters, but some. Are at like 4k pints of blood.
  • c'mon guys this should be the last trophy before the platinum, so rush in do this focus in the other stuff, leave this for the time when you are not in home or watching TV. the trophy is easy but LOOONG
  • iam a big fan of MK and i love geting trophies and getting 100% but fuck this DX
  • I think mine glitched... I have mastered each character but haven't gotten the trophy. I only needed 26 minutes with baraka, so i went to practice and watched TV... I came back expecting a platinum to be on my trophy list, but no such luck. HUGE waste of time and effort!
  • @49 Jump in a ladder match with any fighter. I read about this, but I think it fixes once you jump in another match... also its worth combing though your stats just to make sure and make sure you have Kratos done... I've been doing this daft trophy since the release date, I can't stand the game anymore, I just play it for a few hours once a week or so.
  • I'll get this trophy... in 2015 or something... I'd be very pissed if I tried to get it, and at the end, it glitches. I'd have to kill somebody.
  • ^im so pissed i literaly mastered all characters and nothing popped up the damn trophy glitched
  • nvm i just played one match and pop i got it. so relieved i was about to snap my disc
  • if u get this trophy u have no life and proably play no other game
  • It's not even 672 hours, if you use tag team, it's 336 hours, since the time spent goes to two characters at once. And it doesn't include the time spent on the other stuff you've been doing. Besides, this trophy is NOT hard. Its just time consuming. People overestimate the scale of this trophy too much.
  • time fucking consuming trophie
  • i love getting fawkery trophies like this. fawk it!
  • Ridiculous trophy...
  • Finally got this SOB!!! There's grinding for trophies, then there's this... Still, the double controller method worked well, as I was able to multitask in game, and do stuff in the real world as well! ;)
  • I must add, btw, that tag ladder is pretty effective also. Each character gets ladder time x2. I.E.- say you complete tag ladder in 15 mins, both will get 30 mins towards mastery stats.
  • still working ... :)))))))))))
  • A lot of time and dedication. Might attempt it using of these useful tips and hints.
  • need help with all online tropies add me DemonSuperman
  • By far the most redundant and unnecessary trophy I have ever come across in my plays. You are talking about leaving your console on for over 350 hours? Most of which you won't even be playing? I like trophies and the challenges a lot of them bring, and love when I platinum a game. However, Im okay with the idea of not platinum-ing all games. Especially ones like this with trophies that are NOT worth it.
  • I can't enter the Infinite Super Meter code fast enough. Is there another quick method to build up X rays.
  • Is there another way? I was curious about tagged versus match having 4 different characters having their hours done. with no time limit and let it stay there just like on tagged practice. just wondering about that.
  • This is the most INSANE BS trophy. To those who got it 100% legitimate then you have my respect.
  • So i'm doing this now, finally have the motivation to do it!!! But 1 question... Did any ps3 die during this trophy? Because i don't want my ps3 to die :(
  • I'm at the finishing of this trophy and no my ps3 is still standing against this bullshit trophy ...those evil bastard developers
  • Finally! after a really long grind I got the plat.. First trophy from MK was on 8th feb 2013 haha For the ones who are going after my kung fu is stronger, I have some tips: - 150 fatalities, do stage fatalities, goes way faster then normal ones. (Do 1 round, and use code). - 100 xray (do tag team, 3 rounds and use code) - Blood spills (do tag team, 3 rounds and use only squareor triangle to hit the head, its around 600/700 each game) - time (do tagteam and just leave it on in training mode!) - For the MK komplete edition you don't have to do all characters, only the main 24. In every part of the game where you can do a fatality, do it! (like online or ladder) and switch characters ofcourse. Good luck! grz Atrum
  • @ #67 thnx! 8)
  • here is a google doc spreadsheet i've made as an alternative for keeping track
  • This trophy is painful. Over 7 years later and still working on it lol.
  • Icerunner45 do you have the online trophies or do you want to boost?
  • It is weird to think what the creators of this trophy think, Like, why spending 24 hours with all characters. It does not mean anything at all, its just a huge waste of time and energy.
  • I got this trophy today!!!! ^_^
  • I got this trophy back in 2014. The only reason I got it is that back then we played a lot (and I mean A LOT) with my friends. One day I was checking the stats and realized that (over 3 years!) most characters had met the requirements for the trophy, specially the X Rays and blood. Even the fatalities were pretty high for most (except for Stryker.. nobody chose Stryker). The only thing left was uuugh the time! So I DID leave the console on for the remaining hours on each character, did a few remaining fatalities and X-rays here and there and the trophy popped. And I did it just to prove that this is NOT a difficult trophy. It's just very time consuming and pointless and getting this trophy proves NOTHING! My respects to the real gamers that own the ranked boards. Those are the real elite!

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