Mortal Kombat X Trophies

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74 trophies ( 67  )

DLC: Mortal Kombat XL

13 trophies

  • Perform the Pit Stage Fatality with Leatherface in the Klassic Tower

  • Perform the Kove Stage Fatality with Triborg in the Klassic Tower

  • Perform a Stage Brutality with Alien in the Klassic Tower

  • Don't perform a Kombo over 4 hits with Bo' Rai Cho and win a complete Online Ranked 1v1 match

  • Win the match with your opponent stepping on Caltrops

  • Flip Stance 10 times with a Kombat Pack 2 character during a Fatality sequence in an Online match

  • Perform a Klassic Fatality in a Klassic skin

  • Perform Bo' Rai Cho's Drinking special 10 times during a match in the Klassic Tower

  • Throw 5 Face Huggers during a match with Alien in the Klassic Tower

  • Win a match after connecting all attacks from Leatherface's Berserker Stance in the Klassic Tower

  • Win 5 complete matches with each Robot Type

  • Complete the Klassic Tower with one of the Kombat Pack 2 characters

  • Jump back and forth over your opponent 5 times during the Fatality sequence and perform a Fatality


Mortal Kombat X Trophies FAQ

  • How many Mortal Kombat X trophies are there?
    There are 74 Trophies to unlock in Mortal Kombat X. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 67 Bronze.

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