+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
+ Offline: 40
+ Online: 3
+ Approximate time: 10-30 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Missable trophies: None if following the guide and this roadmap.
+ Glitched trophies: 'Relentless'
+ Cheats: Don't think there are any (confirmation)


Mortal Kombat is an all out action fighting game it has been around for a number of years, the first encounter I had with it however was on the sega megadrive. This game has tried to push the series to a new level and expand in a new way with brand new features! With the introduction on the DC comic characters I felt that this was actually a pretty decent game. If you are looking for a quick platinum then I suggest you side step this one. To get 100% on this game it will require you to have a lot of time, dedication and a huge amount of patience. Here is the step by step guide on the best way to get yourself one more platinum towards your collection.

Step 1: Story Mode x2

I would suggest to do this first no matter what! There are two sides to choose here, the DC side or the Mortal Kombat side. I would have the difficulty set on normal or easy just to give yourself an easier time when fighting the computer. Each side will only take a few hours separately but once you have done this you can move on to the more challenging trophies.

Step2: Arcade x2

This is not challenging at all. The best method as the guide says is to set the settings to easy and have each round at 30 seconds each. This will cause you no fuss when fighting opponents and will make it quicker for you to achieve each trophy. Just do this for both sides in the game and this will be an easy trophy. All finishers can be done in here and is highly recommended by me, set all matches to a 30 second period and use the list within the guide, the link can be found at the bottom.

Step 3: Kombo Challenges

This is to be known as the hardest and most toughest/challenging trophies in a playstation 3 game to date. There are really no tips that a person can give because the way you complete all challenges is up to your style of play and whether you can be patient enough to stand the disappointment of failing almost 90% of the time. Just follow the videos located in the guide and try to follow them as best you can.

Step Four: Online

No longer possible due to server closure.

BOOSTING – There are two trophies related to online, to get a flawless victory (1 round) and to play 100 matches. I would recommend boosting the flawless trophy because it would make it so much easier for you. The 100 wins trophy will just come over time and doesn’t need boosting because you can either win or lose and it won’t matter.

NON BOOSTING – This is pretty much the same as the boosting way except you will have to try extra hard to get the flawless trophy. You need to take no damage and beat the opponent in 1 round. I would just suggest using the same moves over and over. The 100 wins doesn’t matter for this again because it requires no boosting, just play 100 matches.

Note: Many have found the 100 matches trophy to be glitched. This happened with me - I had to play 135 matches before the trophy popped up so be sure to have patience!

Step Five: Finishing Up

All extra trophies will relate to finishing up. The 200 versus matches can only be played against a second player. Therefore I recommend to keep playing matches against someone or yourself on a 30 time period. This will make it much faster and easier for you. Once again, the versus matches are another great opportunity to try and get all of the finishers done, these are very easy to get if you just use the list from the guide. (Link at the bottom).

This last trophy ‘super moves and promoves’ should all be done within practice mode. The enemy here can be non-responsive if you wish so it makes it a great deal easier when doing certain moves that you need time for. There is a link within the guide to this game that shows all of the moves that you can do and is a spot on list that you should have no problems with.

[PST would like to thank Rockets88 for this Road Map]

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Trophy Guide

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43 trophies ( 34  3  )

  • You Unlocked All Trophies!

    No longer possible due to server closure.

    Simply obtain all of the other trophies in the game to earn this platinum trophy.

  • Complete Mortal Kombat Story

    No real strategy to this trophy. Just make sure you set the gameplay difficulty to Very Easy. You do not have to do the story mode in one sitting, but collectively, if you win all of your matches, it shouldn't take more than an hour to an hour and a half. Dark Khan is relatively cheap no matter what difficulty you set it on, so try hit and run tactics. Keep your distance and make sure to jump whenever you see him lift his leg for his earthquake move.
  • Complete DC Universe Story

    Same as World's Remade, except with the DC characters.
  • Complete Arcade Mode with all DC characters

    Pretty self explanatory. Just finish the arcade mode with all DC Universe characters. Make sure to set it to Very Easy, 1 Round, and 30 Second Rounds. Also remember that you need to complete Arcade mode with Darkside as well to get this trophy, so do this after obtaining the 'Universe Reborn' trophy.

  • Complete Arcade Mode with all MK characters

    Same as DC Arcade Champion, just remember to complete Arcade mode with Shao Khan as well, so do this after obtaining the World's Remade trophy.
  • Complete Both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe Story Modes

    You will obtain this simply by completing both of the games story modes. Just refer to the 'World's Remade' and 'Universe Reborn' trophies.

  • Play 200 Versus matches

    The most efficient way to obtain this trophy is to go for the Relentless trophy (since these do count as "Versus" matches). After that, set the gameplay options to 1 round matches and 30 second rounds. Use your first 40 matches to perform everyone's Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities for The Finisher trophy. That leaves 160 more you can either boost on your own, play more online, or play with some buddies.
  • Perform a Fatality!

    You should go for this trophy when going for 'The Competitor' trophy. Just use 40 matches to do all of the moves. A full list can be found below:

    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Move List

  • Perform a Heroic Brutality

    Exactly the same as the Fatality! trophy.
  • Perform all Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities

    You should go for this trophy when going for your The Competitor trophy. Just use 40 matches to do all of the moves. A full list can be found under the Fatality! trophy.
  • Perform a 10-Hit Combo in Arcade Mode

    This is a very simple trophy which can be done by many characters. Some good suggestions would be Lui Kang (any normal combo linked to his Bicycle Kick), Sonya (again, any normal combo linked to her Bicycle Kick) or The Flash (Triangle, Triangle, Back - Forward + Triangle).
  • Complete Baraka's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Batman's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Catwoman's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Deathstroke's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete the Flash's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Green Lantern's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Jax's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete the Joker's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Kano's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Kitana's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Lex Luthor's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Liu Kang's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Raiden's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Scorpion's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion



  • Complete Shang Tsung's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Captain Marvel's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Sonya's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Sub-Zero's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Superman's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Wonder Woman's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Beat Arcade Mode on Max Difficulty Without Continuing

    This is easier than it sounds. Many characters have quick spammable moves that either knocks the opponent far away when it connects, or they will just sit there and block it. You can still set it to 1 Round, 30 second Rounds to get this trophy. I got this by using Darkseid and spamming his Eye Laser ( - + ). All of the opponents I faced did nothing but sit there and block, but eventually a shot gets through and they will get hit by it. Make sure if you go this route, choose to fight DC characters only. I have found that Scorpion will either Slide or Teleport punch every time you try to use this move. No one on the DC side will do this.

    Another Method:

    Credit to disinformation

    I found a decent way of getting arcade master on a board the other day, basically you choose shang tsung against DC characters, 1 round, 30 sec rounds. Then just spam them with Square combos, they either cop it or block. The only characters I had trouble against were wonder woman and lex luthor, in which case i would spam them with flaming skulls (,, , , ). It took maybe 2 or three tries to get through it, but it wasn't hard.

  • Complete all Kombo Challenges

    Unfortunately, there is no way to boost or make these any easier, you have to do exactly what the trial says to do and you have to do it on your own. Some general tips for these:

    1. Any move that requires a quarter-circle movement (like Down-Back or Down-Forward) can be done by just holding the d-pad in the diagonal direction for the move.

    2. For a lot of the air-juggle type combos, I found a lot of them were done much easier if done against Shao Khan or Darkseid. These 2 characters seemed to have much larger hit boxes than the others, giving you more room for error.

    3. Take breaks and switch trials/characters regularly. The more time you spend on one particular trial or character, the more irritated you will become and the more likely you are to make easily avoidable mistakes. I typically would not practice a trial for more than 10 minutes before moving on.

    4. There are some "timed" moves that do not show up as timed on the combo explanation at the top of the screen. The best example of this is Scorpions #10 trial. At the end of the trial (right after the jumping punch that sets up a air combo juggle) you need to perform a 3 button combo that adds a fourth kick at the end and then link that to the double Teleportation Punch. If you perform the Teleportation Punch too early, it will stop the 4 hit combo and you will not have enough hits to complete the trial and if you do it too late, your opponent will hit the ground before you can Teleport Punch. You have to enter the move (Down - Back + X) At the exact moment the last kick connects. This will cause Scorpion to IMMEDIATELY perform the move. This is not considered a pro-move, but it does have a specific time in which you have to do it. (I hope this made sense).
  • Finish Arcade Mode with a Mortal Kombat Character

    Just finish arcade mode with one Mortal Kombat character. Gameplay options do not prevent you from obtaining this, so set it to Very Easy, 1 round matches, and 30 second rounds.
  • Finish Arcade Mode with a DC Universe Character

    Exactly the same as the Mortal Kombat Champion trophy, except with a DC Universe character.
  • Perform Klose Kombat

    Anytime during any match, just grab your opponent with the R1 button. This trophy can actually be obtained if the computer does it to you and it can be obtained even if it is countered and not fully completed.
  • Perform a Free-Fall Transition

    Almost all of the stages have Free Fall transitions. Just get your opponent close to the edge and continue to beat on them. Eventually one of the stronger hits (like an uppercut) will send them over the ledge into "Free Fall" mode.
  • Win a Chat Room Match

    No longer possible due to server closure.

    This should come eventually when going for the 'Relentless' Trophy. This can be boosted so use the boosting thread to find a partner to help you: LINK

  • Play 100 Chat Lobby Matches

    Just play 100 online matches. This can be boosted, but it will not go much faster than just jumping into one of the larger rooms and fighting anyone that is available.
  • Get a Flawless Victory Online

    No longer possible due to server closure.

    This comes from winning 1 round with a Flawless Victory, not both rounds of a match. You can either attempt this the legit way (just remember that ALL blocked moves result in chip damage meaning if you block just a regular punch or kick, you will not get this trophy). Just create an online room called 'FLAWLESS TROPHY' and wait for someone to join in and trade the trophy with you, alternatively you can boost this using the boosting thread: LINK


Secret trophies

  • Complete Darkseid's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Complete Shao Kahn's Kombo Challenge

    See Supreme Champion

  • Perform All Super Moves and Promoves

    This requires you to perform all super moves and promoves, this means for all of the Mortal Kombat characters & DC Universe characters. The easiest way to do these is to perform them in practice mode: Smejk's Pro-Move list

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