No Secrets Trophy in Moonlighter

  • No Secrets


    Find a secret room 10 times

    How to unlock No Secrets

    Whenever you enter a room in a dungeon, there will be a chance that you'll see sparkles that will appear in the dark pits. It will sparkle only for a short time when you first enter, so pay attention. That indicates a secret room at the bottom of the pit. So either walk or roll into the pit to enter the room.

    There are four different types of secret rooms you can come across. One will be containers tipped over with items on the ground. Another is a tree stump with a book in it. If you take the book, make sure to replace it with an item, or a big green unbeatable slime ghost will chase you until you reach the next floor or leave the dungeon. You can also find an open chest, that you can put your items in and it will transport them back to your shop. And lastly, there will be a pillar that will open portals of enemies, which you must defeat for chests.

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