Going for Supplies... Trophy in Moonlighter

  • Going for Supplies...


    Use the Emblem in the room before the boss room

    How to unlock Going for Supplies...

    When you reach the 3rd floor in the Golem Dungeon for the first time, you'll obtain a Merchant's Emblem that allows you to open a portal to lead you back to town. This is different than your pendant, as you are able to go back through the portal to return to the same spot in the dungeon. It will close upon your return to the dungeon.

    Once you reach the room before the boss room, you'll know you're there when you see a big door that's different than the ones you seen before. You'll then go to your inventory and activate your Merchant Emblem. The cost of activation will vary depending on the dungeon, and the floor you are on.

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