Careful Merchant Trophy in Moonlighter

  • Careful Merchant


    Complete the game with under 40 deaths

    How to unlock Careful Merchant

    There is no tracker for this, so you will have to keep track of your deaths. If you're worried about this trophy, when you die, you can exit out of the game before you select an option to go back to town, or try again, to go back to your last auto save before you died. Make sure you have not died 40 times at the end of the game for the trophy.

    To help with this, make sure you always have the latest armor you can get for your area, as that will add to the total of your health. Upgrade your bed, as that will add a shield meter to your health. Keep health potions on you and use the recovery pools whenever you can. Also, you can always use your Merchant Emblem to go back to town, where you will recover all your health and gain back your shield buff.

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