Savage! Trophy in Moonlighter

  • Savage!


    Kill a total of 10,000 enemies

    How to unlock Savage!

    It seems the counter for this resets when you exit the game and/or does not track properly. The work around is to do this all in one session.

    This will take you awhile, as you will have to actually grind for this trophy as you will not complete this naturally throughout the game. You will at least have 4,000 kills by going for the other kill related trophies, so you will have to continue to grind out the rest of the kills. Unfortunately, there is no tracker to look at for how many kills you currently have.

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  • Maybe this is helpful for some people, but in the 4th Dungeon (tech dungeon), there is a room with only two enemies both seperated by a gap so they wont chase you. They are also seperated by a wall between them. The trick here is that one of them is a small slime you can onehit effortless and a small technic tower which spawns dead enemies in the room. So you just need to equip a weapon you like (bow may be the best so you dont need to cross the gap) and kill the small slime over and over with the tower respawning it endless. Only thing to do is to take care when the immortal slime spawns to kill you onehit. I always killed about 300 enemies, took a portal for reuse and went in again, resetting the time for the immortal slime to spawn.
  • Is it still glitched ? I got the other 1k kills exiting the game with no problem .

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