Janitor Trophy in Moonlighter

  • Janitor


    Kill all bosses with the broom (last hit)

    How to unlock Janitor

    **Missable and Glitched**
    It seems the counter for this resets when you exit the game and/or does not track properly. The work around is to do this all in one session.

    You will need to defeat the bosses of each dungeon with the broom that you start out with. You can damage the bosses with any weapon, as it only needs to die by the broom. So when you get the boss down to a small amount of health, switch out your weapon for the broom and finish off the boss. Be careful though, you cannot obtain another broom, so do NOT sell it.

    If you end up killing the boss before you are able to finish it off with the broom, you can exit the game and reload, as it will not autosave until you leave the area.

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