Weapon Master Trophy in Moonlighter

  • Weapon Master


    Craft all weapons

    How to unlock Weapon Master

    There are 9 different weapons to craft in each of the 5 categories. Fortunately, if you get one of the weapons to drop in a dungeon, it will count and you will not need to craft it. You can add items to your wish list, which will then mark the materials required to craft the weapon with a star, so you won't sell it by accident and know to keep it when you pick it up.

    If you have already found the materials before, you can purchase them at Le Ratailer, though it is not suggested as he sells things overpriced. Plus, it will benefit you going out to the dungeons and collecting it yourself, as it will add to the kill trophies needed for each dungeon and overall for the 10,000 kills.

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