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    Perfect Energy Flux

    How to unlock Perfect Energy Flux


    The Energy Flux is at the end of the Tech Dungeon on the 3rd floor. To get this, you must avoid taking damage. This is missable, as the boss does not respawn after he is defeated. To make this easier, when you arrive at the entrance to the boss, use your Merchant Emblem and go back to town and sleep or run your shop. This will save the game, so if you mess up during the boss fight, you can exit out and reload your game, and you will start from there to try again.

    Like the Desert boss, this one does not have a set pattern, so you will have to be mindful of the hints it gives you on what is coming next. Every time the boss does his attack, he will sit still for a moment for you to attack him before he moves into another spot. The boss has four different moves.

    You will have the boss shoot out energy balls that are attached to the beam, which you can dodge through and then continue to hit the boss until it makes it way around again to dodge. It will also shoot out an electrical beam that is rather quick and will sweep across the area, so make sure you are ready to dodge, as there is only a few seconds before you get hit. The boss will also send out a field of electrical current. You can tell he is going to, as you will see electrical current surround the boss. You will want to get in position where there is a gap in the current around the boss. If the boss turns red, then it is about ready to move around the area. It will send a harmless line of current out in the direction a few seconds before it moves, so get out of the way. Continue to hit the boss between his moves until his health is depleted.


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