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    Perfect Carnivorous Mutae

    How to unlock Perfect Carnivorous Mutae


    The Carnivorous Mutate is at the end of the Forest Dungeon on the 3rd floor. To get this, you must avoid taking damage. This is missable, as the boss does not respawn after he is defeated. To make this easier, when you arrive at the entrance to the boss, use your Merchant Emblem and go back to town and sleep or run your shop. This will save the game, so if you mess up during the boss fight, you can exit out and reload your game, and you will start from there to try again.

    I suggest using a bow for this and keeping at a distance. He will start out by swinging his tentacles, which you can dodge out of the way, or just be back far enough. After that, you will see him put his roots in the ground, which will cause roots to start popping up from the ground underneath you. This will happen 3 times, so continuously dodge out of the way until it stops. If you are near the wall, the roots usually stop a bit in front of it, so staying by the side walls is a safe bet, the top and bottom, you'll still get hit. He will then emit pollen out from his body which you can either walk between them once they are far enough apart, or just dodge through it. He will also try and jump on you from time to time.

    During this, the boss will shoot out seeds that will produce some other plants, which will continually shoot pollen at you as well. Either dodge the pollen, or kill the plants. Continue to chip away at the bosses health until he is defeated.


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