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    Perfect Golem King

    How to unlock Perfect Golem King


    The Golem King is at the end of the Golem Dungeon on the 3rd floor. To get this, you must avoid taking damage. This is missable, as the boss does not respawn after he is defeated. To make this easier, when you arrive at the entrance to the boss, use your Merchant Emblem and go back to town and sleep or run your shop. This will save the game, so if you mess up during the boss fight, you can exit out and reload your game, and you will start from there to try again.

    He will hit the ground, which will cause boulders to fall. When this happens, you'll see the shadows on the ground where they will land. Simply move out of the way. Then he will aim his jelly arm at you, and shoot it out and sweep it across. You can either roll out of the way when he does this to avoid damage, or just block it with your shield (which doesn't always work). In between each move, he'll emit a wave from his body that will knock you back, don't worry though as it does not cause any damage.

    Sometimes a big one eyed blob will spawn after the boulders drop, so be careful of that, as it tends engulf you and keep you in place. Continue to hit him in between his moves and he will eventually be defeated.


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