Act. 3 CLEAR Trophy in Moon Diver

  • Act. 3 CLEAR


    Clear Stages 9–12.


    How to unlock Act. 3 CLEAR

    Self-explanatory. Simply clear stages 9 through 12. This can be done offline/local or either online only if you’re the host. Party members won't earn credit for clearing the stages. Some players find that clearing stage 12 is too difficult for them and as a result they find a partner to help them. Stage 12 is actually easy and not difficult at all. Here are some tips on clearing this area solo:

    • For one, as mentioned above in the Roadmap these MCs will counter everything in stage 12 perfectly:
      1. Falk's Joy: Damages all enemies
      2. Nive's Anger: Lets you perform a body slam for 8 sec.
      3. Nitor's Chorus: Freezes enemies for 12 sec. (or the 8 sec one)
      4. Ceno’s Therapy: Recovers 50% of HP
    • Two, I believe that players are claiming this stage is hard because the very first area you begin in Stage 12 - La Duel Tactique! is the only hardest area. That's mainly because the DLC character, Silence, will try to kill you while you're running past all the laser and turrets shooting at you. You must take your time and be patient and freeze the enemies shooting at you and slowly continuing on. Be sure to heal if you're going to die. If you try to rush this area a Cannon will appear out of nowhere and will likely kill you with Silence still after you. If you’ve done this area right, then you'll face Silence and many machine enemies at the same time in a Seal Zone. If you're still having trouble, then don’t be shy to lower the difficulty to Easy.
    • Three, the remaining areas will be a cake walk and you shouldn't have any real troubles. In the Divine Door area there’s a Gate Door that you cannot break. You most defeat the games three major bosses again by finding them in their stage areas. Every time you defeat 1 of these 3 bosses, you'll be sent back in the Divine Door area again. If you go back to the Gate Door you'll notice that it's crumbled cracks into it. So you should continue to kill the bosses in different areas (there are special gates to prevent you from fighting the same bosses repeatedly) and once all 3 are defeated the Gate Door vanishes and the upper level will lead you into Grand Stairs and The Creator (Final Boss) areas.
    • Four, the Final boss is actually easy if you remember his patterns. They're the same over and over again. I was level 44 (reached level 48 after clearing Stage 12) with 15 points in HP, 11 points in MP, and 17 points in POW with my Seyfert (red guy). Before I fought the boss, I paused the game and watched the following video to see how to kill him. It worked like a charm. I would advise you to not double jump on the Final Boss at all as it's not needed or you'll get hurt by his Big Bang Attack:

    Credit goes to: FrankNStein

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