-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 46 (36 Bronze, 5 Silver, 4 Gold, 1 Platinum)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 9-15 Hours if you go for Remember the Heroes trophy first time through, otherwise you will have to start a new game and replay the entire single player for this trophy which will add another few hours playtime.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 if following this guide, 2 if you don't get Remember the Heroes first playthrough
-Number of missable trophies: 5 (Team Spirit, Team Victory, Team Glory, Team Supremacy, Remember the Heroes)
-Do Cheats Disable Trophies?: Yes

Quickest Way To Platinum:
For the quickest way to platinum Monsters Vs Aliens follow these steps to get the trophy. Platinum can be achieved in a different order, but that may cause you to have to play the game more then once and take longer then if you follow these steps.

When you first start, make sure your focus is on not failing (dying) so you get the secret "Complete the game without failing more than ten times" trophy. If you do fail you should exit out of the game and restart completely. If you simply quit the stage you're on it will still save your game, which would be counting against your total number of times failed.
Focus on not failing the entire game and just beating it your entire playthrough. Otherwise, if you do fail more than ten times you will have to replay the entire game a second time to get this trophy.

Complete all the levels up until Pursuit (Chapter 1, Scene 4). Once you have beat that level go into the DNA Lab and advance to the spot where you are allowed to buy Ginormica's Chain Dash ability. This will help you through all her levels later in the game. After her ability is purchased you can play straight through the rest of the game until you beat it. Don't forget to watch the entire credits after you beat the game for the "Stay Put and Watch" trophy.

You can either play in coop in your first playthrough if you can manage not failing and controlling two controllers, or if you have someone playing with you. If not then after you beat the game without failing go back and get all the coop trophies.

Just playing through the game you should have aquired most of the other trophies such as "Swallowing 50 enemies with B.O.B." and "Machine Gun Specialist". Which leaves the trophies that will take some time grinding out points/DNA.

Start with the 10 Million Point trophy by following the description for that trophy in this guide. It will take some time grinding points to get this. Then continue going back for the 500,000 DNA trophy. This too will take some time grinding. You can just replay whatever stage you find easiest and that gives a decent amount of DNA each round.

Now all that's left is the DNA Lab trophies and if you have already done the 500,000 DNA then you should have more then enough to go right through this. The only thing that will take a little more time is the Monster Challenge segments in the Lab. If you're stuck getting gold on one particular challenge you can always come back to it after you're done with the rest to get the gold for it.

Then finish up any remaining golds you may have skipped on the Monster Challenges and then enjoy your new platinum.

[PS3T would like to thank Lil_Mermaid_Girl for this Road Map]

Monsters vs. Aliens Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
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46 trophies ( 36  7  )

  • Complete Chapter 1.

    Complete all eight scenes in Chapter 1.

  • Complete Chapter 2.

    Complete all five scenes in Chapter 2.

  • Complete Chapter 3.

    Complete all six scenes in Chapter 3.

  • Complete Chapter 4.

    Complete all six scenes in Chapter 4.

  • Complete the game (awarded just before credits).

    Complete all scenes in all four Chapters.

  • Perform 50 Leap Attacks with The Missing Link.

    Leap Attacks are done by holding down Square to charge and The Missing Link's hands will glow white, when fully charged you release and it will go into slow motion with the enemies in the air, then you use the Right Analog stick to select the targets and he will attack. Do this 50 times for this trophy.

  • Watch credits until the end.

    Watch the entire credits after the last cut scene, or if you want to get the trophy before you beat the game you can watch the credits by going to Special Features in the main menu and selecting Credits and watching them.

  • Collect 100,000 Monsters DNA particles in the game.

    See Never Say Enough.

  • Collect 500,000 Monsters DNA particles in the game.

    You get DNA by defeating enemies, picking up the small yellow DNA orbs scattered throughout the world, and by destroying boxes and other similiar items. The yellow stuff that comes out of the boxes is DNA, so make sure you smash all the boxes and destroyable items you see and kill all the enemies instead of running past some. I didn't get the 100,000 DNA particles trophy until the beginning of Chapter 4. You will have to replay scenes via scene select in order to get this trophy. And remember, the large purple orbs scattered around the world will give you bonus multipliers to any DNA you collect, but getting hit removes one multiplier. Also, spending DNA particles in the DNA Lab is fine as this is the cumulative total of all the DNA you have collected.

  • Buy all upgrades for all characters (Green nodes).

    Buy all character upgrade nodes in the DNA Lab. You need to beat Chapter 4, Scene 3 "Sticky Situation" in order to be able buy all these.

  • Buy all coop upgrades.

    By all coop upgrades in the DNA Lab. You have to beat Chapter 4, Scene 4 "More Aliens" in order to be able to buy all these. Coop nodes are light blue.

  • Buy every concept art.

    Buy all concept art nodes in the DNA LAb. You need to beat the game in order to be able to buy all these. Concept art nodes are yellow.

  • Buy all surprises (Purple nodes).

    Buy all surprise nodes in the DNA Lab. You need to beat the game in order to be able to buy all these.

  • Use the Charge Blast for the first time in Coop.

    With controller two hold down X until the laser is fully charged then release to use a Charge Blast.

  • Use the Tractor Beam for the first time in Coop.

    See Maximum Attraction.

  • Destroy 30 EyeScouts and Helicopters in Ginormica’s levels in Coop.

    Use controller 2 to destroy 30 Helicopters in Ginormica's levels. Should get this through one or two plays in coop on her levels.

  • Destroy 100 BHolders in The Missing Link’s and B.O.B.’s levels in Coop.

    BHolders are flying enemies that you can't reach with The Missing Link or B.O.B. They don't attack the player but just fly around and can only be killed with the second controller in coop.

  • Tractor Beam 50 enemies in The The Missing Link’s and B.O.B. levels in Coop.

    Press Traingle to switch the laser into Tractor Beam mode, charge and release to attack an enemy.

  • Destroy 10 drones with Ginormica’s dash.

    See Master Tackler.

  • Destroy 25 drones with Ginormica’s dash.

    To use Ginormica's dash press the Square button when you are right in front of a drone. Drones are the basic enemies on Ginormica's levels.

  • Use Ginormica’s Chain Dash for the first time.

    In order to use the Chain Dash you have to buy it from the DNA lab. After the scene Pursuit (Chapter 1, Scene 4) you can purchase it. To do a Chain Dash do a normal dash, and when you do you will be prompted to hit an on screen button to attack the next drone, and then another on screen button to attack the third drone.

  • Defeat a Beam Bot without getting hurt.

    The Beam Bot first appears in Chapter 2 Scene 1. About halfway through the level you will have to fight it. Remember to duck under the green lasers with L2 and to jump over the red lasers. If you hit the lasers you won't get the trophy. When the on screen button commands appear press those to defeat the Beam Bot and get the trophy. There are more Beam Bots in later levels, but this one is the easiest to get the trophy on.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with The Missing Link.

    See Could I be any better than this?.

  • Defeat 100 enemies with The Missing Link.

    See Could I be any better than this?.

  • Defeat 300 enemies with The Missing Link.

    The Monster DNA challenges count towards this. Play "Monster Stage 1" a couple of times and you will have this trophy in a few minutes.

  • Destroy 10 Turrets using the Rodeo mode while climbing with The Missing Link.

    See Cowboy Master.

  • Destroy 30 Turrets using the Rodeo mode while climbing with The Missing Link.

    When going up against turrets attack them with Square, after three hits you will be able to press Circle to climb on top of the turret. Follow the on screen button commands to defeat the turret. Destroy 30 turrets like this for this trophy. Easily attained during Chapter 2 if you have destroyed all the turrets this way.

  • Use The Missing Link’s Leap Attack for the first time.

    There is a tutorial the first time you play as The Missing Link in Chapter 1, Scene 2. You have to complete this in order to progress.

  • Throw 25 enemies with The Missing Link.

    Use Circle to grab an enemy and R2 to throw them. Do this to 25 enemies. You'll have this in no time just playing the game.

  • Use the Bumpers for the first time.

    While playing as the Missing Link in Chapter 2 you will have to use bumpers. Press Circle to use them while standing next to them.

  • Use the Pole Vault for the first time.

    You get this the second time you play as The Missing Link in Chapter 1, Scene 5. Press Circle to jump onto the pole when prompted to.

  • Swallow 20 enemies/objects with B.O.B.

    See Gourmet.

  • Swallow 50 enemies/objects with B.O.B.

    To swallow press Circle near an enemy/item, you can spit it out and it will still count. There's no need to spam this, you should get this just playing through the game sometime during Chapter 2.

  • Complete one B.O.B. Turret sequence without being hurt.

    This can easily be done on the first stage you play as B.O.B., Chapter 1, Scene 3. Just use R1 to shoot the enemies and use L1 to use the shield whenever their missiles come close. Don't take any chances with missiles and this is easily done.

  • Activate B.O.B.’s Shield for the first time.

    Simply press L1 to activate his shield.

  • Get any Medal for all Monster Challenges.

    See Gold Olympic Champion.

  • Get a Gold Medal for all Monster Challenges.

    There are 35 total Monster Challenges in the DNA Lab and you have to beat the game in order to unlock all of them. Aside from a few, most are not too difficult to get a Gold on within a couple of tries.

  • Get a score of 5,000,000.

    See Be My Guest.

  • Get a score of 10,000,000.

    Under Scene selection you can see your high score for each scene and your total combined high score. You will only increase this number when you increase your high score on a level. For instance if you have 100,000 points on a level, and go and replay that level and get 90,000 points, that will not raise your overall high score. But if you get 150,000 points on that level your high score will raise by 50,000 points.

    Some tips for when you're going back and replaying levels to increase your high scores:
    *If you don't get hit at all during the scene at the end of it you will get a Flawless bonus that doubles your total high score for that scene.
    *If you have a second controller on and let it fire a few shots you will gain 40,000 bonus points at the end of the level.
    *On The Missing Link's levels be sure to use the Bumbers whenever they are there as this will give a bonus at the end also.


Secret trophies

  • Unlock all 45 trophies to earn this.

    Get all the other trophies.

  • (Secret) Complete Chapter 1 without failing more than 10 times.

    See Remember the Heroes.

  • (Secret) Complete Chapter 2 without failing more than 10 times.

    See Remember the Heroes.

  • (Secret) Complete Chapter 3 without failing more than 10 times.

    See Remember the Heroes.

  • (Secret) Complete Chapter 4 without failing more than 10 times.

    See Remember the Heroes.

  • (Secret) Complete the game without failing more than 10 times.

    This isn't as hard as it may seem. Don't rush things too much, especially on B.O.B.'s scenes where he can fall easily. The game auto saves, so if you do fail you will need to quit the game. If you fail and then quit from the pause screen, the game will save also, so you need to use the PS button to quit the game completely.

    And remember, failing is losing all your health or falling off a level and you will see the -2000 points pop up in red as you respawn.

    If you didn't do this on your first playthrough you will need to start a new save game and replay through the game as going back and replaying the scenes won't work. So it's best to focus on this the first time through.

  • (Secret) Jump 150 times with each monster.

    I wasn't even focusing on this trophy and it unlocked during the last scene in Chapter 2. So just play the game normally and you'll unlock this trophy in no time.

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