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50 trophies ( 38  )

  • The mark of a peerless hunter, conferred only to those who have earned a lot of awards.

  • A trinket given to new hunters who have proved themselves capable.

  • A prize for vanquishing Magnamalo. This blade has led Kamura for generations.

  • Granted for banishing an Apex in the Rampage. Its blade is riddled with battle scars.

  • A hanging scroll from Master Hojo, depicting your victory over Wind Serpent Ibushi.

  • Received upon defeating Ibushi and Narwa. Depicts the two serpents leading the Rampage.

  • A souvenir from the Guild for completing many low rank quests.

  • A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Rampage quests.

  • Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Shrine Ruins. Made from Spiritwood branches.

  • Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Frost Islands. A relic encased in primeval ice.

  • Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Flooded Forest. Was found buried under rubble.

  • Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Sandy Plains. A peculiar silver cactus ring.

  • Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Lava Caverns. Glitters a red-blue mĂ©lange.

  • A wreath received from the villagers as thanks for taking on their many requests.

  • Awarded for performing 1000 Wiredashes. Spins smoothly in the wind.

  • Awarded for riding Canynes many times. Worn in odd places from use on countless voyages.

  • Awarded for unlocking lots of camps. Each of its nicks and grooves tells a story.

  • Awarded for discovering many Great Wirebug launch points. Sports a nice relevant design.

  • Awarded for gathering 500 Hunting Helpers. Features a beautiful depiction of them.

  • Awarded for gathering 1000 Golden and Gilded Spiribugs. Shines much like they do.

  • Awarded for finding many Old Messages. Adorned with a tasteful pattern.

  • Awarded for catching many fish. Feels familiar in your hands. One cast, one catch!

  • Awarded for cooking a well- done steak 30 times. Good job, and well done!

  • Awarded for photographing many Hunting Helpers. Proof you've expanded your hunter horizons.

  • Awarded by one enthusiastic researcher for photographing many Rare Creatures.

  • Awarded for photographing many Endemic Lifeforms. Now you're a Guild-recognized researcher!

  • Awarded for earning 1,000,000 zenny. Heavy with impressively intricate goldwork.

  • Awarded for accumulating 100,000 Kamura Points. Gleams with polish despite great use.

  • Awarded for hiring 50 Buddies. We a-purr-eciate your fur-iendly patronage!

  • Proof of having sent the Meowcenaries out on a quest 100 times.

  • Awarded for collecting a lot of Palamute Gear. Daily maintenance is what will make it last!

  • Awarded for forging many valuable weapons and armor. Made from premium materials.

  • Awarded for obtaining many Switch Skills, a feat of both mental and bodily discipline.

  • Awarded for helping Yomogi. You can almost hear the Tea Dealers' chanting when looking at it.

  • Awarded to connoisseurs of Cohoot outfits. Perfect for storing your avian apparel.

  • Awarded for talking to many of Kamura's citizens. Feels like walking on a carpet of cloud.

  • Awarded for hunting 1,000 large monsters.

  • Awarded for hunting 5 monsters in 1 Expedition Tour.

  • Awarded for riding many different monsters.

  • The mark of a hunter who has attempted some of the toughest quests around—and won.

  • A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Arena quests.

  • Awarded for raising various support-type Palicoes to their maximum levels.

  • Awarded for forging many a layered armor. Its variegated hues are simply captivating.

  • Awarded for obtaining many Petalaces. It fills rooms with a delightful floral aroma.

  • A decorative fan awarded to those who vanquished the crimson-glowing threat to the village.

  • Mark of a hunter who has bested Infernal Springs' most arduous challenges.

  • A souvenir from the Guild for completing many high rank quests.

  • Awarded for collecting many decorations and hanging scrolls. Remember to lock up!

  • Awarded for registering many miniature crown- sized monsters.

  • Awarded for registering many gold crown-sized monsters.

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Monster Hunter Rise Trophies FAQ

  • How many Monster Hunter Rise trophies are there?
    There are 50 Trophies to unlock in Monster Hunter Rise. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 38 Bronze.

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