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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Estimated Platinum Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (4, 21, 3, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 2-10 hours (highly luck dependant) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many 5 minutes custom games
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Extra pheripheral needed?: No, but a second controller is highly recommended as it will make most of the trophies less frustrating

Monopoly Madness is a party game, and has pretty much nothing to do with the classic Monopoly you know. Here you will play in real time and will need to collect money, buy properties, upgrade them and steal others' properties with power-ups to win the game. 
The trophies are very easy, but as most of them are tied with the bonus medal system, they are all very frustrating to get because the game don't always throw the medals you want at the end of each game.
It's recommended to use a second controller, as getting some medals/trophies against AI might be frustrating.


Step 1: Play Custom matches and work toward Bonus Medals.
Like most of the other party games, the host will randomly give away up to 3 bonus medals at the end of each game, to some characters that were playing the game. It is totally random, so it's impossible to know what medals you will get at the end but doing only certain actions throughout the game will increase your chances of getting certain medals.
For example, if you want the Villain medal, focus on destroying other properties, push them around, use your powerups on them, etc, and don't do anything else such as buying houses or collecting money. This way you will increase your chances of getting the Villain medal since the game cannot give you medals for buying the most houses, etc. But the host can also decide to not give away medals at all. This could be very frustrating when you have only a couple medals left and the game decides to not give them to you, but keep at it and they will eventually pop up.
Generally, it's easier to play with a second controller, but the game might also detect that you're not doing anything with your second controller. So it's also recommended to work on the medal you want, but doing it more with your main controller. For example if you work towards the Master Painter medal, buy properties with both controllers, but by more of them with your main. This will increase your chances of getting the medals.
If you don't have a second controller you can also boost it online. Just remember that the bonus medals are random so it could take someone 2 hours to get everything, and someone else could spend 10 hours on it and still not receive the last medal they want.

Trophies earned:
Master Painter trophy_silver.png 
Ripped Off trophy_silver.png 
Big Spender trophy_silver.png 
Bulldog trophy_silver.png 
Villain trophy_silver.png 
Powerup Champion trophy_silver.png 
Renovation King trophy_silver.png 
Slow as a Snail trophy_silver.png 
Real Estate Magnate trophy_silver.png 
Mermaid trophy_silver.png 
High Voltage trophy_silver.png 
Sitting Duck trophy_silver.png 
Goat trophy_silver.png 
Auctioneer trophy_silver.png 
Wrecking Ball trophy_silver.png 
Trade Union trophy_silver.png 
Go-Getter trophy_silver.png 
Runner Up trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Clean up
Any trophy not tied with Bonus Medals, and that you didn't get previously will be earned now. You might already have all of them by now, except maybe the one for playing a 15 minutes game.

Trophies earned:
Construction Worker trophy_bronze.png 
Catwalk trophy_silver.png 
Thief trophy_silver.png 
Mule trophy_gold.png 
No-Nonsense trophy_bronze.png 
Busy Bee trophy_bronze.png 
First-Timer trophy_silver.png 
Bird Tamer trophy_gold.png 
Full Party trophy_bronze.png 
Tie Breaker trophy_gold.png 
Mr. Monopoly trophy_platinum.png 

Monopoly Madness Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 21  1  )

  • Collect all other Trophies!

  • Bulldoze a building!

    This trophy requires you to first get a bulldozer power-up through the blue chests. Then, one of your opponents must also have a property at level 2. So if you're playing with 2 controllers, make sure to buy a property then upgrade it to level 2 with water and electricity. Once done, use your bulldozer on it, and it will get back to level 1, and you'll get the trophy.
  • Get the Master Painter Bonus!

    This bonus is awarded to the player who "painted" the most properties. You "paint" a property by buying it, through auction or after the auctions are over, or stealing it from other players, etc. Basically you want to have the most properties of your color when the game ends.

    I would suggest avoiding buying them through auction, wait until the auctions are over to buy them, if not the game might give you another bonus for winning the most auctions.
  • Get the Ripped Off Bonus!

    This bonus is awarded to the player who had the most properties stolen. So first off you need to buy properties, then your opponents must pick up the power-ups that let them steal your properties. If you're doing this with a second controller, you might want to only use the spaceship powerup and the balloon powerup, since the other stealing powerups might give you another bonus. This will increase your chance to get this bonus at the end.
  • Get the Big Spender Bonus!

    This bonus is awarded to the player who spent the most money.
    Basically you want to buy everything you can, but avoid auctions as the game might give you another bonus for winning auctions. Wait until the auctions are over and there is the dollar symbol and then hold circle.png to buy the properties.
  • Get the Bidder Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who won the most auctions. Randomly throughout the game, the properties will be put in auction for a time, and you'll have to throw money at them with circle.png to bid, the player who bids the most wins the property. Buy every property you can through auctions, and don't do anything else than collecting money to avoid getting other bonuses.
  • Get the Villain Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who attacked others the most. For that you want to keep pushing your opponents with circle.png and also pick up and use power-ups whenever you can, especially the power-ups that let you steal or destroy others' properties.
  • Get the Powerup Champion Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who used the most power-ups. When playing, you will see blue chests randomly popping up, collect them holding cross.png and then press square.png to use them.
  • Get the Renovation King Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who has upgraded the most properties. First off you need to buy a property and then collect water and electricity, then throw them at your property to upgrade it.
  • Get the Slow as a Snail Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who moves the least. Simply don't do anything through the game, and you will probably earn this bonus.
  • Get the Real Estate Magnate Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who accumulates the most money. Keep collecting money, and only do that. You can pick up power-ups and use them when it's the money symbol too, and also buy a few houses of the same group, so they'll earn you some more money.
  • Get the H2O Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who collected the most water. Keep collecting water, and buy a few houses but only throw water at them (don't collect electricity). Buy all the properties and use your water on them so you can collect more of it.
  • Get the High Voltage Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who collected the most electricity. Keep collecting electricity, and buy a few houses but only throw electricity at them (don't collect water). Buy all the properties and use your electricity on them so you can collect more of it.
  • Get the Sitting Duck Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who has been "attacked" the most. So for that, you might want to play against AI, buy a few properties and wait until they come and steal them, destroy them, or even use their power-ups on you.
  • Goat


    Get the Goat Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who was pushed around the most. This could be extremely frustrating to get against the AI since you basically need to stand in their way and wait until they bump into you and kinda drag you in where they're moving. This is best done with 2 controllers, simply run into your opponent and make it move around the map.
  • Get the Auctioneer Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who put the most opponent's properties back to auction. For that, you need to use the power-up with the auction hammer, use it on other players properties to put them on auction again.
  • Get the Wrecking Ball Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who used the most the bulldozer power-up. Try playing a game againts multiple AIs, let them buy houses and focus on picking up the power-ups. Whenever you have a bulldozer, use it on a level 2+ property.
  • Get the Trade Union Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who initiated the most strikes. You do that when using the power-up with an icon that is a bullseye target inside a house. This will put the property on "strike" and then if nothing is done, the player who initiates this will steal the property.
  • Get the Mileage Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who runs the most. Simply keep running and don't do anything else during a whole game.
  • Get the Empty Handed Bonus!

    This is awarded to the player who lost the most auctions. What you want to do is bid whenever there is an auction on a property, and wait until an opponent outbid you and win the property.
  • Steal a property!

    To steal a property you need to get the power-up with a bullseye target icon, this will put a "strike" on the property, and if the opponent doesn't do anything, you'll steal the property once the timer runs out.
    This also work with the auction hammer power-up, this will put the opponent's property back in auction, and if you win it you will get the trophy.
    Or you can also use the spaceship power-up, or even the balloon power-up.
  • Mule


    Have a full loadout of maximum resources and more than M100!

    Collect the maximum amount of water and electricity, and then keep collecting money until you reach M101,this will pop during the game so no need to finish it.
  • Play a 5 minute game!

    Local Play > Free for all > Custom, make sure to choose 5 minutes and then go and play a game.
  • Play a 15 minute game!

    Local Play > Free for all > Custom, make sure to choose 15 minutes and then go and play a game.
  • Win an Auction!

    Whenever a property is on auction, go and throw money at it with circle.png, the players who bids the most will win the auction and the property.
  • Hit multiple players with the Magpie powerup!

    The magpie power-up is the one with the same icon as the trophy tile on it. It throws birds at other opponents and make them lose money.
    Play a game against multiple opponents, a 6 player-game on a small map will increase your chances, and whenever 2 of them are aligned, throw the power-up at them.
  • Play a game with 6 players!

    Local Play > Free for all > Custom or Classic then add 5 AIs and play the game.
  • Win a draw by having more money (same amount of property medals & properties)

    For this trophy I recommend playing against a second controller, buy the same amount of properties and with your main controller, keep collecting money and then you'll win the game because you have more money than your opponent. Make sure to set Bonus medals to Off when creating the custom game, because the medals count for the total so the game might randomly throw medals at one character and you could miss this trophy.

    It's also doable against an AI, just make sure to end the game with the same amount of properties. For that, play a custom game against 1 AI, and set Community Chests to slow spawning so they have less opportunities to steal your properties.

Secret trophies

  • Win a game with a cosmetic hat on!

    When choosing the player, make sure to equip a hat, there are hats available when starting the game so no need to unlock any other. Then go and win a game.

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