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  • Final no


    Counter a "Just Say No" card with a "Just Say No" card.

    How to unlock Final no

    Anytime an action card is played that directly affects you, you may instantly respond with a "Just Say No" card (press Circle quickly when prompted). For this trophy, you will need to play an action card against an opponent, who must then respond with a "Just Say No" card, after which you will trump that refusal with a "Just Say No" card of your own to re-instate the action.

    This trophy can be a bit of a pain against an A.I opponent. You must play Normal-level opponents (or higher) for them to even use the card, and even then, you'll be shooting in the dark because you won't know if they have a JSN card. Plus, you'll also have to have one at that time, and with only three JSN cards in the deck, your odds are pretty slim. It may take several games against the computer to earn this trophy.

    Alternatively, you can easily earn this trophy against an online opponent (the game does not allow local live opponents, for whatever reason). This game does not have chat ability so you'll want to open a text chat. You and your opponent will need to keep each other informed of when you each draw a JSN card. If a player who already has a JSN card has one, immediately discard it to recycle it back to the deck. Play all possible action cards into your bank to minimize the size of the deck and shorten the time taken until the discarded JSN card gets back to the top of the draw deck. Once both players have a JSN card, the player looking to earn the trophy must play a penalty action against the other player (rent, debt, etc.). The second player plays JSN (by pressing Circle), after which the first player plays their own JSN to cancel the other. The trophy will pop almost immediately after this play.

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