Business master Trophy in Monopoly Deal

  • Business master


    Use a "Double The Rent" card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel.

    How to unlock Business master

    You will need to set this trophy up in the following way:

    1) Play (or steal) property cards of Park Place and Boardwalk. Property wildcards may be placed in lieu of either or both properties to attain this monopoly. It is important that you not complete your third monopoly of the game either with this monopoly or during this setup, as this will end the game.
    2) Play a House action card, followed by a Hotel action card (this step will earn the Investor trophy), on your dark blue monopoly.
    3) Have a "Double The Rent" card in your hand.
    4) Play a Rent card (must be blue/green - omni-color Rent card will not give you this trophy, for some unnamed reason); this step will earn the Rent basics trophy.

    If you are following the Roadmap and are thus playing against a Very-Easy level A.I opponent, then your opponent will not play a Just Say No card. Given the rent this play will incur, this will likely end the game.

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  • Is this trophy glitched? I used a blue green rent card with a house and a hotel Then double the rent. No trophy
  • I also had the actual boardwalk and park place cards
  • Got it my third time. The 1st 2 times were against my friend, the third was AI.

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