• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (13, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0 (although Final no is much easier online)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-3hrs (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Theoretically, all trophies can be earned in one hand but realistically, you will want a minimum of four hands to get every trophy.
  • Number of missable trophies: No trophies are missable, per se, as a fresh hand can be started at any time and takes 5-20 minutes.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: All trophies except for Final no can be easily achieved when playing against a single, Very-Easy-level A.I opponent; Final no requires either a human opponent or an A.I opponent of Normal-level or higher.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS3+4 have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional Peripherals needed?: No.

Welcome to Monopoly Deal! For those of you new to the game, it bears some similarity to Classic Monopoly but plays quite differently. It is meant to be a much shorter and more compact version of monopoly, played only with a special deck of cards. First, lets discuss the card breakdown:

39 Property Cards
--28 specific properties
--9 bi-color wildcard properties
--2 omni-color wildcard properties
20 Money Cards (denominations include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10)
47 Action Cards, including:
--10 bi-color rent cards (needed for Business master, Gimme money, Rent basics)
--3 omni-color rent cards (does not work for Business master)
--3 house cards (needed for Business master)
--2 hotel cards (needed for Business master, Investor)
--2 Double the Rent cards (needed for Business master)
--10 Pass Go cards (needed for More cards!)
--3 Just Say No cards (needed for Final no)
--3 Forced Deal cards (needed for Helpful Deal, helps with I want those ones)
--3 Sly Deal cards (helps with I want those ones)
--2 Deal Breaker cards (needed for Tactician, helps with I want those ones)
--3 Debt Collector cards
--3 It's My Birthday cards

You start the game with five cards. Gameplay has two phases - First, you will always start your turn by drawing two cards; second, you will follow your draw by playing from zero to three cards. You may not have more than seven cards at the end of your turn but if you do, then you must discard any surplus over seven cards.

Card play can include any of the following: (1) playing a property into your collection of properties; (2) playing money cards (or action cards used expressly as money, as indicated by the value in the corner of the card) into your bank; (3) playing action cards. If you play a rent card coupled with a Double the Rent card, this only counts as a single play. The only card you may play outside of your turn is Just Say No, used to cancel another player's action.

Your objective (to win the game) is to have three monopolies in your property collection. A monopoly is a collection of all properties of a specific color - these include the eight color sets of 2 Brown (dark purple in classic monopoly), 3 Light Blue, 3 Light Purple, 3 Orange, 3 Red, 3 Yellow, 3 Green, 2 Blue. As well, collecting the 2 Utilities (White) or 4 Railroads (Black) each count as a monopoly. The three easiest property sets to attain are Brown, Dark Blue and Utilities, as these each only have two properties required for a set. You attain properties either, by playing them from your hand into your collection or by taking them in lieu of payment from a player who owes you a debt.

As of the 1.02 patch, this game can be played entirely offline on both the PS3 and PS4 so make sure you have this update installed before you start playing. However, while Patch 1.02 is currently available for the Family Fun Pack version of the game, members have reported that the patch does not seem to be available for the stand-alone PS4 version available on the PSN. Unfortunately, this version still requires online play.

The order of the following suggested games is unimportant; as well, all trophies can theoretically be earned in a single game but this particular line-up is suggested to minimize aggravation.

First Game:
Play against a single Very-Easy-level A.I opponent. Your objective here is to earn Business master. You will need to attain the Property Cards of Park Place and Boardwalk, the action cards of House, Hotel, Double the Rent, Rent (Blue/Green; omni-color rent does not work for this trophy for some reason). You may need to draw/discard a large portion of the deck before you have all of the cards you need for this play. In this first game you will also earn Investor and Rent basics. You may earn other trophies along the way. Because the opponent difficulty is Very-Easy, the opponent will not be blocking you by playing a Just Say No card.

Second Game:
Play against a single Very-Easy-level A.I opponent. Your objective here is to earn I want those ones. You will likely earn Settler, Gimme money, My properties!!!, In a hurry, and Tactician along the way.

Third Game (or more):
Play against a single Very-Easy-level A.I opponent. Clean up all trophies currently not yet earned, with the exception of Final no which you will be saving for last. See the Guide for more details.

"Final No" Game:
Your goal here is to earn Final no. Play against a single Normal-level A.I opponent. This will increase the likelihood of your opponent saving and playing a Just Say No card, which is the only time in the game where you will depend on an opponent to play a specific card. Alternatively, this trophy becomes much easier to earn if you play online against a human opponent. See the Guide for more details.

[PST Would Like To Thank MrMinderbinder for this Roadmap]

Monopoly Deal Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 13  )

  • Use a "Double The Rent" card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel.

    You will need to set this trophy up in the following way:

    1) Play (or steal) property cards of Park Place and Boardwalk. Property wildcards may be placed in lieu of either or both properties to attain this monopoly. It is important that you not complete your third monopoly of the game either with this monopoly or during this setup, as this will end the game.
    2) Play a House action card, followed by a Hotel action card (this step will earn the Investor trophy), on your dark blue monopoly.
    3) Have a "Double The Rent" card in your hand.
    4) Play a Rent card (must be blue/green - omni-color Rent card will not give you this trophy, for some unnamed reason); this step will earn the Rent basics trophy.

    If you are following the Roadmap and are thus playing against a Very-Easy level A.I opponent, then your opponent will not play a Just Say No card. Given the rent this play will incur, this will likely end the game.

  • By using a "Forced Deal" card, both players get a full set.

    Set up by waiting until you have all but one property of a specific color set, while your opponent has one (or more) properties of that same color. You will also need a vice-versa situation where your opponent has all but one property of a different specific color set, while you have one (or more) properties of that second color. You will then play a "Forced Deal" action card, which allows you to trade one of your properties for one of your opponents. Choose the cards that will complete both your monopoly and your opponent's at the same time. Note that you cannot steal from a completed monopoly with this action card.

  • Never play property cards. Steal them or request them as payment to finally win the game.

    This trophy requires a bit of luck in that you will need to get multiple action cards that all incur debt to your opponent early in the game. He will be forced to pay his debt with properties. You may then use Rent cards on your new properties to keep giving your opponent debt and allowing him to pay with properties. Keep up this pattern (it gets easier as it goes) until you have three completed monopolies, thus ending the game and giving you the trophy.

  • Counter a "Just Say No" card with a "Just Say No" card.

    Anytime an action card is played that directly affects you, you may instantly respond with a "Just Say No" card (press Circle quickly when prompted). For this trophy, you will need to play an action card against an opponent, who must then respond with a "Just Say No" card, after which you will trump that refusal with a "Just Say No" card of your own to re-instate the action.

    This trophy can be a bit of a pain against an A.I opponent. You must play Normal-level opponents (or higher) for them to even use the card, and even then, you'll be shooting in the dark because you won't know if they have a JSN card. Plus, you'll also have to have one at that time, and with only three JSN cards in the deck, your odds are pretty slim. It may take several games against the computer to earn this trophy.

    Alternatively, you can easily earn this trophy against an online opponent (the game does not allow local live opponents, for whatever reason). This game does not have chat ability so you'll want to open a text chat. You and your opponent will need to keep each other informed of when you each draw a JSN card. If a player who already has a JSN card has one, immediately discard it to recycle it back to the deck. Play all possible action cards into your bank to minimize the size of the deck and shorten the time taken until the discarded JSN card gets back to the top of the draw deck. Once both players have a JSN card, the player looking to earn the trophy must play a penalty action against the other player (rent, debt, etc.). The second player plays JSN (by pressing Circle), after which the first player plays their own JSN to cancel the other. The trophy will pop almost immediately after this play.

  • Have 1 of each kind of property on the board, including Stations and Utilities

    For this trophy you must play (or steal) one or more properties of each of the eight colors, plus one or more each of the utilities and railroads, totalling ten properties necessary for this trophy. Be careful not to complete more than two monopolies before finishing this trophy.

  • Have a full set composed of only "Property Wildcards"

    There are nine bi-color property wildcards and two omni-color property wildcards. In order to prevent an unfinished set from being stolen, save these cards in your hand and complete an entire set in one turn. It is recommended that you aim for the Brown, Dark Blue, or Utility monopolies, as these each have only two properties required for a monopoly each.

    Going for this trophy will void the possibility of earning the trophy Selective, unless you are fortunate enough to have your wildcard set stolen before you win.

  • Have at least 12 properties on the board, including Stations and Utilities

    Self-explanatory. Keep playing properties (with a Very-Easy-level A.I opponent, you run little risk of them being stolen). Be careful not to complete more than two monopolies before finishing the trophy.

  • Use 5 "Rent" cards during a game

    You'll want a single property played into your pool from as many different color sets as possible, thus allowing more opportunities to play the various rent cards. You'll want your rents to be low, so as to avoid accidentally winning the game by incurring too much debt against your opponent and thus stealing game-winning properties. If you play against the recommended Very-Easy-level opponent, this should come very quickly, assuming you don't have horrible luck at drawing rent cards (there are 13 in the deck, as omni-colored rent cards count for this trophy).

  • Win without having a “Property Wildcard” in your full sets

    You must win the game with three monopolies composed only of the properties with specific names on them. Just don't give your opponent any debt, and naturally play any and all named properties that come into your hand. This trophy may take awhile (possibly even more than one game) but it shouldn't be too hard as you have complete control over which properties you play.

  • Never pay with properties during the game

    Likely to be earned in your first game against a Very-Easy-level A.I opponent. Bank a little cash to insure yourself against the occasional penalties incurred but know that VE opponents almost never give you penalties (they actually discard most useful action cards!) so this trophy will probably come quite naturally.

  • Use "Deal Breaker" as a final move to win the game


    1) Complete two monopolies in your property collection.
    2) Draw and retain a Deal Breaker card.
    3) Allow the A.I opponent to complete a monopoly; Very-Easy-level A.I opponents will eventually complete a monopoly but you can force it earlier by using a Forced Deal card to complete a monopoly for them.
    4) Use your Deal Breaker card to steal the opponent's monopoly, giving you three monopolies and ending the game.

  • Be the first to have a full set

    Against a Very-Easy-level A.I opponent, this trophy is almost a guarantee. The computer will go out of its way to not finish any sets for many, many turns and nor will it steal from you. As soon as you complete your first set, you'll nail this trophy.

  • Play 3 "Pass Go" cards in a single turn

    For this trophy, you are going to play hoarder. You will need to draw and save up three Pass Go cards, there are only five in the deck so you'll need some luck. If you are playing against a Very-Easy-level opponent,then he will not win the game until you've been through the entire deck at least twice so you have some time. As soon as you have three Pass Go cards saved up, wait until your next turn and use all three as your three actions for your turn. The trophy will pop soon after playing the third Pass Go card.

  • Add a hotel

    See Business master.

  • Use a "Rent" or "Multi-Colored Rent" card on a full set of properties.

    See Business master. However, while you can use an omni-colored rent card to earn this trophy, you may not use an omni-colored rent card to earn Business master so you must use a basic bi-color rent card instead.

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