Join the Team Trophy in ModNation Racers: Road Trip

  • Join the Team


    Beat all 30 developer best lap times in career

    How to unlock Join the Team

    This will come naturally with Bonus! (or should do anyway), see the racing tips in the Road Map but just try your best to get the quickest time you can on the career races to beat those target times.

    It should be noted (as there was some confusion) that you need to beat the target lap time not the target race time. It's not that difficult, when I finished the first 5 tours I only had two to beat! When you go for the time differential on the race times this should definitely come naturally, although I was quite lucky with the early races and only had to beat the race time on the first three tours to get the 200 seconds. Just make sure you check the lap times!

    This is something that I found that made this very easy. Take it easy on the first lap and make sure you go about 30 seconds behind the last opponent, this way on your speed lap they won't get in your way. Hang back and on your first slow lap make sure you get to a Level 3 boost weapon. Also, make sure you Drift a lot and fill your entire boost meter then when you approach the second lap, start boosting to get a good start and use your boost weapon earlier because you can get it again (as you will be in last place it will appear more). Do your best throughout the lap and at the end at the top of your screen you will see the lap time. If it is not better then the developer lap time then restart. I got most developer lap times first time with this method.

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  • An easy way to get this is to get the Warp power-up (Lvl 3 Light Green). Stay way behind, when you finish a lap, use your power-up to skip through a great deal of the track, reducing your time.
  • is their a curtain amount o time u have to beat each board cuz i beat every level by minus something n the trophy didnt pop up?
  • The times you're trying to beat here are the ones that appear on the race selection screen in parentheses. The good news is that you'll beat most of them with little effort simply trying to win races, lower your overall time differential to unlock the bonus tour, or simply accomplish side objectives. Practice is your friend here. Just get familiar with the courses and find the line that works best and fastest for you. And, as @1 mentioned, warp pickups are your best friends here. Save them until you reach the sections of the track that give you the most trouble so you can just skip right over them.
  • I beat all target times n opened up the bonus stages but I can't seem to get the trophy I'm i doing something wrong

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