Beat Down Trophy in ModNation Racers: Road Trip

  • Beat Down


    Win your first Ad Hoc action race on a particular published track

    How to unlock Beat Down

    Just download a track and play Ad Hoc on it.

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  • How do you play an ad-hoc race???
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I only noticed the other ad-hoc trophy and figured I can do this in Game Stop (already have consent from local vendor that I can use the demo-vita to idle for trophies), but now I'm not so sure, doubt they'll let me download a track onto the demo Vita, we'll see
  • I hate this trophie it should not be in the game because not every one with have two vitas with this game and non of my friends that I know in person have this game.
  • You don't have to download any track for this. Just pick the first track when hosting and both trophies will pop after you win the race.

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