ModNation Legend Trophy in ModNation Racers: Road Trip

  • ModNation Legend


    Earn all the ModNation Racers: Road Trip trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

    How to unlock ModNation Legend

    Unobtainable due to server closure.

    Unlock all the other trophies to get this one.

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  • I'm getting this game with my latin american bundle here in Mexico, just can't wait!!!
  • I didn't realize Mexico had internet. :) OK OK Just kidding :) BTW I am from Nebraska; and yes; we have internet plus cowboys & indians too.
  • Hey Willster I'm from Nebraska too and thought I'd point out that you forgot farmers and cornfields! I really hate f'ing cornfields!
  • Hey all, please download my creations, 1 track, 1 mod, 28 karts. Search for tgrz314 and they should come up. Message me and I'll do the same for yours as well. Thanks!

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