No Baseball Is Safe Trophy in MLB: The Show 21

  • No Baseball Is Safe


    Hit 100 home runs throughout any combination of modes (any mode - offline or online). (Awarded with normal game-play and accumulation of home runs.)

    How to unlock No Baseball Is Safe

    For this trophy you will need to hit 100 home runs total on MLB The Show 21. The quickest way to do so by far is in Home Run Derby Mode. Start a Home Run Derby with 8 participant and play as each participant. You should use players with 95+ Power to make this easier. Playing in a smaller ballpark can also help such as old Yankee Stadium but is not necessary. If you do not hit 100 after finishing, you can start up a second Home Run Derby and finish off the remaining amount.

    If you don’t want to do all 100 Homers in Home Run Derby mode, you can save this until after completing March To October And Road To The Show trophies.

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