The world was Mine... Trophy in Minesweeper Genius

  • The world was Mine...


    Finish all the advanced levels with 3 stars.

    How to unlock The world was Mine...

    You’ll need to have obtained all 3 stars in all regular levels to have unlocked all of the advanced levels. They are trickier and often larger, so getting 3 stars in all of them will definitely test your skills with the game. However, there are numerous tips and hints I can give you that will help.

    • Take your time: with the exception of LS-5, GS-4 and MS-5, you can take as much time as you’d like, since stars are based on getting no deaths rather than time.
    • Only one path: There’s only one path through a level. This means that if there’s a space next to you that you know is empty, it’s the way you need to go. If you find yourself on an empty line, you can safely travel all the way down it. If you find yourself next to a special square, step on it.
    • Every square will be filled by the end: If there is no mine underneath a square, it must be walked on before reaching the finish. Therefore, if you find yourself close to the exit but there are still squares on the other side to be stood on, you know that the square between you and the exit is a mine. If one possible path leads only to a dead-end, you know they are all mines.
    • Think a couple moves ahead: You can sometimes figure out what path to go by checking if there will be a possible move from one of the squares. You may find that you’d be left with nowhere to go.
    • Not just minesweeper: You won’t always be able to plot out a path from the get-go, you’ll have to take all of the previous tips into account. As you move through the level, it’ll be easier to figure out whether the remaining squares are your path or mines.
    • Restart to get easier levels: As each level is randomly generated, the difficulty of the levels are also random to an extent. If you’re finding a particular level difficult to get through, restart until you get one that looks more favourable.

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