• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (1, 3, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 90mins – 2hrs blind, 45 minutes with a walkthrough (personal estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 for each of the 10 regular levels and 1 for the secret level
  • Number of missable trophies: None, because level select available from beginning
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: PS VR but the game can be played with either a DS4 or Move controller(s)


Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is a walking sim that is meant to be a relaxing emotional journey per the developers. If played in the fashion it is supposed to be I definitely think the game is relaxing but you can also just rush through it and get a quick very easy plat. Either way you’ll get something out of your time with the game but I do suggest poking around a bit even if you only want the plat as some of the environments really are quite pretty.


You can play the game using Moves but I suggest utilizing a DS4 as it is just simpler so those are the controls I’ll mention. You do have to turn off teleporting and turn on smooth turning when you first start by going to the options menu (hit Options button) otherwise you will only be able to teleport and turn 45 degrees at a time using and . Once you have made these changes you control your movement like at FPS with the analogue sticks. You can collect opportunities once found using . Interacting with objects which is necessary for many of the trophies is done using . You can run by holding .


Step 1: Play the game starting from the tutorial and collecting all opportunities

Everything can be achieved on the first playthrough so this could easily be your only step. Complete the game and make sure to not leave a level until you have obtained the opportunity. Since these don’t spawn until after you’ve been in a level for a while this will give you the opportunity to get the miscellaneous trophies if you desire. You may play the game in any order you feel like but I personally named the levels using 1-10 to keep things straight. The first level to the right of the tutorial is 1 and then the numbers go up clockwise including through the alcove, so level 10 will be just to the left of the other worlds area where the coming soon and credits levels are. Trophies are listed in the order you would get them if you started on the Tutorial and then played levels 1-10 in order.

  • Tutorial Complete!
  • The shining light
  • The shining light 2
  • First One!
  • Find the red spheres
  • Find the hidden cave
  • Half way there!
  • Jumpy Sphere
  • Miner!
  • Gold Seeker
  • Let’s go with another lap!
  • Viking!
  • Fireworks!
  • Scroll of the truth

Step 2: Cleanup

In the event you missed any of the miscellaneous trophies, now is your chance to go back and get them. Since I'm assuming you got everything in your first playthrough, I'm just putting the plat here.

  • Collector

[PST Would Like To Thank bigdrama for this Roadmap]

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 10  1  )

  • Collect all the Opportunities

    The description for this trophy is wrong, because getting all of the opportunities will unlock the secret level but doesn't guarantee the plat. Once you get the rest of the trophies the plat will pop. See here for a video walkthrough of the misc trophies: LINK

  • Collect your first Opportunity

    See Half way there!

  • Find and extract a viking sword from a rock

    This description is wrong, because the sword is a katana or something similar and on a distinctly Japanese level (level 10 if following my naming convention). There are several buildings that you can enter the sword should be behind you a bit inside of one of the buildings and is flanked by Japanese lion statues. Simply interact with the sword and the trophy will pop.

  • Turn on the fireworks.. Enjoy!

    This is on level 10 along with Viking!. There will be fireworks and a candle in front of the building that you spawn in so walk up to them and pick-up the candle, then use it to light both fireworks. They will fire into the air continuously and the trophy will pop.

  • Find the three red spheres in one of the magic world

    The three red spheres are in the flaming world, level 3. If you move forward you should run into a somewhat open area that has a treasure chest in it. Open the treasure chest and pick up one of the spheres. The trophy will either pop when you open the chest or when you pick-up the sphere.

  • Collect 5 opportunities

    Each of the 10 main levels has a small colored orb that shows up after you have spent enough consecutive time in the level. These are stationary and must all be collected to unlock the secret level. The location of the opportunities varies each playthrough so the video guide does not include them, except to show you what to look for. Collect half of them and this trophy will pop, they do save on pick-up so you do not actually have to exit the level through the doors for them to count.

  • Congrats you just made your first steps!

    The tutorial isn't really a tutorial per se but it is a really easy trophy. The "level" is my starting point and is located behind you and to the right, next to the other worlds or as I like to call it the coming soon section. For this trophy enter the tutorial and then read or skip through all of the pages, once you have "read" the entire tutorial the trophy will pop.

  • Unveal the mistery of the light in the snowy dream

    This is in level 1. Head to the back of the level basically just go straight to the extent that you can from where you spawn in. You will see a giant statue of a horse and just before reaching the statue will be a torch slightly off to the right. Pick the torch up and carry it to the statue a flaming dragon will appear and the trophy will pop. Continue holding the torch, because it is necessary for The shining light 2.

  • Find out another mistery in the snow level!

    From The shining light, backtrack slightly and if facing the statue - turn right about 90 degrees. Go straight from here and you will reach another larger alcove on your left. With torch in hand go into this area and you will see a cross statue bring the torch to it and a quote symbol will appear along with the trophy popping. The exit is in this area as well.

  • Find and use that pickaxe you miner!

    This trophy is in level 7. While traversing the caves you will see a few areas that are blocked off. Near the second area like this is a pickaxe which you can pick-up and use to break down the barriers. Pick the pickaxe up and the trophy should pop, if it doesn't then destroy the barrier that is immediately next to where you picked up the pickaxe and the trophy will pop then.

  • Find the gold ingots into the cave

    This trophy is in level 7 at the end of the level. Once you reach the exit door you will see a large evil looking statue behind bars. Just before reaching these bars and slightly left of center of the statue you will find a large treasure chest. Open this chest to get this trophy. The chest is full of coins and has a few gold bars, you can pick-up the bars but not the coins.

  • Find the cave of the jungle!

    There is a statue at the beginning of level 4 which you must pick-up and carry throughout the remainder of the level. To find the cave you will need to place the statue on a pedestal at what appears to be the end of the level as it is a dead end and this level isn't very open. Upon placing the statue a large rock will roll away opening access to a cave lighted by luminescence. As the rock rolls away the trophy will pop. The level exit is also in the cave.

  • Find the jumpy sphere and have fun!

    This is in level 6, the space station level. Instead of heading for the exit, turn right at the beginning of the level and then left at the doors. There will be two canisters with an orb in them and a third orb just sitting on the table. Pick the third orb up, this is the jumpy sphere. The trophy should pop when you pick-up the sphere but if it doesn't, then just throw with and the trophy should pop then.

  • Complete one lap on board of your raft

    This is obtained on level 8. This level has you in a "raft" on a lazy river, simply continue to push forward and eventually you will complete a full circle at which point the trophy will pop. To leave this level, you must exit to main menu.

  • Find the truth of exsistence

    This trophy is for completing the secret level. Once you have all 10 opportunities a secret level will open up in between the entrances for levels 8 and 9. Enter the level and it will be largely empty except for an elevator and some things in the distance. Get in the elevator and ride it to the top (you don't really have a choice). At the top, there will be something to interact with - do so and the trophy will be yours. You will also teleport to a different level at this point as that is the end of the game.

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