• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (2, 4, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 30mins - 1 hour (Personal Estimate) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Less than 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on easy.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are 6 stacks available: EU PS4, EU Vita, NA PS4, NA Vita, Asia PS4 and Asia Vita.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Known Cheats.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Milo's Quest is an adventure game developed by indie game developer lightUP and ported to PS4 and Vita by Ratalaika Games. For the platinum trophy, in true Ratalaika style, you won't even have to finish the game. In fact your save file will read around the 11% completion mark, which is a shame as the game is actually pretty fun. The game is PS4/Vita crossbuy and boasts 6 stacks with EU, NA and Asia trophy lists.


Step 1: Start an Adventure Only Game on Easy Difficulty

First up you want to start a new game and in the setup options select easy difficulty then ADVENTURE ONLY mode. This mode will make the game a lot easier as it removes the need to solve puzzles within the game. There is a trophy for solving your first puzzle however but we will pick this up in Step 2.

Once your game begins you need to make it to the second boss fight, by then you would have unlocked most of the action specific trophies if you are following the trophy guide. I have made a full game playthrough video which can be found at the bottom of the guide.

At the end of this step you will have earned the following trophies:

Keys open doors
Keys also open chests
Working gloves
Head butting
I can see things
He deserved it
I need to pass through
Killing ghosts count as murder?
More Life!
I was getting tired
Nothing can stop me
Three against one is not fair

Step 2: Start a New Adventure + Puzzles Mode Game

At this point you should have one trophy remaining, Milo is a smart boy , this requires you to solve just 1 puzzle. Upon starting a new Adventure + Puzzle mode game you need to advance just 1 screen up to find your first puzzle, solve it then the platinum is yours. See Milo is a smart boy for more details on this.

At the end of this step you will have earned the following trophies:

Milo is a smart boy
Platinum bone

[PST Would Like To Thank the game nerd for this Roadmap]

Milo's Quest Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

17 trophies ( 10  2  )

  • Get all other trophies.

    Earned after unlocking all other trophies.

  • Get your first silver key.

    After finding your first gold key, move into the centre part of this area, past a chest to a dead end to find your first silver key.

  • Get your first golden key.

    After picking up the gloves and moving the boxes out of your way, head one screen to the right. In this area, follow the outside path all the way around the outside and to the top, at the end you will find your first gold key.

  • Get your first bonne.

    This will be your first trophy of the game. From the starting position in the game move forward, up the path, to the first set of bushes. As you pass through them bones will be revealed. For this trophy, all you have to do is move into the bones to collect them.

  • Get the Gloves.

    From the starting position in the game, move 1 screen up and you will come across the gloves sitting in the middle of the path, simply collect them for this trophy. The gloves allow you to move boxes by pushing them with .

  • Get the Helmet.

    After picking up the heart extension for Healing, head 1 screen up and you will find the helmet in the middle of the path. The helmet allows you to kill ghosts using .

  • Get the Binoculars.

    After defeating the first marshmallow boss, he will drop these binoculars so pick them up to earn this trophy.

  • Get the Special Glasses.

    After defeating the second boss of the game, The Super Pumpkin Bros, they will drop the Special Glasses. Pick up this item to earn the trophy.

  • Kill your first ghost.

    Once you pick up the helmet you will be able to kill ghosts by pressing and dash attacking. Kill your first ghost for this trophy.

  • Kill 10 ghosts.

    See Killing ghosts count as murder?

  • This will almost come naturally with normal game play but to make sure, just kill all ghost you come across with your dash attack. Some gates won't open until you have killed all ghost in a area anyway so just kill them all.

  • Solve your first puzzle.

    When playing a Adventure + Puzzle mode game, the first puzzle you encounter in the game is just after you pick up the gloves. You will come across 3 boxes that need to be moved onto the red buttons to open the gate on the right. Once you have put the boxes in place and the gate opens you will receive this trophy.

  • Get a heart extension.

    After picking up your first gold and silver keys, return 1 screen to the left, from here you will be able to unlock the gate at the top by pressing . Once in this new area head 1 screen right and you will see a heart pick up, collect this to unlock the trophy. This adds one additional heart to your life bar.

  • Get a Stamina extension.

    After picking up the helmet, head back 1 screen down, then back 1 screen left. In this area kill all ghosts to open the gate at the top of the area. Behind the gate you will find the stamina pickup and unlock this trophy. The stamina extension adds one bar to your stamina gauge which is underneath your health bar. You use one stamina bar per dash attack.

  • Recover a heart

    When you first encounter ghosts you want to actually get hit by one so it does some damage to you and takes some health. Once this happens when you pass through bushes some food will be revealed instead of bones. Pick up some food after you have taken some damage to unlock this trophy.

  • Defeat Big Marshmallow Boo

    After picking up the stamina extension for I was getting tired, head once screen to the left and kill all ghosts in this area to open the gate on the left, then go one more screen left. In this area you will find a large amount of ghosts, once again kill all these to open another gate on the left. Go one more screen left and pick up the silver key. From here go back to screen to the right, then head up to find a silver gate and unlock it and enter to start the first boss battle with Marshmallow Boo.

    To defeat this boss just avoid him until he stops burning, once he stops burning just spam your dash attack until he is defeated.

  • Defeat Super Pumpkin Bros

    After defeating the marshmallow boss, head one screen left, then one screen up and kill all ghosts in this area to unlock a gate at the top and go through it. In this new area make your way to the top right and pick up a gold key, then head one screen to the left. Pick up the silver key in this area and then you want to head back to the area you fought the marshmallow boss, one screen to the right, 2 screen down, then one more screen right.

    From here to get to the next boss, one screen right, 2 screens up and another screen right and pick up another silver key in this area. From here once again head back to the marshmallow boss fight area.

    Once you are back in the first boss fight area, head up 4 screens, unlocking 2 silver gates on your way. On the final screen you will encounter the Super Pumpkin Bros.

    To win this boss fight you must first destroy the 2 smaller pumpkins to disable the shield on the larger pumpkin. Once the shield is down take out the larger pumpkin and this trophy is yours.


    Video created by the_game_nerd (me).

    Time Stamps:

    Yummy! 00:55
    Working Gloves 01:10
    Keys Also Open Chests 01:50
    Keys Open Doors 02:14
    Healing 03:03
    More Life! 03:10
    Head Butting 03:30
    He Deserved It 04:12
    I Was Getting Tired 04:40
    I Need To Pass Through 05:40
    Nothing Can Stop Me 06:54
    Spying 06:55
    Killing Ghosts Count As Murder 07:24
    Three Against One is Not Fair 11:40
    I Can See Things 11:45
    Milo Is A Smart Boy 12:43
    Platinum Bone 12:49

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