Jackson Walk Trophy in Michael Jackson: The Experience

  • Jackson Walk


    Achieve all gold moves on 5 different songs


    How to unlock Jackson Walk

    This trophy you’ll most likely have after you have completed all the 5 star trophies on each difficulty. If not, the easiest songs for this are:

    Will You Be There – There’s only one gold move which is very simple.
    Smooth Criminal – If you play as Crew there are just two easy gold moves for you.
    Stranger In Moscow – There’s three gold moves in this song, but they’re very easy as all you have to do is swing out your arm.
    The Girl Is Mine – Contains one gold move with MJ and Paul McCartney (Crew) which is very simple do, since they’re basically the same move but in the opposite direction.
    Remember The Time – Just one single gold move with both MJ and Iman which is very easy to pull off as it goes in slow-motion.

    Keep in mind that it is just my opinion of which songs are easiest. You might find other songs to be easier.

    Note: Getting all gold moves in a song with both MJ and Crew/Duo still only counts as one song.

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