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  • Single perspective


    Completed World 5 in one play session without turning the Vita

    How to unlock Single perspective

    Again, for this trophy you need to start from the beginning of the world and complete it all the way to the end without moving/tilting the Vita in anyway. One tip that I would suggest is to put the Vita down on a hard surface and play the level with the Vita sitting there, unless you feel confident in holding the Vita steady in the air. There will be one spot where you will have to lift the Vita up to use the . So just tilt it up slowly, use the , and then slowly put it back down. If you need help, you can follow the walkthrough below.


    You get a new ability on this level. You can press to reset the puzzle you are on. If you want to test it out here on the first puzzle, activate the middle checkpoint with and press the again to raise the platform. You should be on a 1/2 pillar, and you need to be on the 1/4 pillar, so press to reset the puzzle. Now head to the 1/4 pillar and activate it and keep pressing till it reaches its highest point.

    Next puzzle is simple. Jump onto the 0/4 pillar and shoot some shots off to raise it up so you can get over the pillar blocking your way. Activate the checkpoint just on the other side of this pillar and continue to press till the 4/4 pillar says 1/4 and then continue onwards to the right.

    On this next puzzle, start off by sliding down the ramp and when you get to the bottom, jump back and forth between the gap, four times to extend a bridge below you. Once you've done that, drop down to the bridge and walk over to the blue pillar on the right. Get on top of that pillar and continue to jump to rise the pillar up to the checkpoint above you. When you can reach that checkpoint, activate it and press the a second time to restart at that checkpoint; now, just fall off to the right and get ready for the next puzzle.

    This is the puzzle that you will have to lift the Vita up, if you're trying the hard surface way, and try not to rotate it when you do. You want to get on the blue platform that is above the enemies and get to the very end of it without falling off. Now, carefully pick up the Vita to get access to the and aim at the enemies and fire off three shots, killing one and only hitting the second enemy once. Now the pillar that was sitting at 0/7 should be at 3/7. Get on that pillar now and fire off some more shots to rise it up to its max. Jump on the upper platform and off to the next puzzle. Only time will tell now if you will get the trophy for this level.

    When you get to the start of this puzzle, continue walking to the right to extend the platform all the away to its max and then jump down to the checkpoint below you. Activate it with the and then press the again to spawn two enemies on the bottom floor. Now, you got to do running jumps all the way to the left till you can fall to the bottom floor and kill the two enemies there. If you did it correctly, you can press to warp back to the checkpoint and fall down to the exit of the puzzle. If you did it wrong, the hole by the checkpoint will be blocked by the extended platform.

    On the next puzzle, fall down to the ground and jump on the blue pad three times to rise the 0/4 pillar to 3/4 pillar. Now, simply kill the two enemies that are rolling around. Warp back up to the top checkpoint, as long as you didn't activate the bottom one. Move onto the right and onto the next puzzle.

    Press the three times as soon as you enter the new puzzle to level out the two pillars in the middle of the screen. Jump down to the first pillar and activate the checkpoint; now, jump over to the second pillar and activate that checkpoint. Rinse and repeat this until the bridge extends out far enough for you to jump onto it, allowing you to continue on.

    Here on the next puzzle, to build a set of stairs to gain access to the exit, you need to press the once, get crushed by the orange pillar twice (pull it down with your finger), fall into the pit three times and lastly run into the enemy four times.

    Another simple little puzzle. Get to the center checkpoint below the orange pillar and activate it. Now walk back and forth to raise the pillar and the checkpoint to the top of the screen. Warp up to the checkpoint with the and watch the blue pillar on the right drop down to 0%. Get on that blue platform and just jump to raise it up to the exit of this puzzle.

    When you enter puzzle, immediately kill the enemy on the top platform. Once you do that, walk to the right until the platform reaches 100% and then jump over the hole to get on the right side of the platform. Now, walk all the way to the left and jump that way and while in mid air turn to the right and you should fall through the gap and land on the purple platform or on the bottom floor. Get to the bottom floor and kill the enemy there, warp back up to the upper checkpoint. Walk all the way to the right again and fall into the hole and kill the final enemy to gain access to the next puzzle.
    Simply walk to the right and fall off the upper blue platform and while falling past the checkpoint, activate it. Now walk to the left right up to the wall, warp to the checkpoint by pressing . When you land on the bottom blue platform, walk left again, rinse and repeat till the bottom platform reaches 0%. Press on more time to fall to the very bottom and walk over to the right and get up on the stairs there. Jump from the stairs towards the other checkpoint here and activate this one now. Get back on the stairs and warp to this new checkpoint and off to the next puzzle.

    Fall down to where the enemy is and shoot it once. Get killed by it now so you get warped back up to the checkpoints. Now, activate both checkpoints here and then finally just jump in place to extend the bridge across the gap and the exit.

    Here on the final puzzle, you want to press to reset it immediately. Now jump towards the bottom, without touching anything along the way, and while you're still in the air press to warp back up to the top. Repeat this until the pink pillar reaches 0% and the blue pillar should be now at 33% when you land, allowing you to reach the end of the world and hopefully the trophy.

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  • Your last few steps are mixed up. You almost have 2 sets of directions for the last level & neither are 100% correct

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