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  • Efficient mind


    Completed World 4 in one play session without using the circle button

    How to unlock Efficient mind

    Just like the previous world specific trophies, you need to play through the entire level from beginning to end without pressing the button. If you need to reset a puzzle and there is a pit on the section, just fall into the pit to reset it for yourself. If you need help, you can follow the walkthrough below.

    Tip: Before we start, let me say that if for any reason the Vita gets into a awkward position for you to hold, you can do this simple trick to reset it. Simply press the button and move your Vita back into a comfortable position and when you go back to the game; it will all be reset for you with the objects still in the same position before the reset.


    In this world, the Vita tilt function is going to be used. On the first screen, you'll need to fill three pie charts. First chart you want to tilt the Vita with your left hand up and right hand down, reverse till chart fills. Second one, you need to tilt the Vita's screen towards you and then away from you till the chart fills up. The last one, you need to tilt the Vita with your left hand pushed away from you and the right hand towards you. Reverse that till the chart fills up. Now, tilt the Vita CCW, counter clockwise, and get on the platform that comes down. Tilt it CW, clockwise, to raise the platform; now, make your way across the three platforms to the next puzzle.

    On this next puzzle, tilt the Vita CW to extend the bridge over to the middle platform and walk over to it. Kill the enemy here, but if the enemy falls into the pit, follow it to reset the puzzle. Now, the platform has risen up; tilt the Vita CCW to extend the bridge allowing access to the next puzzle.

    Here's the first of the 3 tough puzzles to get by. When you enter the area, fire of some shots till the gap in the floor opens up below you. What you then want to do is fall through that gap and while falling, turn the Vita CW, one full rotation, to have X= platform move under the rising pillar and stopping it from coming down.

    On this next level, fall into the pit to reset it. Now, you will want to tilt the Vita CW and away from you to get the bottom pillar to rise and the top one to lower; both should be at 100%. Now, just jump and move over to the X=, Y= platform and get on top of it. Tilt the Vita towards you to raise the pillar in front of you. Just walk or jump over to the platform allowing access to the next puzzle.

    This puzzle, you want to rotate the Vita CW to extend the bridge all the way. The only problem is the bridge won't stay extended unless you keep rotating. Rotate the Vita once, move across the bridge a bit rotate it again, move a little more again. Rinse and repeat this till you can get close enough to make a jump to the upper platform. Make the jump as quick as you can or you will fall into the pit and be careful not to press the . Then get on the rising platform and tilt the Vita away from you for one full rotation and then just walk onto the next puzzle.

    Next puzzle is fairly easy compared to the last one. Here, you want to fall into the pit four times to raise the middle pillar. Now, jump over the holes and make it over to the right; only jump when needed as the pillar on the far right will rise on each jump and you won't get on top of it if it's at 4/9.

    Now here, just move the X=, Y= block to the top right section by the little cloud with the 2 on it. Reset the Vita. Now fire two shots to release two enemies and wait for them to get onto the platform and move it over to the block that has a angle on it so you can shoot and kill them both. Now, just simply use the extended bridge to get over to the floating block. Tilt the Vita to move the block down to you, jump on it and move onto the next puzzle.

    Now, walk back and forth to lower the pillar in front of you, then slide down the ramp and fall into the pit to reset the puzzle and re-spawn a enemy. Now, you want to tilt the Vita CW and CCW back and forth to raise and lower the pillars by the enemy to keep it from falling into the pit. While you're doing this, you want to walk back and forth again to lower the platform in front of you. Slide down the slope and kill the enemy and walk onto the exit of the puzzle.

    The next puzzle need to be completed on the first attempt or you have to restart the entire level to get the trophy. Here, you want to carefully not to tilt the Vita CW or CCW as you shoot and kill the very top enemy. Now you want to tilt the Vita slowly CW and CCW till the 100% pillar is about 60%; if your Vita is tilted in a awkward position use the reset trick to level the Vita out. Now, slide down the slope, try not to tilt the Vita in anyway, and start to fire with the button and hopefully you kill the middle enemy. Let your guy slide all the way to the bottom and again slowly tilt the Vita again CW and CCW till you get that pillar between 15% and 20%. Hop on up and kill the last enemy and now head off to the next and last puzzle.

    This last one is easy compared to the previous puzzle. You have to tilt the Vita in all directions that you used previous throughout the level. All you want to do is line up two pillars at a time and simply walk across them to the end of the puzzle. If the Vita gets into a awkward position again, use the reset trick and lining up the pillars will be a piece of cake.

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