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  • Perfected: Metal Slug 4


    Beat Metal Slug 4 with 5 or fewer continues.

    How to unlock Perfected: Metal Slug 4

    You have to make it through all 6 missions without using more than 5 continues (you get 3 lives for each continue). Patience and practice are going to be your best friends on this run. Tanks are going to be your best friends in the missions as they will not only give you more fire power, but also allow you to take multiple hits of damage before they explode leaving you defenseless again (and make boss fights MUCH easier).

    Bosses will obviously be your biggest threat to keeping your lives intact, so here are tips on how they attack and how to defeat them (hopefully) easier:

    Mission 1 Boss: The boss of this mission is a huge blimp with multiple parts to destroy before it is defeated. The first part of the fight is against 2 turret gunman and a port that drops bouncing depth charge looking things. Just keep attacking the blimp and avoid or shoot the bouncing mines until all 3 of them explode. Next section will have a door that opens and drops out normal enemies while there is a missile launcher that fires larger missiles at your that home in on you somewhat. Jump over the missiles when they come by you or attack them, while killing the normal enemies as you attack the blimp. The final part has a gatling gun which shoots at the ground from right to left which you have to jump over the spots where they are landing on the ground. It also has section that fires out missiles at you that home in on you, but you can shoot them down or jump over them when they hit the ground. Just keep firing away and eventually the whole blimp will be defeated.

    Mission 2 Boss: This boss is a huge mechanical tower with different sections, each with their own "attacks" for the most part. The key to beating this easiest it to just keep attacking non-stop the different sections and blow them up to bring the next one down. The first set of sections consist of a gun on the bottom & a section where enemies come out of it. The easiest way to beat these first parts is to run right up against the tower and fire up to kill all the enemies before they come out of the second part. After they are finished, jump up to the little platform so that the bottom gun can not hit you when it fires and then focus your attack on the top tower piece that is just out of view until it is destroyed and then attack the bottom to take it out. After it is destroyed the tower will drop down and another piece with enemies coming out of it will appear. Stay on the platform and just fire away at it as if you set yourself right they won't be able to hit you, nor will the rockets being fired out of the bottom one. After it drops comes the fun part as the last one is a huge cannon that fires shells at you that drop quickly so you'll need to move fast to avoid them or if you have your tank then use the jump out/in trip to avoid being hit. In addition to the cannon, bombs will drop from the sky via parachutes, so these also need to be avoided in the same type of manner. Just keep attacking and eventually the whole tower will fall and explode.

    Mission 3 Boss: At the beginning of this fight with the tank, the general will fire at you, but if you get all the way up against tank and kneel, he can't hit you (although the helicopter that joins in shortly can, so you'll have to avoid the shots after that point). Next the tank will have a saw blade come out of the front of it and then extend half-way across the screen so make sure you keep your distance during this attack. Next the turret will shoot lobbing fire balls at you that will fall where you are, so keep moving to avoid them. After a while there will be missiles that start coming from the right side of the screen that you either need to shoot down or dodge. The boss will then repeat the other attacks, so just keep avoiding them as you did before and constantly attacking until the tank blows.

    Mission 4 Boss: This boss is a weird robot and the battle begins with the claw hand moving around above you firing a homing laser before the arm slams into the ground, so make sure you are constantly moving out of it's way to avoid being hit. After it is destroyed, the crane arm turns in a turret that shoots purple fire straight down so use the same method to avoid it's attacks and counter attacking until it blows up. Normal soldiers will crawl out of it's mouth, but they are easily taken care of with a shot or knife attack. After the arm is destroyed, his other arm comes up and starts releasing helicopter type things that carry bubbles and drop them on you as they go overhead unless you shoot them first. Next the arm will shoot a long missile out of the bottom hole that travels along the bottom of the screen that you need to jump onto and then over to avoid. Just keep avoiding those two last attack types and the soldiers coming out of the robots mouth while attacking and you willl eventually take it down.

    Mission 5 Boss: You will be fighting a submarine that appears below you while you stand on the stern of a sunken ship. The first part of the subs attack consist of normal enemies coming out of the port hole on the top left and a gunner shooting at you from the bottom right. If you stand just to the right of the port hole where the normal enemies come out and keep jumping/firing down, you should be able to avoid the gunner shooting at you completely and also be able to take out the normal enemies as they come up to you. After you do enough damage, the submarine will submerge and begin firing multiple large missiles up at you from the bottom of the screen followed by smaller ones coming from the right side of the screen. When the missiles come up from the bottom, jump up shoot down at one of them to destroy it and give yourself an open spot to stand and try to avoid or take out the missiles coming from the right side. Keep doing that pattern until the sub re-emerges from below and then repeat jumping/shooting method from the first part of the fight until you finish it off.

    Final Mission Mini-Boss: The mini-boss is the same as in previous games. His main attacks are his heavy machine gun fire and knife attack when you get close to him. Just stay on the top level and keep firing down at him while avoiding his knife attack if he gets on the same level as you until he dies both times.

    Final Mission Boss: You are fighting against an evil scientist in a small control bubble that gets loaded into different robot bodies for you to defeat. The first robot body has 2 attacks with the first being that it fires missiles out of it's chest and the second that it fires energy balls out of it's one shoulder cannon. Lucky for you, all you have to do is run all the way against the robot, kneel down to avoid both completely and fire away making this first form extremely easy to defeat.

    The second robot body starts off by firing two gatling guns and different angles across the screen, but again thankfully, all you have to do it run all the way against the robot and kneel down in front of it to avoid them all. Next the robot will fire out drone type robots that will hover above you and fire down energy shots, so you will need to take them out while avoiding the remaining ones' shots. After they are defeated it will send a saw blade slowly across the room that you will need to jump over. It will then shoot out more drones that you will need to destroy before slowly bring the saw blade back across the room. While the saw blade is returning, it will start to fire off the gatling guns again, but if you stay right behind the blade as it moves and duck, you will be able to avoid the first few shots. Once it gets close to you, jump back and start firing away while it is still going through it's motion of angles down, and then jump past them into a safe spot once it starts going back up again. It will then repeat previous attacks, especially the blade until you finish it off.

    The final part of the battle will see him move to the center of the room in a control panel type setup. His first plan of attack will involve lasers coming down both sides of the screen and shooting out a screen wide laser. In order to avoid them, you will either need to duck (the lasers on the right) or jump (the lasers on the left). After he finishes that attack, he will then make lasers appear at the top of the screen and fire down and at angles leaving a few open spots as safe zones for you to stand in, so make sure as soon as you see them you get into them. He will then repeat the side lasers but you will have to watch as now the different lasers can come from either side meaning you'll have to watch if they start early or if they aren't activating until the ground and act accordingly. It's next attack consists of 2 laser cannons that shoot a bunch of lasers that bounce around the room making it hard to dodge. If you stand in one of the corners, it seems a bit easier to move around and avoid them as you have less to worry about, but whatever you find easiest go with as you will have to keep your eyes peeled for on coming lasers until they disappear finally. After that it will begin the side lasers again, but it will also have a large cannon appear at the top of the screen somewhere and fire a huge laser shot straight down, so move out of it's way if it's above you and go back to dodging the side lasers. Small robots will pop up on both sides of the level and will fire laser beams at you if you don't destroy them quickly, so do so as carefully as possible as the side laser thing will start up again during this as well. Just attacking and avoiding and eventually you will finish the final form off as well.

    Once this final boss falls and you have not used more than 5 continues, the trophy will be yours!

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