Boss Beaten: Metal Slug 4 Trophy in Metal Slug Anthology

  • Boss Beaten: Metal Slug 4


    Defeat the 1st boss in Metal Slug 4.

    How to unlock Boss Beaten: Metal Slug 4

    The boss of this mission is a huge blimp with multiple parts to destroy before it is defeated. The first part of the fight is against 2 turret gunman and a port that drops bouncing depth charge looking things. Just keep attacking the blimp and avoid or shoot the bouncing mines until all 3 of them explode. In the next section you will have a door that opens and drops out normal enemies while there is a missile launcher that fires larger missiles at your that home in on you somewhat. Jump over the missiles when they come by you or attack them, while killing the normal enemies and firing at the blimp and it will explode very soon as well. The final part has a Gatling gun which shoots at the ground from right to left which you have to jump over the spots where they are landing on the ground. It also has section that fires out missiles at you that home in on you, but you can shoot them down or jump over them when they hit the ground by you. Just keep firing away and eventually the whole blimp will be defeated.

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