Boss Beaten: Metal Slug X Trophy in Metal Slug Anthology

  • Boss Beaten: Metal Slug X


    Defeat the 1st boss in Metal Slug X.

    How to unlock Boss Beaten: Metal Slug X

    This boss is a tank that raises up to reveal a fire cannon underneath it after it takes enough damage. It's main attacks consists of firing a set of lobbed fire-cannon balls, the fire cannon (while throwing the previous fire-cannon balls as well) and finally homing type missiles. When you first start the fight move in close and duck down and start lobbing grenades/firing missiles & shooting at it relentlessly while avoiding it's attacks by moving back and forth if necessary until it lifts up to expose the fire cannon Once it does, start throwing grenades & firing at the under cannon while avoiding the other attacks until it explodes (if you do it quickly, it won't get a shot off). Once the bottom fire cannon blows up, it will drop 4 prisoners that will give you fuel and other things for you tank, so roll right underneath the tank and collect them while firing and lobbing any remaining grenades you have at the tank. While you are doing that, be careful as it will be begin firing off missiles that will home in on you under the tank and can do massive damage, so try to shoot at them and keep your focus fire on the tank to bring it down before your tank blows and it starts taking you down.

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