Perfected: Metal Slug 2 Trophy in Metal Slug Anthology

  • Perfected: Metal Slug 2


    Beat Metal Slug 2 with 5 or fewer continues.

    How to unlock Perfected: Metal Slug 2

    You have to make it through all 6 missions without using more than 5 continues (you get 3 lives for each continue). Patience and practice are going to be your best friends on this run. Tanks are going to be your best friends in the missions as they will not only give you more fire power, but also allow you to take multiple hits of damage before they explode leaving you defenseless again (and make boss fights MUCH easier).

    Bosses will obviously be your biggest threat to keeping your lives intact, so here are tips on how they attack and how to defeat them easier:

    Mission 1 Mini-Boss: There will be 3 tower turrets that turn into missile launchers. To begin, kill the enemies that drop down and then focus on one tower at a time, destroy it and then move to the next one. While attacking the turrets, they will fire missiles out at you that you can shoot to destroy, so make sure you are doing this as well in order to keep the threat of dying at bay.

    Mission 1 Level Boss: The end boss of this level is a hover craft type plane. Sword enemies and cannon enemies will climb out the side and jump down or fire at you from the plane's side decks. The plane will also occasionally blast fire from it's hover engines making it so you will have to stay directly under the plane and move with it to avoid being hit by the fire (usually while also avoiding enemy fire from above). To beat the boss, just keep firing away and throwing grenades at it as much as possible as you avoid the attacks. Your camel cannon is very helpful as well if you still have it to help drain down it's energy faster.

    Mission 2 Boss: This boss is a giant worm type creature that climbs up a tower below you with it's mouth wide open. The worm will climb up after you destroying the platforms as it goes causing you to jump to the next ones quickly in order to avoiding dropping into it's mouth (so always try to stay an extra level above it so you have a little extra time to jump up to avoid it). It will also shoot out glowing orbs that you will need to move and jump around to avoid. After a while, it will fire a laser from it's mouth up the middle of the screen, so make sure you are on one of the far sides in order to avoid it. If you have the exoskeleton, then just keep firing down into it's mouth as you jump upwards. If not, then keep lobbing grenades and jumping and using your primary weapon to fire down until it falls.

    Mission 3 Boss: The boss here is a spider like tank. It fires out fiery cannon ball type attacks that lob across the screen to your location, but are easily avoidable by just moving back and forth (or up and down if you still have your plane). It also will use the turret on the bottom to shoot out a fire blast that you can avoid by running to the opposite side of the stage or flying over it. Another attack is when it fires out small helicopter like blades that move across the screen and drop, so just move towards him to avoid them. He will also start firing out of the gatling gun cannon on the top at you while in standing position, but these are very easily avoidable by running (get out of your plane if you are in it) all the way to the right against it as it can not fire down there to hit you, so just stay there and unload with weapon shots and grenades. After he finishes that attack, he will drop down to the ground and repeat the same attack, but this time you have to either fly around the shots or move/jump avoid them (I would focus more on avoiding the attacks then trying to attack your him yourself during this phase to make sure you don't accidentally get hit). After that it will go back to doing previous attacks, so just keep avoiding them and attacking until you defeat it.

    Mission 4 Boss: The end boss of this level is a giant ship/tank hybrid looking thing. It starts off firing lobbing shots from it's cannons on the deck. After that, a giant cannon will appear and will start shooting shells at you. The best way to avoid this is if you have your tank still, move to the left side of the screen and when the shells comes near you jump over it and the your tank will be lifted above the explosion unharmed. If you don't, then you will need to move around the screen avoiding both the shell and the explosion afterwards. Just keep firing away during both of these attacks, the boss should fall very quickly.

    Mission 5 Boss: A submarine that appears below you is your challenge at the end of this level. It begins attacking by firing energy balls out of it's back in a spread shot pattern. It then will fire individual energy balls that will come up to your level and then come at you at either ground level (jump over) or a little higher (duck under). It will alternate between these two attacks, but seems to move a little faster as the fight goes on. Just keep firing down with your primary weapons and tank cannon and throwing grenades to attack it and eventually it will fall.

    Final Mission Mini-Boss: This is the same mid-level boss that you fought in the first game in mission 3. His main attacks are his heavy machine gun fire and knife attack when you get close to him. Just stay on the top level and keep firing down at him while avoiding his knife attack if he gets on the same level as you until he dies.

    Final Mission Boss: A UFO... Yup, that's your final boss. The boss will begin by releasing smaller UFO's that shoot laser beams at you, so try to take them out as quick as possible while avoiding their fire. It then will do an attack where it drops electric fire balls down as it moves across the screen quickly. After that it will drop an electric rod out of it's bottom and shoot electricity at your location that you just need to jump out of the way of to avoid. After that it will begin repeating those type of attacks until you've done enough damage and crashes into the ground, but unfortunately it's not dead yet as a mother ship comes down and sucks it up into it and begins the fight again.

    At the beginning of this phase of the battle, you will see enemies come from the left side of the screen but you do not have to worry about them as they are actually there to help you attack the boss. The boss itself will begin by releasing more smaller UFOs and again they should be taken out as quickly as possible while being careful to avoid their laser attacks. It will also drop down the lightning rod and fire a laser blast straight down under it, so just make sure you are not in it's way when it does fire. It will continue to alternate with these two attacks until you finally do enough damage to finish him off.

    Once this final boss falls and you have not used more than 5 continues, the trophy will be yours!

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