To the Rescue: Metal Slug 2 Trophy in Metal Slug Anthology

  • To the Rescue: Metal Slug 2


    Rescue at least 10 prisoners in one Metal Slug 2 mission.

    How to unlock To the Rescue: Metal Slug 2

    In order to "rescue" a prisoner in a level, you must free them from their captivity AND finish the level without dying after getting them or else they become recaptured and you lose them from your count towards your end total. You can still get the trophy if you lose prisoners during your level playthrough as long as you have 10 by the time you finish the level.

    The first level is probably the easiest to get this trophy as the level itself isn't that difficult to complete without dying. The location of the missions prisoners are as follows:

    (Note: The video shows the locations of all the prisoners throughout the level even if I don't have them all still saved by the end)

    • 1 & 2: They are right at the beginning of the game on a platform (I already shot them down in picture)
    • 3 & 4: Right after you fight a guy on a camel, shoot up at the tree right there to drop bananas and eventually these prisoners
    • 5 & 6: Right after the previous 2, they will be up on the second floor of a building (again I shot down the one already in the picture)
    • 7: Right after blowing up the truck, he will be on the second floor of a building
    • 8: Right after the previous one, he will be hanging from a scafolding at the top of the screen on the next set of buildings
    • 9: On the sencond level of buildings right after the previous prisoner
    • 10: After blowing up the missle launcher, he's up on the second level of a building

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