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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (with Accessibility Option Rhythm Assist Mode On), 9/10 without (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (11, 11, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 5 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + chapter select
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play it at lower difficult

Did you ever think about mixing Guitar Hero with Doom? Well, Funcom did and this is the result! An FPS Rhythm game with hordes of demons and a great soundtrack. In Hellsinger, you have to kill demons by shooting them following the rhythm of different songs (a different song for each level + 2 songs for the bosses). The higher the streak, the higher the damage you deal and the points you get. Each level (called Hell) has a different track with different lead singers of important heavy metal bands, so if you're a metalhead, you MUST play this game. Don't expect long and complex gameplay, however, as it's pretty basic but enjoyable. Also, if you're not a monster of rhythm, there is an accessibility option called Rhythm Assist Mode that will make every action always on-beat, making the game a little bit easier.

The platinum is quite easy, thanks to the accessibility option. You need to complete all the levels and all the torments related to each level, plus complete some specific actions. You will need a full playthrough and some chapter select.


Step 1: Complete the story at whatever difficult you prefer and the Torments for each Hell

During this step, simply complete all 8 story chapters (plus the Prologue) and finish the Torments related to each chapter. Each Hell has 3 different Torments with different challenges that can be played once you complete the Hell. Torments are harder than the levels themself, so they're quite a challenge. 

There are no trophies related to the difficult, so chose whatever you prefer. 
  • For a quick platinum, play the game at easy with accessibility option Rhythm Assist Mode On.
  • For some challenge, play the Hells at Normal and the Torments at Easy, both with accessibility option Rhythm Assist Mode On
  • For a harder challenge, play the game on higher difficult without the accessibility option.

Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 11  11  )

  • All Trophies obtained

    Follow the rhythm and the blood trails to find this brutal platinum!
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Voke

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Voke is the first story Hell and is the easier. You will face the Red Judge Aspect the first time here and she will be the boss of all the other hells.

    All fights are quite similar to each others and follow the same path: The judge will attack you until you deal enough damage to her. Then, she will summon enemies against you. The same scheme will repeat two or three more times before she will be defeated. 

    On the other Hells, the scheme will repeat but the judge will have different patterns of attacks
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Acheron

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Acheron is the 7th Hell and the Red Judge is quite hard: there are 3 spinning cog platforms that you need to jump between when shooting the Aspect, trying to not fall into the water.

    The Aspect will shoot out mines, so watch out for these and switch platforms accordingly.
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Gehenna

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Gehenna is the 5th Hell. During the fight, the Red Judge will try to suck you into the middle of the room, where there is a pit of fire. Try to stay away from it.
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Incaustis

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Incaustis is the 4th Hell. During the boss fight, beware of the central pillar that's spitting fire. Avoid it by jumping or crouching.
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Nihil

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Nihil is the 6th Hell. During this fight, the Red Judge will use multiple copies of itself (up to 4 during the last part of the battle), with only one of these able to take damage. You can recognise it by spikes on its head, or you could just shoot them all and see which one takes damage.
  • Destroyed the Red Judge

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    You will unlock this trophy at the end of Hell 8 and the end of the game. This fight is the hardest of the game and is divided into three parts:
    • During the first part, you will be on the ground. Shoot the chest of the Judge until her glowing area will be destroyed
    • After that, start running on the top of the area by following the stairs. The Judge will stand still against you and it's time to shoot the new glowing areas: one in the sword and the other one in the other hand.
    • Once both are destroyed, the last part starts. The judge will summon some of the aspects you fought before. Kill them and the last part of the battle will start. Now, you have to hit the eyes of the judge in order to deal damage. Beware of the summoned enemies and finish the Judge once for all.
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Yhelm

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Yhelm is the 3rd Hell. The Red Judge will build a wall of rocks around herself multiple times in the fight, so you can:
    • Go underneath it and shoot the Judge that way
    • Shoot the wall with Vulcan a few times to destroy it
  • Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Stygia

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    Stygia is the 2nd Hell. the fight is similar to the one on Voke, so nothing special.
  • Reached Hit Streak: 10

  • Reached Hit Streak: 20

  • Reached Hit Streak: 35

  • Reached Hit Streak: 50

    In order to unlock this trophy, you need to deal 50 consecutives hits to enemies without being hit and/or losing the beat.

    To make this trophy easier, turn the accessibility option Rhythm Assist Mode on.

    Also, use the Streak Guardian Sigil, which will maintain your hit streak by up to 4 misses (if you unlocked it via the torments)
  • Completed a Torment

  • Achieved the top result in a Torment

  • Killed 50 Behemoths

    Behemoths are the first "big" enemies you will face during your journey.

    You will kill more than 50 during story mode and torments, so this trophy will unlock without too much trouble.
  • Completed all Torments

    Every time you complete a Hell, you will unlock 3 different challenges called Torments. Every time you complete a torment, you will unlock an accessory that can be used to make things easier during the story mode. 

    There are a total of 21 torments (the last Hell has none) that can be divided in 7 categories:
    • Kill with rhythm: Kill enemies on-beat
    • Weapon trickery: Any time you kill an enemy, the weapon will change
    • Relic Thief: Kill enemies by using the relics to increase damage
    • Giantslayer: Kill behemoth
    • Death's Edge: Kill an high number of demons without healing (you can heal yourself only with executions)
    • Ultimate Kills: Kill enemies with ultimate attacks.
    • Slaughter master: You need to kill enemies with Executions
    Each category, has a fixed number of kills and a time limit. By killing enemies, the time limit will increase.

    By proceeding on the Hells, the difficulty of the Torments will increase, by changing your starting weapons, the number of kills needed and the enemies you will face.
  • Soared (Dash + jump) 100 times

    Quite an easy trophy but it probably will be "grindiest" as you will not use this skill often. Simply press r2.png+cross.png to Soar. Do this 100 times and the trophy will unlock.
  • Died in a Chaos Crystal explosion

    To unlock this trophy, you must die because of a Chaos Crystal.

    Chaos Crystals are crystals that will explode if you hit them. They're quite useful for high numbers of enemies but it's quite hard to die to them in lower difficulties.

    If you're playing on easy or normal, be sure to be near-death before going near a crystal and make it explode.
  • Got 666 kills (game total)

    Nothing special to say about this trophy. Kill Kill Kill.
  • Obtained all weapons

    Story-Related, can't be missed.

    There are 6 weapons in total and all of them will automatically unlock during the story.
  • Multi-killed 2 enemies

    Simply kill 2 enemies with one bullet. There will be plenty of chances to get this trophy, so don't worry about it.
  • Never hit off-beat in a Hell

    This can be the hardest trophy of the game or the easiest, dependent on how you want to play.

    Completing a Hell without going off-beat is not an easy task, and as almost any action you take, it must be following the rhythm. If you want to do it legit, play the game at lower difficulty, chose an easy Hell (Voke) and use a weapon that can kill enemies easy.

    If you simply want to get this trophy out of the way, turn Rhythm Assist Mode accessibility option On and finish any Hell.
  • Just die 20 times.
  • Killed 25 enemies while maintaining a Hit Streak

  • Killed two Seraphs in one attack

    One of the trickiest trophies of the game. The best spot to get this is in 6th Hell Nihil, in the area just before fighting the boss of the Hell. 

    In this room, near the end, two seraphs will spawn. The best way to kill both with one attack, is by using Persephone's Ultimate ability. This ability will attract the enemies like a big magnet. Use it to attract the seraphs and get them close, so you can fire the regular ammo that will make area damage, damaging both seraphs, until they die.

    It may needs some tries before getting the hang of it. Take note that if you fail, you need to restart the Hell from the start.
  • Killed 8 enemies in 4 seconds

    You will probably unlock this trophy during one of the torments (that requires you to kill enemies with ultra-attacks) or simply during your story.

    If you have troubles getting it, try to gather a high number of enemies around a chaos crystal and hit it. Kill further enemies until the trophy unlocks.
  • Cleared a Hell using only Paz

    Quite an easy trophy. Play 1st Hell Voke on a lower difficulty and use only Paz. Don't switch or shot any other weapon.
  • Killed a Judge's Aspect with Terminus

    Like Pazifist trophy_gold.png, this one is best done in 1st Hell Voke on al lower difficultyYou can use any weapon you prefer during the Hell but remember to switch to Terminus (the sword) right before starting the fight and use it for all the battle.

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