• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Estimated Platinum Difficulty).
  • Offline trophies: 40 (24(B), 13(S), 2(G), 1(P))
  • Online trophies: 3 (3(B)) – Intruder, Deterrence and Disarmament. All done solo.
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150+ hours (Estimated Platinum Time).
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: The whole game is one giant playthrough. However, you'll most likely have to play most missions 2 to 4 times.
  • Number of missable trophies: None.
  • Glitched trophies: None as of patch 1.04.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Some missions must be completed on harder difficulties.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS3 and PS4 have separate trophy lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Certain items prevent you from earning S Ranks. You can view which items do in Appendix 2: LINK
Welcome to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the conclusion to the Metal Gear Solid series as directed by Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear Solid is a series of stealth games and this entry is no different. Throughout the game, you'll be sneaking your way into enemy territory to gather information, neutralize targets, and experience a story that is better than what you would find in the vast majority of what games typically have.
The platinum trophy for this game, one of the easiest for the series, entails completing the main missions multiple times, as well as hunting down collectibles and managing the off-shore military unit known as Diamond Dogs. Overall, it's a real completionists' game, with a platinum time running upwards of 150 hours. Time flies when you're having fun, however, and this game does a good job of keeping things interesting.
Note that this guide was created using the PS4 version of the game. Some controls, such as aiming and firing, are different on the PS3 version. As such, whenever I refer to :l2: and :r2:, assume that I am instead referring to :l1: and :r1: and vice-versa if you are playing the PS3 version of the game.
To PowerPyx, for his video guides for the game, which will be referred to throughout this guide.
To Kaelsig, for his pre-1.06 list of grinding locations for materials.
Step 1: Main Missions, while focusing on the Dispatch Missions
Your first step of the game is to simply play and enjoy the story. The game does a good job of introducing you to mechanics that are very rare or unheard of in other games, as well as teaching you all of the jargon that will be used in this guide so pay attention to the tutorials. You may notice that missions give you a rank or track when you complete certain tasks. Yes, these are tied to trophies but many are difficult or outright impossible to complete until you've developed enough of Mother Base and military hardware to take them on. For now, enjoy the story. The game is structured into two chapters, for a total of 50 missions. You'll also be required to build an FOB after mission 21 and be taught about invasions. If you invade another players' FOB once, you'll earn Intruder. FOBs will become important later.
Also, while you are playing the campaign, it is imperative you focus on the Dispatch Missions. You'll gain access to Dispatch Missions after accessing Mother Base. Focusing on the Dispatch Missions after this step can lengthen the time to platinum significantly, so I highly recommend doing these while you're running through the campaign. See Deployment for more.
As for a few tips, I can give you these. Develop weapons and items very often; using the starting equipment all the time puts you at a massive disadvantage. Secondly, you'll get access to buddies throughout the game, such as the trusty wolf D.D., who can take down enemies at close range, and Quiet, a silent sniper who can cover you at a distance. Finally, you'll gain access to the Fulton recovery device, which you'll use to capture enemies and make them join Diamond Dogs.
During this step, you'll earn:
(B) Awakening
(B) Captured
(B) Phantom Limb
(B) Extraction
(B) Undertaken
(B) Interrogation
(B) Beekeeper
(B) Platoon
(B) Enhancement
(B) Cry Havoc
(B) Gears Turn
(B) Speechless
(B) Caravan
(B) Voices
(B) Intruder
(B) Reinforcement
(B) Prosperity
(B) To The Rescue
(B) Battalion
(B) Immortal
(S) Skull
(B) Apprentice
(S) Truth
Step 2: 100% on Missions
Now that you've completed the game once and have been given the chance to develop your forces, you can tackle completing the game a second time. This time, you'll be focusing on earning the highest rank for each mission and completing mission tasks so see Elite and Executed for more. Once you've finished that, you may notice that those trophies did not unlock and that mission 45 is missing. Unequip the Butterfly emblem, if you have it equipped and develop your relationship with Quiet (See War Buddy). This will unlock Side Op 150, which will lead into mission 45. Complete that with an S rank and fulfil its mission tasks to unlock the trophies.
During this step, you'll earn:
(B) Trusty Steed
(B) Man's Best Friend
(B) War Buddy
(S) Hero
(S) Disappearance
(S) Accomplished
(S) Executed
(G) Elite
Step 3: Side Ops, grinding and cleanup
You're in the home stretch now but don't let that fool you, you've still got about 30 hours to go. Here you will be completing absolutely everything. Completing Side Ops, collecting animals and developing weapons and items. You'll also be building a nuclear weapon if you haven't already, as well as finishing the last of your Dispatch Missions.
During this step, you'll earn:

(B) Reminiscence
(B) Cleared
(S) Achieved
(S) Deployment
(S) Army
(G) Locked and Loaded
(S) Architect
(S) Conservation
(S) Collector
(B) Deterrence
(B) Disarmament
(P) Legend
Outdated information in this roadmap as of the latest update:
A Note on Platinum Time
As of patch 1.06, Konami has made the Platinum for this game more difficult to earn, in an effort to get players to turn to microtransactions. While you can use offline materials to build upgrades for mother base and nuclear weapons, the grinding method for them has been eliminated entirely and relegated the process to stealing other players' materials in FOB missions. This is slower by a matter of dozens to hundreds of hours. Your best bet at earning the platinum trophy at this stage is to start from version 1.00, only connecting online to earn the three online trophies.
Thus, the following are the steps you should take to keep your platinum run as short as possible:
  1. Start the game in version 1.00. Be sure to disable automatic updates on your system.
  2. Play the entirety of your platinum run, except for the Intruder, Deterrence and Disarmament trophies.
  3. Grind for materials using the pre-1.06 patch method detailed in Architect, making sure you have enough offline materials to complete every other trophy.
  4. Update your game to version 1.07.
  5. Connect online to build an FOB. From this point on, you can earn Intruder.
  6. Disconnect from online mode in the :options: button menu.
  7. Build the nuke from your iDroid using offline materials, earning Deterrence.
  8. Dismantle it immediately for Disarmament.
If you have already updated the game and played since then, you won't be able to delete your game data and revert to an older version, as the game's saves update with the game itself and newer saves will not be compatible with the older version. This means you're pretty much screwed and will have to use FOB missions instead.
If you're still in after reading this arbitrary, yet necessary process for earning this platinum, then here's the rest of the roadmap.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trophy Guide

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43 trophies ( 13  27  14  )

  • Obtain all trophies.

    This is the platinum trophy. Like other platinum trophies, you unlock this by earning every other trophy in the game.
  • Complete "PROLOGUE: AWAKENING" mission.

    Story related. This is the first trophy you'll earn in the game. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "PHANTOM LIMBS" mission.

    Story related. 'Phantom Limbs' is mission number 1 and occurs immediately after the prologue. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "WHERE DO THE BEES SLEEP?" mission.

    Story related. 'Where do the Bees Sleep?' is mission number 6. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "HELLBOUND" mission.

    Story related. 'Hellbound' is mission number 12. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete a mission using a Combat Unit staff member.

    As you extract enemies and gain volunteers, you'll rack up many that are best suited for combat. When you begin a mission, you'll be taken to the deployment screen. Here, you can choose which character to play as. By default, you'll be Big Boss and for a few missions you're forced to be him, but for the vast majority that aren't, you can elect to play as any soldier from Diamond Dog's combat division.

    At the deployment screen, select 'Character', then select Big Boss. Here, select any soldier that isn't Big Boss or your avatar. Then, complete the mission with that soldier. The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the mission.
  • Complete all missions.

    There are 50 missions in the game. You must complete all of these, including the rehashed modifier missions seen in the second chapter. See Executed and Elite for more on how to finish missions, earn S ranks and complete mission tasks.
  • Complete all mission tasks.

    Every mission has a number of tasks, as little as 1 and as many as 8, that you must complete to earn this trophy. Every mission has different tasks, which range from listening to conversations, to rescuing certain prisoners. After completing a mission for the first time, you can view its mission tasks in the Mission List

    It is very highly recommended, much like Elite, that you attempt this trophy on your second playthrough. Also, along with that trophy, this will take the majority of your platinum time, easily over 60 hours. Below are a couple tips for certain recurring mission tasks.

    As for a guide, I've compiled the following thread, which will tell you how to complete every mission task. It also contains information about required items.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Full Mission Tasks Guide

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the mission in which you completed your last mission task. You can also exploit mission tasks by immediately aborting the mission and returning to the ACC after completing them. They will count even if you abort the mission. If you do this, keep in mind that the you should finish the mission after finishing the last mission task in order to unlock the trophy. If you return to the ACC instead, you can complete any mission and the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete all missions with an S rank.

    There are 50 missions in the game. You must complete all of these with the highest rank in the game, an S. In the second chapter of the story, you also receive Extreme, Total Stealth, and Subsistence missions, which are missions repeated from the first chapter with modifiers.

    With the Extreme modifier, you take greatly increased damage and enemies, particularly bosses, take a lot more hits to neutralize. Total Stealth, as the name implies, requires that you complete the mission with no enemy alerts. If you alert the enemy, it's an automatic game over. Lastly, in Subsistence, you start with no gear, assistance or buddies at all, aside from your Fulton upgrades, which means you'll have to scavenge weapons and items from enemies and buildings.

    The requirements to achieve an S rank are the same for every mission: 130,000 points. Time is probably the most contributing factor for gaining an S rank for most missions. However some feature mission tasks that net you tens of thousands of points. In missions with the Skulls, defeating them using heavy weaponry gives you 50,000 points. In Back Up, Back Down, eliminating all vehicles earns you 150,000 points, earning you an automatic S rank.

    PowerPyx has compiled an excellent guide and series of videos showing how to S rank every mission in the game, which can be seen here:

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - S-Rank Walkthrough (Video and Text).

    Glitches fixed with this trophy as of patch 1.04:

    This is glitched with both the normal and Subsistence versions of the mission 'C2W'. When you destroy the comms equipment detailed in the mission in the open world instead of in the mission, instead of earning a legitimate rank, you can receive a '-' rank, similar to the few missions that take place at Mother Base. If this happens, it will permanently glitch the trophy. If you recognize this area in Afghanistan, don't destroy anything with explosives. The area is called the 'Eastern Communications Post' on the iDroid.
  • Complete a SIDE OP.

    See Achieved. The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete one Side Op.
  • Complete all "Mine Clearing" SIDE OPS.

    See Achieved. Mine Clearing is a series of Side Ops that involve you disabling mines in a small area. To disable a mine or ground explosive, crouch-walk up to them from the opposite direction of their lasers. When given the on-screen prompt, hold . Repeat this for however many mines the Side Op requires.
  • Complete all SIDE OPS.

    There are 157 Side Ops in the game. This may seem daunting at first, but they're actually very short and do not feature ranks or mission tasks. Also, many of the Side Ops are series of the same subject repeated in different locations. For example, Side Ops 151 to 157 are all target practices on the deck of Mother Base. I recommend you tackle these after your first or second playthroughs as your gear will be upgraded and you will have developed skills. For example, some of the Side Ops require you to eliminate vehicles, which is much easier to do if you have an upgraded Fulton device.

    You can start a Side Op from the open world by walking into a blue circled area displayed on your iDroid. You can also start these from the ACC by navigating to Missions, then Side Ops. Also, you can have around 15 incomplete side ops before the game stops giving them to you. So, don't worry if you're missing some and you haven't completed them all. Chances are, once you finish the ones you haven't, more will spawn. The trophy will unlock as soon as you've completed the last side op.
  • Capture an outpost or guard post.

    On the world map through your iDroid, you will see small clusters of buildings with numbers next to them. These are guard posts. Larger clusters with names instead of numbers are outposts. To capture one of these, neutralize all of the enemy soldiers in the post. You'll likely earn this trophy while playing the game naturally as many missions require that you venture to guard posts and outposts. If you somehow didn't get it, however, I recommend that you capture a guard post as they are much smaller and contain fewer enemies.
  • Complete all key Dispatch Missions.

    Note: You should absolutely take this trophy into account before beginning your platinum run. The Dispatch Missions take a while to complete, and you have a good few to finish for the trophy.

    Shortly after gaining access to Mother Base, you will be able to send Diamond Dogs soldiers on missions overseas. On the Missions screen of your iDroid, select Combat Deployment. Here, you can send your soldiers on timed missions. The very top option in this menu is a 'key' dispatch mission, and the only ones that are required for the trophy.

    Later into these missions, you'll find that they get very difficult and require S rank soldiers to yield a victory percentage of more that 50%. You can see this factor when you select a key dispatch mission and are hovering over a squad to send. You can also create a custom squad in this menu by pressing and selecting soldiers with .

    Also, some of these key dispatch missions require vehicles or gears, one of which, the Battle Gear, is unlocked automatically after some time. Some missions require that you extract vehicles via Fulton as a part of mission tasks, so I recommend acquiring the required vehicles by doing this instead of attempting to stumble upon them by luck in the open world. Also, if you abort a dispatch mission before it's completed, then you will lose the vehicles used in it. If this includes the Battle Gear, you lose access to it for several hours, and therefore cannot attempt the dispatch mission again for that time.
  • Play an "Infiltration" FOB mission.

    After finishing mission 22 and after the first time you connect online, you'll be forced to create an FOB. To connect online, return to the ACC and press the left side of the to pause. Here, select Connect Online. After setting up your FOB and completing the tutorial, you can play an infiltration mission. Open your iDroid, navigate to Missions, then select FOB Missions. Here, you'll be able to select a player's base that you can invade. The trophy does require players to be online, but they don't have to join the game. Simply start an invasion from this menu and the trophy will unlock immediately after the loading screen.
  • Make D-Dog available for deployment.

    Diamond Dog becomes available as a buddy some time after extracting him after mission 4. At the end of mission 4, a small wolf puppy will follow you around. Ocelot will call saying to extract him via Fulton, so do so. Technically you can ignore this and miss your opportunity to gain him as a buddy by not extracting him. If this happens, simply complete mission 4 again and the wolf puppy will again start following you. A few missions after you extract him, you'll get a new cutscene after returning to Mother Base. Following this, you can then use him for deployment, and the trophy unlocks.
  • Make Quiet available for deployment.

    Quiet becomes available as a buddy a long while after mission 11. Technically you can miss your opportunity to gain her as a buddy by choosing the 'wrong' choice at the end of the mission. If you made the wrong choice the first time around, you can replay mission 11 and make the right choice to correct this and gain Quiet as a Diamond Dogs member. For a less vague explanation with spoilers, click the banner below.

    At the end of mission 11, you'll be asked to either kill Quiet by pressing or to wait and spare her. Simply wait and don't push any buttons to extract her via the chopper that will pick you up at a nearby landing zone to meet the requirements of this trophy.
  • Fulton extract an enemy soldier.

    The Fulton device is one of the first items you receive after gaining access to Mother Base. You'll be using this extensively throughout the game, so this trophy is a given. Simply walk up to an incapacitated soldier and hold when given the prompt. This will send the soldier back to Mother Base to become a crew member.
  • Interrogate an enemy soldier.

    Very early into the game you will be taught how to do this. Sneak up behind an enemy and hold when given the prompt. Then, hold and use the to select one of the options on the left. Then, click in to interrogate the enemy. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do so. You can then let go of to either kill, knock out or let go of the enemy.
  • Extract a female prisoner.

    Female prisoners are rare, but this trophy is unmissable as part of your first playthrough of the missions. In mission 24, you'll be asked to extract two targets, one of which is a woman. You'll unlock the trophy as soon as you extract her.
  • Increase Mother Base staff to 50 or more personnel.

    See Battalion. The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the mission in which you gained your 50th member.
  • Increase Mother Base staff to 250 or more personnel.

    If you're fultoning everything, this will come naturally as the game progresses. I earned this trophy at about 20 hours of gameplay, so it's more or less impossible to miss or have to grind out if you've been building Mother Base correctly. Even if you're not using the fulton often, you'll often gain multiple volunteers at the end of missions which of course add to this trophy. The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the mission in which you gained your 250th member.
  • Army


    Raise all Teams/Units to level 50.

    Gaining personnel above A-rank greatly helps toward this, but quantity of the unit also contributes. As upgrading Mother Base increases the capacity of each unit, it's in your best interest to do so, so as to earn both this trophy and Architect. See that trophy for more information on upgrading Mother Base. The trophy will unlock as soon as all units are at level 50. Also, the online-only security team does not count for this trophy if you've never connected to the internet before. However, if you have, and have built an FOB, then the security team must also be raised to level 50 to unlock the trophy.
  • Develop 50 or more development items.

    See Locked and Loaded.
  • Develop 100 or more development items.

    See Locked and Loaded.
  • Develop 300 or more development items.

    On your iDroid, you can press to navigate to Mother Base's management. In the Development Menu, you can invest GMP to construct new items to use in battle. You will be doing this a lot throughout the game. Both Enhancement and Reinforcement should come naturally but this trophy will require some extra work as late-game items tend to be much more expensive and take more time to construct. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any counter to how many development items you've completed. The trophy will unlock as soon as the 300th item is developed. If the item has a timer before it's finished, and it, very likely, will given there's only a limited amount of items that don't, then you must, like Deterrence, wait for the timer to finish before the trophy unlocks.
  • Construct all available platforms for Mother Base.

    There are seven main platforms for Mother Base, which can be upgraded four times for a total of 28 platforms. The platforms cost a certain amount of GMP, but the real issue is gathering resources to build the base platforms with. The requirements increase with each upgrade, with the final upgrade to each platform requiring 48 000 of each material needed. You'll be grinding a lot for those final upgrades. Upgrading your Fulton to handle containers or using the wormhole Fulton will greatly help here as containers contain a much larger amount of materials than cases. Unlike cases, however, containers need to be processed by mother base before they can be used. Dispatch missions also sometimes yield materials, so send your soldiers on missions that have a chance of giving them. You can see your chances of earning materials in the bottom left of the Combat Deployment section of the Missions menu on your iDroid.

    You can also connect online and perform FOB missions and extract containers there, which will be your main method of earning the materials for this trophy after the patches. When invading an enemy player's base (See Intruder), you will be able to steal enemy players' materials containers using the upgraded Fulton. Alternatively, you can choose not to update the game to the latest version when doing your platinum run, earning this trophy using offline materials only. If you've been following the roadmap, you'll already be doing this. In which case, see below for information on a pre-1.06 resource grinding exploit.

    If you need to grind, I recommend playing missions set in large bases that have containers. Repeatedly playing missions that do so is a good way to farm containers. Missions 12, 14 and 21 are good examples that have many containers to extract. After extracting a container, run far away from it until 'Extraction Flight Arrived at Mother Base' appears on-screen and the materials processing table appears on the right side. Then, restart the mission. Below is a video demonstration:

    Kaelsig has also compiled an excellent list of material locations, which can be seen here.
  • Earn a total of 10,000,000 GMP or more.

    You don't have to have 10 million GMP at once (and you actually can't as your GMP is capped at 5 million) and spending doesn't count against it, so this will come naturally while playing the game. For perspective, the late game missions can give up to 820 000 GMP at once, so it's impossible not to earn this trophy by the time you finish your first playthrough. The trophy will unlock as soon as you reach 10 million GMP.
  • Extract all wild animal species.

    At a point in the game, you'll be able to extract animals and add them to a separate deck of Mother Base. To meet the requirements of the trophy, you must extract every species of animal in the game. The are 47 species of animals in the game. PowerPyx has constructed this video guide showing where and how to obtain these animals:

    I recommend bringing Diamond Dog with you while searching for the larger animals. D-Dog detects animals, adding a waypoint to your screen. Also, some of these animals, such as Jehuty and Anubis, have Side Ops or mission tasks that revolve around catching them. As such, I recommend pursuing this trophy in your cleanup run following the missions and Side Ops.

    I use my tranquilizer pistol and sniper to take down large animals and either pick them up using or using the Fulton on them for larger animals. You will also be using capture cages extensively to capture small animals, which work very well when you place eight in close proximity. After placing the traps, you can immediately leave the area via helicopter, as the traps handle the extraction for you. Note that you will have to pay the deployment cost every time you do this, so keep a minimalist loadout so as not to harm your GMP too badly.

    You can see which animals you have or haven't extracted through your iDroid. Navigate to the Mother Base menu on your iDroid, then scroll down to Database, then Encyclopedia. Animals you've obtained will have an image of them when you hover over their menu entry. Animals you've encountered, but not obtained, will have an entry, but no image. Finally, animals you haven't encountered at all will simply read '???' as their entry.

Secret trophies

  • Complete "TRAITORS' CARAVAN" mission.

    Story related. 'Traitors' Caravan' is mission 16. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "VOICES" mission.

    Story related. 'Voices' is mission 20. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "METALLIC ARCHAEA" mission.

    Story related. 'Metallic Archaea' is mission 29. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "SAHELANTHROPUS" mission.

    Story related. 'Sahelanthropus' is mission 31, and the last mission of chapter 1. The trophy will unlock at the mission results screen.
  • Complete "A QUIET EXIT" mission.

    After maximizing your bond with Quiet (See War Buddy), you can unlock this trophy. The rest is spoilers, so click the tag below if you either don't care or already know what happens. Without any spoilers, however, simply maximize your bond with Quiet, unequip the Butterfly emblem if you have it equipped, then play a few missions or Side Ops. Return to the ACC, then do the Side Op you've been given. This will immediately lead into a mission, which will unlock this trophy at its completion.

    After maxing out your bond with Quiet, unequipping the Butterfly emblem if you have it equipped, then completing a few missions or side ops, you'll be asked to complete Side Op 150 the next time you return to the ACC. This leads into mission 45. Quiet leaves as soon as Side Op 150 gets added to your iDroid and becomes unavailable to use as a buddy. The Butterfly emblem prevents Side Op 150 from appearing and therefore prevents Quiet from leaving. As of patch 1.07, After Quiet has left and these missions are complete, you can complete mission 11: Cloaked in Silence seven times to have her return and be usable as a buddy again.
    The trophy will unlock as soon as you complete the mission.
  • Complete "TRUTH: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD" mission.

    Story related. This mission is number 46 and is the last of the second chapter's story missions. In other words, once you've finished this mission, you've completed your first playthrough.
  • Raise bond with D-Horse to the maximum.

    See War Buddy.
  • Raise bond with D-Dog to the maximum.

    See War Buddy.
  • Raise bond with Quiet to the maximum.

    After gaining access a buddy, you can develop a bond with them. With all buddies, bonds are measured out of 10. You can view your progress with each bond at the end of each mission, in the bottom left corner of the results screen. Each buddy has different methods of increasing their bonds. D-Horse's bond is increased by riding him and carrying prisoners and incapacitated enemy soldiers on his back. For D-Dog, your bond will be increased automatically by having him follow you around and mark enemies on missions. Finally, for Quiet, her bond is increased by using and the to give her commands. After you unlock her 'Cover Me' command, your bond will increase automatically as long as 'Cover Me' is turned on.

    The trophies will pop at the ends of missions where you increased their bonds to 10/10. Of note is that Side Ops and free roam seem to count less when attempting to develop bonds, so if you need to increase it with a particular buddy, repeatedly play missions where you would use them often. Also, when a buddy is harmed, their bond with you decreases, so don't send them into unnecessary danger.
  • Develop a nuclear weapon.

    After finishing the first chapter, you will be given the ability to construct nuclear weapons. On the Mother Base screen of your iDroid, select Resources. The last list in this menu, accessed through and , gives you the option to construct a nuke. It will cost 750 000 GMP, and also requires 75 000 Fuel Resources and 50 000 Minor Metal. As of patch 1.04, if you are connected in online mode, these materials must be online materials gathered through FOB missions. If you are in offline mode, however, you can use offline materials to build the nuke. You also need to have an FOB constructed (See Intruder), which technically makes this an online trophy.

    To clarify:
    • If you are Online, the game will default to using Online Materials.
    • If you disconnect from PSN and become Offline, you will be using Offline Materials.

    The easiest way to grind the materials you need after the patch is to play FOB missions (Also see Intruder) and use online resources. FOB missions by far give the highest amount of resources from all of the patches to date. Additionally, at the FOB menu, you can engage in 'Security Challenges'. These are highly difficult to complete, but give massive amounts of resources and GMP when you finish them. So, get grinding, and once you have 750 000 GMP, 75 000 Fuel and 50 000 Minor Metal, build the nuke from the Resources menu of your iDroid.

    After commencing development, it will take 24 hours to finish if Mother Base is fully upgraded. If you're developing the nuke online (using online materials), this is real-time. You can close the game and come back 24 hours later and the nuke will be developed. If you're developing the nuke offline (using offline materials), however, this is in-game time instead, so you must be playing for 24 hours or leave the console on overnight.

    After those 24 hours, the trophy will unlock. After having constructed the nuclear weapon, you will immediately lose 50 000 heroism, so make sure you have earned Hero first. After you've constructed the nuke, immediately dispose of it for 100 000 GMP in the same menu to earn Disarmament. Nukes can be stolen by other players on FOB missions, so if you hesitate to dispose of it, you can lose that 24 hours you just spent.
  • Dispose of a nuclear weapon.

    See Deterrence.
  • Obtain all blueprints and key items.

    Blueprints can be found either in free roam or during missions. You can see which missions have blueprints in their areas by hovering over them in the mission selection screen. While hovering over a mission, any blueprints will be displayed in the top right corner. It's usually not necessary to actually play the mission to obtain the blueprints, doing so in free roam instead, but I recommend you find the blueprints while completing mission tasks in order to save time. All blueprints can be located by interrogating guards, who will give you their location. If a guard tells you the location of a blueprint, it will appear as a tick on your iDroid's map screen. See below for a brief guide of where to find all of the blueprints:
    • GEIST P3: Complete the dispatch mission 'Break Through the Blockage Force'.
    • WU S333: Complete the dispatch mission 'Restore the DMZ'.
    • URAGAN-5: Located in a building close to the road at Bampeve Plantation in mission 18.
    • ZORN-KP: Complete the dispatch mission 'Defend the pipeline'.
    • RIOT SMG: Obtained as part of Side Op 05.
    • ZE'EV: Complete the dispatch mission 'Search and Destroy Remaining Forces'.
    • MACHT 37: Obtained as part of mission tasks in missions 21 and 47; destroy the enemy gunship, then travel to the location of the wreckage to pick this blueprint up.
    • UN-ARC: Located in Wakh Sind Barracks in mission 05.
    • G44: Located in a tent in the eastern part of Ditadi Abandoned Village in mission 15.
    • KABARGA-83: Located inside the most north-eastern building of Mfinda Oilfield in mission 13.
    • BULLHORN SG: Complete the dispatch mission 'Prevent the Coup d'etat'.
    • ISANDO RGL-220: Located inside the yellow house in outpost 16 in Angola Zaire Border Region.
    • HAIL MGR-4: Complete the dispatch mission 'Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges'.
    • BAMBETOV SV: Located in the easternmost bunker in Afghanistan Central Base Camp in mission 12. Note that if you raise an alert in this area, the bunker's doors will lock down and you will not be able to enter.
    • AM MRS-71: Complete the dispatch mission 'Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft'.
    • BRENNAN LRS-46: Located in the library of the mansion in mission 28.
    • UN-AAM: Located behind a desk upstairs in the main terminal building of Nova Braga Airport in mission 21.
    • LPG-61: Complete the dispatch mission 'Recapture the Port Facilities'.
    • FB MR R-LAUNCHER: Complete the dispatch mission 'Liberate the tanker'.
    • PB SHIELD: Located in either Ghwandai Town or Wialo Village in mission 07.
    • STUN GRENADE: Located in the large wooden hut in the middle of Kiziba Camp in mission 14.
    • STUN ARM Obtained as part of Side Op 06.
    • FLAMETHROWER Obtained as part of mission tasks in mission 41; destroy the enemy gunship, then travel to the location of the wreckage to pick this blueprint up.
    • IR-SENSOR: Obtained as part of Side Op 07.
    • ANTITHEFT DEVICE: Obtained as part of Side Op 08.
    • GUN-CAM DEFENDER: Obtained as part of Side Op 09
    • UA-DRONE: Obtained as part of Side Op 10.

    You can also see them in this video by PowerPyx. Note that PowerPyx's methods differ from mine in that he obtained the blueprints in the open world instead of through missions.

    The other half of this trophy is the key items. One of these, the First Aid Manual, shows up as a blueprint in the open world, but the rest are obtained by completing missions or otherwise fulfilling conditions.
    • Children's Reward: Complete mission 18.
    • First Aid Manual: Located in Masa Village (Africa) after completing mission 18.
    • Master Certificate (Markng): Mark 500 targets. This includes enemy soldiers, prisoners and vehicles.
    • Master Certificate (Box): Find all of the fast travel invoices in one of the open worlds.
    • Grand Master Certificate (Box): Find all of the fast travel invoices in both open worlds.
    • Master Certificate (Fulton): Extract 500 enemies via Fulton
    • Grand Master Certificate (Fulton): Extract 1000 enemies via Fulton.
    • Conch Shell: Complete Side Op 113. Unlocks after completing mission 26.
    • Skulls Machete: Complete mission 29.
    • Strangelove's Memento: Complete Side Op 143.
    • Man on Fire (Corpse): Complete Side Op 144.
    • Handkerchief: Complete mission 40.
    • Emmerich's Research Notes: Story related; watch a late chapter 2 cutscene involving Emmerich.
    • Quiet's Examination Report: Story related; watch an early chapter 2 cutscene involving Quiet, or complete mission 40.
    • The Codename: Big Boss: Complete mission 46.
    • Master Certificate (Standard): Complete all standard-diffulty story missions.
    • Grand Master Certificate (Standard): Complete all standard-diffulty story missions with an S rank.
    • Master Certificate (Elite): Complete all Extreme, Total Stealth and Subsistence missions.
    • Grand Master Certificate (Elite): Complete all Extreme, Total Stealth and Subsistence missions with an S rank.
    • Star of Bethlehem: Complete mission 46.

    All of these have self-explanatory requirements, save the Box certificates. Both open worlds have orange platforms that you can enter with a cardboard box equipped to use fast travel. In order to use these pads, you must take an invoice from the orange pole next to the pad using . Obtaining all of these invoices unlocks the two Box certificates.

    As for where to find these invoices, you can click the following link to be brought to a separate forum post showing their locations

    Appendix 1: Invoices

    You can check which key items and blueprints you've acquired through your iDroid. On your iDroid, under the Mother Base menu, select Database, then Documentation. The first two menus here detail blueprints and key items, respectively. The trophy will unlock as soon as you earn the last key item.

    Glitches fixed with this trophy as of patch 1.04:

    As there is a key item obtained by completing all missions with an S rank, this trophy is afflicted with the same glitch as Elite. See that trophy for more information.
  • Obtain all memento photos.

    There are 11 memento photos in the game, tied to the 'Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers' Side Ops. Completing each of these missions earns 1 photo. After completing 01, return to Mother Base's medical platform. Find a door on the third floor of the center building that has a blue light above it. Enter the door and watch the cutscene. Now, you can continue this set of side ops. After completing each op, return to the aforementioned room, walk forward and press when prompted. Complete all ten missions and repeat the above steps with each photo you gather. The final photo is stuck to the wall in the hallway leading into the blue light room. The trophy will unlock as soon as you collect the final photo, but I also recommend repeating the above steps with that final photo in order to conclude this side-plot.
  • Hero


    Obtain the codename "Hero."

    Heroism is a score that tracks how 'heroic' you've been throughout the game. At the end of every mission's completion screen, you'll be able to see how many heroism points you've earned. You can also look at this score at the bottom right of your iDroid screen. In order to earn the codename 'Hero', you must earn 180 000 of these points, as well as having completed mission 31. You can earn the points in a variety of ways, such as completing missions, but generally you'll be racking most of them up by extracting everything you come across. So, throughout your playthrough of the game, extract soldiers and prisoners as often as possible. Through the development menu of your iDroid, you'll also be able upgrade the Fulton to be stronger and extract quicker.

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